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The Anguished E Chapter Six

The Anguished E

Tony’s Story

Chapter Six

Mom returned from the hospital in late July. I was happy get away from the 24 hour influence of Dr. Stella and Nurse Annika, though I missed awaking each day with the knowledge that I would be serving the most beautiful woman on Earth.

It was not a happy reunion. Long term, I learned that Mom’s illness would prevail. It was a matter of time and I overheard phone calls where she was making various arrangements.

By the time school started, she was taken away again. It was her final trip.

The funeral was simple. I grieved and could not help but wonder if she fully understood the effects of my alteration. Control of my sexual function had been ceded to Dr. Stella and her nurse and Mom had consented to it.

I began to stay back at Dr. Stella’s of course and after a few days resumed going to school. My clothing was under the complete control of Dr. Stella and each morning when I stepped from the shower found my day’s attire laid out on the bed. I never determined where it was kept, but my wardrobe probably was under lock and key so I never attempted to find the source.

With Brandy both in college and experiencing more and more demand for her modeling talents, her schedule was hectic. Leisurely afternoons with her by the pool became fewer and fewer. So I much more often found myself freed of the infibulating wire but restrained in wrist cuffs. Nurse Annika liked seeing me erect and I of course was very accommodating. With the complete sexual abstinence, my neglected manhood could not stay flaccid when liberated. On one afternoon she measured me to be nine inches and I remained so for hours.

Two weeks after the funeral I was called into Dr. Stella’s office on a Saturday morning.

“Tony, the papers are not yet official, but I soon suspect that you will become my ward. You’re not yet eighteen and the state requires that you have a guardian which your Mother suggested be me.

“I am also the executrix of her estate. We’ve had a good offer on your Mother’s house which will soon be sold. There are cash and investments from life insurance. So next year, college costs will be taken care of by a trust fund and later you will have a reasonable financial start in life.

“Since our circumstances here are far from modest, you will stay with us and be cared for without the necessity for dipping into any of your funds. Money is not a constraint. You’d be shocked to know what Brandy made modeling last year, and it appears the next few years will be equally lucrative.

“But you will have duties and responsibilities around the house. As you know I insist everyone pitch in here..., and you know the rules about Brandy. She is not to be touched.”

Her warnings always came with such an ominous tone. I again thought of that day years before when she casually passed a hot needle through my foreskin and forever changed my life. The recollection still caused me to shudder in fear.

I humbly nodded.

Over the next few months many gradual changes occurred. Mom’s house was sold and I sadly realized that with the sale went my last refuge from Dr. Stella and Nurse Annika. I had no where else to go.

Each day I arose early then prepared and served breakfast for everyone, naked as mandated. Later I showered and donned the clothing laid out for me. Over time my masculine underwear disappeared. In its place was frilly girls panties. Smooth and soft, it made the day very long and uncomfortable causing unwanted arousal by pleasantly frottaging against my chaste privates.

More embarrassing were the socks. Pastel blues, pinks and yellows called attention to my feet and drew ridicule from my classmates. As lonely as I was, I became lonelier. Not wishing to undergo the derision of other males, I immediately returned to Dr. Stella’s house afer school.

The house needed to be vacuumed twice per week. And I learned to do laundry. Being naked and proximate to Brandy’s undergarments provided an odd thrill. Each panty received a good sniff before finding its way into the washer.

My hair was growing and unlike Mom’s preference, Dr. Stella decided upon a longer style. Nurse Annika trimmed it ever so slightly, otherwise it was combed over the tops of my ears and styled to simply hang from a straight part in the middle of my head.

Then one Sunday, seemingly as a lark, Dr. Stella summoned me into the office area and led me to an examination room. The alcohol lamp was lit and I trembled, again recalling the painful skewering of my manhood.

“Brandy wants to make you look pretty, Tony. On the table please.”

I was strapped down. Dr. Stella cut my wire then paused to watch as my penis immediately celebrated its freedom with a firm stand. She had a look of pride as it towered nine inches above the base of my scrotal sac.

She slowly heated a needle which I noted was much smaller than that used to infibulate me.

“Just a little pain, Tony. I have gifts from Brandy. She was watching some movie a few nights ago and went out and bought these for you.”

Dr. Stella held up a pair of earrings. Gold with diamonds that sparkled under the bright lights of the examination room, they were expensive, attractive and most disconcertingly..., extremely effeminate.

