Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chapter Twenty One

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twenty One

Well, The Anguished E had its first graduate and first satisfied customer. Melanie was very pleased with her altered subservient plaything. Her career began to blossom and the sixteen year beauty would never again need to stoop to the unwanted attention of grotesque males for gratification. Dr. Ann’s counseling rapidly molded Shorty’s psyche to where he sought to imbue Melanie with pleasure more than she did herself..., and he had become completely ambivalent to his own..., his limited ability to achieve satiation having taken a psychological toll.

Hector was growing nicely and with the daily bath in the depilating solution, his journey into puberty could not be judged by the growth of hair. Instead it had to be ascertained by the growth of his penis and testicles and the abundant amount of smegma Nurse Annika had to remove with her weekly inspections.

Dr. Ann formulated a program of dog training. Hector’s meals were ground up into an indistinguishable mush and served in a bowl on the floor. Erma began collar and lead training, releasing him from his single glove so he could crawl about on all fours, reacting to the tugs of a leash. Pat purchased thick knee pads to ensure that the ever lengthening sessions did not have to be curtailed due to rawness of skin. And Jackie relished leading Hector to the pool on all fours when she visited for a weekend of recreation.

“I cannot wait until I show him off to the film crew,” she emoted more
than once.

The masturbator proved to be very entertaining from time to time, but his age obviated indoctrination and sale to a customer. Therefore I still was not sure what to do with him.

But then I had contact with a most curious woman. Claiming to be a 'businesswoman’ from Taiwan, Madame Soong had learned of The Anguished E and our efforts to supply women of substance with boys of subservience at the beauty parlor where Johnnie and Tony visited during off hours. She called and introduced herself, wishing to visit during the week. Since our guest rooms were empty at the time, mostly occupied during weekends, her request was ideal.

“I shall be very particular with my demands but am in a position to pay top dollar.”

Her voice was firm and monotonous with only a hint of an Asian accent. Since we were progressing nicely financially but had not yet achieved break even, my own business instincts told me to learn more, despite the mystery surrounding her ‘demands’.

When a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce arrived at the front gate, I knew I had made the right decision. I watched from my office as a woman projecting great self confidence stepped out into the noon day desert sun. She had short black hair, appeared to be Chinese, as she described herself, and was obviously very athletic. She projected an air of royalty, calmly waiting while the driver closed the door and opened the trunk.

Tony shuffled from the porch to retrieve luggage, walking as quickly as his chain permitted. I pressed the release for the gate, knowing that Dolly had finished running the boys and they were undergoing tongue training. And I knew that my obedient, naked and chained servant was unlikely to bolt into the searing emptiness of the Mojave desert.

The chauffeur emptied the trunk of several suitcases, bowed deeply to the regal Madam Soong and returned to the car. Curiously, the naked and well bound Tony did not make an impression. My visitor did not blink as the swarthy, bejeweled form picked up her luggage and humbly turned to show the woman to the porch and front door. I moved from my office to greet her. And stood on the porch with my well practiced professional smile as they approached.

“Welcome to The Anguished E, Madam Soong.”

The somber woman shook my extended hand and unburdened a thought spurred by Tony’s struggling form as the stairs presented an obstacle unknown to those without ankle chains.

“Where I come from he would be castrated and well whipped.”

My smile broadened. Madam Soong would easily become acclimated to the ambience of the ranch, I thought to myself.

Tony eventually reached the top of the stairs and continued on to the guest room assigned to Madam Soong. I accompanied her into my office to learn more about the intriguing woman.

“I’ve taken the liberty of having sandwiches brought in while we talk, Madam Soong. I trust you had no difficulty finding our facility.”

The dour woman nodded her head and immediately ended the small talk.

“I am here to procure boys. Size does not matter. Young age with the obstinance to resist submission are key.”

A serendipitous tap on the door enabled me to pause before replying to her blunt introductory statement.

Johnnie entered with a tray of finger sandwiches and a pitcher of iced tea. As always he appeared most effeminate with coiffed hair, painted nails, and full make up. His breasts had grown to the size where they actually had begun to jiggle with each step. His chastity belt was well polished, completely disguising his true gender. His high steel neck collar kept his head wonderfully immobile.

Madam Soong smiled when I introduced Johnnie.

“The girls at the beauty parlor told me about him. Such fetishes provide amusement, I am sure. But again, in my province Caucasian males either work under the whip or for more delicate duties are made genderless. We do not dabble with such subterfuges.”

