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Chapter Fourteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Fourteen

Melanie stayed the weekend. Saturday evening, along with Pat and me, she was served a great dinner with Tony cooking and Johnnie acting as maid. He can be very charming in a French maid’s uniform.

On Sunday morning after inspection and washing, Erma had all the boys performing their mandatory tongue training, which in the early stages comprised of sucking the juice and pulp of an orange through a narrow slit cut into the side. With arms and hands immobilized the chore is quite time consuming and Erma’s cane assured that over the course of the morning each boy sucked in all the juice and a major portion of the pulp. Those with short tongues were granted some degree of assistance through the cutting of a second and third slit. But Erma was unremitting with the 16 year old.

“He’ll learn to take it all through one cut, or have his backside well striped.”

At morning’s end there were four hollow oranges remaining and four tongues with heightened dexterity and strength.

Sunday afternoon, Melanie resumed the process of bonding with Shorty. This time by the pool, a blindfolded Shorty orally served while a naked Melanie cavorted in the desert sun. Her skin darkened rapidly and her tan seemed to accentuate the brightness of her violet eyes.

Johnny was assigned the task of assuring that Shorty’s little penis remained stiff to amuse Melanie. The belted hermaphrodite enthusiastically took to the task without need for close supervision. Sometimes simply rolling the pink tip between thumb and forefinger..., other times lying on his back to engulf in his mouth the entire four inches if the tiny shaft was deemed to be softening too quickly. Being denied access to his own organs for so long seemed to imbue him with an affinity for those of others. With Erma continuing the female hormone treatment, the nipples of Johnnie’s breasts were incredibly sensitive and served as a barometer of his arousal. With his proximity and handling of Shorty’s penis, his pointed nubs indicated the level of his excitement.

I was surprised to see Melanie, for a time, lying on her stomach with Shorty kneeling between her legs and first applying long laps of his tongue to perfectly formed buttocks then being directed to service the hidden grotto between. For a girl of just sixteen, Melanie had acquired what Mom referred to as ‘exotic’ propensities.

At day’s end, Erma arrived at the pool area and granted the physically and emotionally inflamed Shorty his long overdue relief. With lubricant in hand she once again penetrated his anus while Shorty knelt with his head firmly implanted between Melanie’s thighs. As on Saturday afternoon, Erma slowly brought him to a dry orgasm as his tongue danced and later as instructed his lips gathered in Melanie’s clitoral hood and found the precious bud within. As Melanie gasped, ending a pleasurable afternoon of sunshine and cunnilingus, Erma timed Shorty’s response, firmly gripping his diminutive shaft while massaging the prostate. Though incapable of ejaculation, Erma announced for all Shorty’s ecstatic response to the expert manipulation of her hands.

Pat drove Melanie to San Diego early on Monday morning ending the first weekend of accommodation at ‘The Anguished E’. Overall, it went well and Melanie seemed more than happy with her investment.

As noted, Melanie would return to the ranch each weekend where a naked and chaste Shorty eagerly awaited her charms.

“His tongue is getting much stronger,” she noted with delight, the beautiful naked girl spending much time about the pool with her blindfolded protege while having Tony retrieve like a trained puppy.

Meanwhile Dr. Ann kept the Judge’s desk cluttered with paperwork. Within three weeks an Hispanic boy arrived and a giggling Ann called before I could visit the dormer to inspect.

“Wait until you see this one, Brandy,” she exclaimed between snorts of laughter.

Well, after that I made a point to visit and found myself joining in Dr. Ann’s animated reaction. The dark skinned lad, whom Erma took to calling Hector, had a penis that was enormous for a boy of twelve. Erma had him standing when I arrived and referred to it as a third leg. His eight inches stood well above his navel and I do believe the girth was greater than his slim underdeveloped wrists. He was close to the size of Tony yet was 6 years younger, under five feet in height and had many years of growth remaining. And I believe the tiny scrotal sac, his yet to flourish testicles making it appear to be empty, accentuated the size of the phallus.

Dollar signs flashed before my eyes. I knew of just the customer for this one. A rather experienced model whose career was in transition. Jacqueline was in her mid twenties, blond like me but rather heavy set. In her teens she was able to fight the weight problem and her look, that of the large feisty woman, was for a time very fashionable. But just as fashion trends change so does a girl’s ability and willingness to fight the metabolism bestowed by nature. The assignments for Jacqueline to model were dwindling, but her saucy looks and huge jiggling breasts placed her much in demand for the more sordid side of Hollywood. And many times Jackie mentioned to me a need that grew with her new occupation.

“After a long day under lights and camera, rolling around a mattress with some stud with a twelve inch pogo stick, I’m aroused. But did you know most of the guys doing these triple X videos are gay? It’s frustrating and as tempting as it would be to ride one of those for real, I’m not taking the chance of baking a bun for some guy who’d prefer splitting the cheeks of a young boy. I stay away. But I’d really like to have one under my control greeting me at home.”

Well, Jackie I think I have a nice housemate for you.

She immediately returned my message and arranged to visit for the upcoming weekend.

Dr. Ann would also be visiting. She counseled the boys regularly and also enjoyed observing the interaction about the pool and particularly in the deep ‘correction’ room, as the former bomb shelter was coming to be referred.

With Melanie scheduled to visit we had a full house. It would be her final encounter with Shorty before he began his period of neglect, as suggested by Dr. Ann’s regime.

Tony would be very busy with his chores and I made sure Pat knew of the number to be served meals.

Meanwhile Pat was kept busy training another ranch acquisition..., a nice sheep dog.

Erma had pointed out that the boys needed exercise. There was no facility in the house and the pool was deemed to be an unsuitably agreeable area for such endeavors. But there was much property where the former owner ran horses and some trails extended for up to a mile.

So Pat suggested and I concurred that the boys be run a few times per week to ensure their health while undergoing tongue training and awaiting selection. As an aside, there was also the stamina factor to be considered. Good oral service requires breath control. With an aroused girl experiencing the delights of a deep vaginal orgasm sometimes a boy is temporarily deprived of his air supply. Thus building wind could not hurt our overall objectives.

But none us of cared to supervise a gang of naked nymphs running about in the desert heat. So Pat first purchased a beautiful white horse and had fun cropping the collection of buttocks while cantering along ensuring that my bevy of subservients in training were well winded when finished.

By the end of two weeks, Pat found her regular duties were becoming more time consuming as our stable grew. Thus, to alleviate the time spent making sure the boys were well run, she purchased Dolly, a young female sheep dog, and trained the cute canine to herd two legged naked young males instead of four legged ovines.

Unfortunately for our former masturbator, he became the target used to train Dolly. With his genitals smeared with raw hamburger and his arms remaining secured in the single glove, Pat trained Dolly to nip away at the hanging male organs until the boy not only moved but obeyed Dolly’s directional intent. The young canine was amazingly intelligent and though small had sharp little teeth. Therefore it did not require much of a nip for a boy to understand that Dolly was in charge. Within a week the little dog could assure that the boys were properly exercised, trotting along barking and occasionally nipping at a boy deemed to be laggard. Though Pat no longer needed to ride about on horse back, when time permitted she was known to partake in the curious excursion.

“Watching the collection of penises flop about is delightfully amusing,” she noted. “And to see the boys forced to react to a dog is marvelously degrading for them. Dolly is a real taskmaster.”

With her observation I decided to learn to ride and made a point to add equestrienne activities to our brochure. The real stable had room for more horses, though I knew of few girls in my profession who partook in the potentially injurious sport.

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