“Sometimes I think she has too much money to spend.”

The Doctor worked quickly to pierce my earlobe. It hurt. My penis twitched and she took much interest in that.

She pierced the other ear and again my penis twitched. She smiled knowingly at that point. The earrings were slipped through the new openings and permanently closed with a set of pliers.

Then she stepped back to observe her work.

“Brandy will be very pleased.”

She held up a mirror for me. Though my hair had not been cut since permanently moving into Dr. Stella’s house, the lower portion of each ear was still visible. Only now they were more than noticeable..., the shining ornaments drew the attention of the eye.

“Yes, Brandy was watching some movie set in ancient Rome. It seems the women of Roman nobility took great delight in adorning their slaves with jewelry.”

She smilingly reached to my face, pushed my hair back then again held up the mirror for me to see.

“You look very cute, Tony. And there’s something hinting that you like the new look.”

She looked down to where my purple phallus pointed to the ceiling with prostatic fluid streaming down the shaft.

“If you like it that much, there will be more when you graduate.”

An excited Brandy stepped into the room.

“Oh, Mom he looks so pretty.”

She herself was ravishing as always. On her way to the beach with friends, even in casual attire she was more beautiful than any woman I knew. Her eyes moved to where a woman’s curiosity compels her to gaze. My nine inches stood so tall, glistening with the purple tip highlighting a long shaft of golden brown.

“Is he still growing, Mom? He looks bigger than ever.”

Dr. Stella nodded.

The blonde beauty stepped between my feet, well spread by the stirrups. She leaned over and pulled on my right ear to turn my head for a better view. With her proximity, the folds of a light shawl, worn to protect her from the sun, brushed against my penis and testicles. It felt wonderful and I moaned with the pleasure.

“So cute. And he really does like me. I’ll be back later Tony. You look very pretty...”

With that the idol of my dreams sauntered out.

I wiled away the day by the pool cuffed but in Brandy’s absence my phallus was free to stand.

It did. When Nurse Annika came to check on me she was pleased and also marveled at my jewelry.

The next day at school the dangling baubles served to keep me even more ostracized from my male classmates. The girls just giggled.

Two months later, Nurse Annika had me strapped to the chair and was preparing me for my prostate massage. She measured my erection, as always, but also took the time to isolate each testicle within my sac and carefully measure the circumference with calipers. The results were recorded and two gloves fingers proceeded with the massage. My flow was impressive at nearly eighteen years of age. She delighted in watching the cloudy slippery mess slither down my untouched shaft to my shaven scrotum. Under that a towel soaked up the essence and it became another piece of cloth for me to wash.

Her fingers were always frustratingly pleasing, causing me to buck my hips in a futile effort to copulate with the room air. This always brought a smile, knowing that she controlled what I could not have.

On the following Sunday I once again was called by Dr. Stella to an examination room. There she worked to separate my gonads within the sac and squeeze large rings over each one. Nurse Annika’s measurements had been precise and the Doctor knew just how much my testicles could be flattened without permanent damage in order to slip on the rings.

When finished, my plums were permanently separated within their pouch and no amount of painful tugging could pull off the rings.

“You’re still growing a little bit, Tony. Over the next few weeks even I will not be able to pull the rings off. It gives your genitals a wonderfully submissive appearance.”

I looked down and noted an eyelet on the bottom of each ring. I could only guess at the purpose.

When I joined Brandy by the pool she was ecstatic with the look. I only hoped she would not see any more of the Roman movies she fancied.

The girl of my infatuation had a small jewelry box with her, brazenly lying on top of the familiar silk scarf.

“Another gift Tony. Very expensive.”

She opened it to show me two sizable diamond pendants. Hanging below each by a small loop of gold was a tiny golden bell.

“We’ll now know where you are in the house. Like a cat.”

She had even brought pliers. Within a minute I was indeed belled like a cat as she attached a pendant to the eyelet on each ring. I chimed with the slightest of movements, bringing the most charming of smiles to the wondrous face of my dream girl.

“Mom has left to go to a barbeque,” Brandy explained as she picked up the scarf.

I laid beneath her both supine and blindfolded. Despite the intense pain caused by my arousal and the infibulating wire, I serviced her time and again for the entire afternoon. She was insatiable. I was in heaven.

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