“In Taiwan?” I could not help inquiring.

“Actually my office is in Taiwan. I am originally from a remote province of China..., near Mongolia. So remote that the Communist government really never established full authority. There is little there in which to have interest, you see. The local economy is agrarian, just able to sustain its own needs with little else available for export.

“The few roads leading to the outside world are long and practically impassable. There are certainly no railroads. A small landing strip is really the only way in or out and we keep it inaccessible. Barriers block the runway..., to be removed only for the landing of designated aircraft.”

She paused to light up a small aromatic cigar. Her hands were well manicured, effeminate but at the same time radiated a peculiar power..., like a razor sharp stiletto, stylish but deadly.

“So the Communist authorities have basically ceded governance to the Empress whose family has reigned over the region for centuries.”

Johnnie leaned over to pour iced tea. Madam Soong casually tapped on the portion of strong steel covering his pubes.

“In Chessu this would not offer much protection. As a lark the Empress would have it burned off with a torch just to see what remained beneath. Males display everything there. We do not allow such modesty.”

For the first time a slight smile came to Madam Soong’s face. I smiled also, amused that anyone would think the nasty chastity belt was worn for protection.

“To be frank with you, Chessu and the surrounding area have been dominated by the female gender for decades. I am sure you’re aware that in most of China there is a cultural preference for male children. Well, it is the opposite in Chessu. And one of the economic factors that has allowed my people to trade with the outside world is that we gladly put our new born males up for adoption..., for sale actually. Provides us with hard currency to buy things we cannot make within the province.”

The Madam paused to sip iced tea. I assumed she was not overly hungry and without further delay reached for a sandwich of thinly sliced lamb with delicious basil dressing.

“You may go, Johnnie. Have some of this lamb ground up for Hector’s bowl.”

Madam Chang watched the girlish buttocks move toward the door.

“You’re light with the whip here.”

Before I could reply she resumed.

“So I’ll come to the point. We need labor to work the fields. Do the heavy work such as pulling ploughs and carts. Since our own males are sold at an early age, we began a program of importing adolescent males. After experimenting with a variety of ethnical groups, the girls at home prefer working the Caucasian. Large, strong and most with a belligerent attitude that invites the whip..., and if there is one favorite past time in the Chessu region its excoriating the straining buttocks of the naked male.”

I noted Madam’s demanding look and realized she needed an ashtray. I pushed one toward her and she crushed out her cigar.

Grasping a sandwich she continued.

“Of course we cannot endanger the purity of our culture, having virile Caucasians running about naked amongst our female population. So the Empress has mandated that purchased males be altered before arrival. That’s why I took an interest in your ranch. I understand you have a system for procuring young males and..., shall we say..., imbuing them with certain desirable attributes.”

I smiled and made a point to remember such a delicately phrased manner for describing the emasculation of young males.

“Well, it is The Anguished E, Madam Soong. With the seclusion here in the desert, not too many people inquire about the derivation of the ‘E’. But since you’re already aware of our activities you should know that we’re equipped for both the physical and mental emasculation of boys. I think we can be of service.”

“Penectomy is an old Chinese torment, Brandy. With such an alteration, the hormones flow but copulation and masturbation are impossible. This keeps the male strong and restless for sex. But in Chessu we offer relief only by way of exhausting physical labor and the sting of the whip. You’d be amazed at how over time many come to savor the latter.”

Madam Soong paused with a look of Schadenfreude, obviously picturing a straining male in harness with a young Chessu girl applying crisp snaps of a whip to his buttocks.

“You can do good clean cuts here? Urinary infections affect productivity.”

I briefly described our modest but adequate operating facility and Mom’s credentials in the medical field, fully knowing that the likes of Madam Soong would be performing her own due diligence.

“Good. I believe we can do business. I’ll want the most truculent young males available. The girls in Chessu enjoy challenges. If I understand your business, those are probably the ones that are not suitable for your regular clientele.”

I had to nod in agreement. Dr. Ann had told me there would be incorrigible boys whose behavior would be completely beyond our ability to transform to subservient pets. Essentially, Madam Soong wanted our rejects.


JHoltgym said...

oh please.....please take us to Chesu immediately.....or write extensively (or novels!) about it....
a world where surely so many of us belong!!!!

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you like the character and the setting.

Yes, somewhere there is a Chessu for you.

You'll be worked hard and you'll be eager to please, despite the torment and denial.