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Chapter Nineteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Nineteen

For the next few months we made much progress at the ranch. Through Dr. Ann’s efforts our dormer filled with pre pubescent but truculent boys whom, with the mere stroke of a pen, the Judge sentenced to a life of servitude.

As remuneration, the Judge visited during the week when there were few visitors. Stepping into the living room, he merely wriggled his finger at Johnnie who would then follow the gray haired jurist to a guest room. There the only other key to Johnnie’s chastity belt would be put to use.

After the Judge left Erma would drag a reluctant Johnnie into the large bathroom for a thorough enema. He always walked rather gingerly after one of the Judge’s visits.

My allusions about Hector being fattened for slaughter at a sexual feast became a recurring fantasy. To think that almost a dozen sets of male genitals were growing and ripening for no other purpose than to be sacrificed to the whims of the dominant female aroused me constantly.

I was very happy to have Tony available at all times and a routine developed after breakfast where he nicely knelt under my desk while I tended to paperwork and phone calls. His tongue, if not becoming longer, was growing in dexterity. It was almost as if he could not only feel my orgasm but also derive pleasure from it. Dr. Ann had long theorized that such would happen to the life-long chaste male and I believe Tony proved her point.

As our entourage grew, I hired a cook to improve the food and relieve Tony of duties which kept him out of sight of the guests. Instead he became more of a maid and with his infibulated condition, most women were very comfortable bathing and dressing with his assistance. If not, I mandated that the more effeminate Johnnie perform the same role. His breasts had grown to the point that, with chastity belt firmly in place, his true gender could not be determined.

I purchased more horses and Pat had special saddles made to accommodate a woman’s best friend. You’d be amazed at how many guests took to scheduling morning rides when the attachment of their choice was mounted to the front of the saddle. Short skirts with no panties became standard riding wear and whereas most guests preferred a simple rubber phallus, some had elaborate devices designed not only for wondrous penetration but also to thoroughly stimulate the clitoris as their steed trotted along the ranch’s numerous paths.

I found that the timing of many rides coincided with Dolly’s morning run, exercising my growing herd of naked boys. On some weekends it appeared I was hosting a fox hunt, only I had more ‘foxes’ in the form of naked boys, than hounds and mounted hunters.

Another form of recreation developed when Jackie took great pleasure in leaning from the saddle and cropping Hector as he was briskly exercised by way of Dolly’s barks and growls. With a good sized saddle mounted dildo, Jackie prepared herself for a long afternoon at the pool, feeling Hector’s alacritous tongue and gazing at the results of her cropping.

Again, the activities at the ranch seemed to divulge feminine propensities of which I would have never known or guessed. Jackie and I modeled together for many years and I never knew of her penchant for flagellation. Hector’s buttocks were constantly being excoriated and on those weekends when Jackie visited his only respite was when his head was firmly implanted between her thighs.

Meanwhile, Shorty was on a fast track toward his penectomy. Every Saturday he received his scrotal infusion and it became a most comical sight around the pool to see him kneeling with his knees forced well apart to oblige the huge saline filled sac dangling between his thighs as he orally serviced Melanie. And as Mom suggested, the sensitive skin was coated with sun oil for protection. This drew even more attention as the bright pinkness reflected in the sun. The reaction of the newly arrived guests was amusing..., shock turning to giggles and laughter.

But the special treatment was most functional and despite Shorty’s young age, within six weeks the scrotum hung to mid thigh even when not filled with fluid.

I learned that Erma’s efforts justified the need for a sound proofed correction room. Almost daily Shorty was bent over a bar just above the height of his waist. When Erma tethered his ankles well out to the sides the lad was completely off the floor. His single glove was hooked above which forced down his head and provided him with an upside down view of Erma holding a very simple instrument of torment..., a kitchen spatula.

With the scrotal infusions, his low dangling testicles became an easy target and for a good twenty minutes he would serenade Erma with cacophonous howls as she crisply applied swats to his developing organs.

Mom was correct. They swelled from the blows and Shorty’s growing sac seemed to be nicely tailored for the enlarged testicles.

By the third month Shorty was endowed with jewels which rivaled in size that of the most well hung adult male. Melanie was pleased with the size and shape. Shorty’s oral service was more than adequate. Dr. Ann announced that his psychological counseling was on track. A decision was made to go to the final phase..., complete isolation.

Melanie knew it was coming and arranged for other gratification while Shorty was kept alone and blindfolded in his room.

Johnnie spoon fed him under strict orders of silence. Dr. Ann visited and tenderly offered counseling while assisting him in such intimate functions as urinating.

Within three weeks, Dr. Ann announced that the first alteration at The Anguished E ranch should be scheduled.

“He’s overwhelmed and misses Melanie. For a boy his age, the time alone and in darkness seemed like months. And every day when I held his penis while he urinated I explained that with his consent to a simple procedure, he would be with Melanie every day and I ensured he would on occasion be masturbated.”

Yes, we could have the Judge sign papers to mandate the operation. But psychologically breaking the lad to obtain his permission was more challenging and of course..., entertaining. And in his later years, the realization that he had acceded to his own alteration would keep his mind in a wonderfully traumatic yet submissive state. His only time of mental sanctity would be while serving Melanie, the dominant woman who demanded his penis as tribute.

Dr. Ann was a genius.

Early on when developing the ranch’s program we decided that every boy would be conscious to watch his own alteration. Dr. Ann insisted it was the height of submission. Mom concurred that it was easily done. The notion was intriguing.

Thus, Shorty received local anesthetics and was secured upright sitting in a special chair which forced his legs well out to the side. His enlarged gonads, permanently swollen by Erma’s spatula to the size of eggs, hung so vulnerably. He could not only look down to see that upon which Mom so diligently worked..., but we insisted that he do so.

I was told that a normal penectomy is rather simple. But in performing a partial and assuring the ability for the truncated shaft to still stiffen, there was much work.

“The erectile chambers must be shortened and then carefully sutured. Otherwise impotence will result,” Mom lectured as she worked.

Melanie had been most specific that after the operation that she have the ability to observe some reaction of arousal in Shorty.

“But I don’t want enough left so he can use it,” I recall her girlishly giggling in my office.

So, a catheterized Shorty watched while Mom cut his precious manhood to remove not only the sensitive tip but just enough of the shaft to make vaginal penetration frustratingly impossible. Melanie had marked the spot..., about two inches from the base of the scrotum.

I watched in rapt fascination, sanguine with thoughts about the lifetime of agitation Shorty faced. His testicles would not only continue to produce hormones, but at his age the flow would actually increase. Therefore the desire for copulation or masturbation would be constant, yet the ecstatic relief afforded most boys was impossible. His relief would be in servicing Melanie and would be all psychological. There was the prostatic massage which Tony underwent for glandular health. But Mom warranted that Shorty would never again experience the pleasure of normal ejaculation.

“His semen will just ooze,” she assured Melanie. “There will be some degree of satiation in relieving the hormones levels. But henceforth, it is only you who will experience a true orgasm.”

“It will be your pleasure that will drive his needs,” added Dr. Ann.

Mom added a gift from The Anguished E. It was something Melanie did not expect but about which she was thrilled. Just below the sutures which so hideously formed the blunt tip of his newly shortened phallus, Shorty was pierced and a large gold ring was thrust through the opening.

“You can lead him around on a leash,” Dr. Ann suggested.

After smiling throughout the procedure, Melanie’s eyes glazed over in fantasy at that point.

Shorty had earned his sobriquet.

And he had whimpered so delightfully...

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