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Chapter Twelve

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twelve

Attention: Beyond this point... All males must be either blindfolded or have been infibulated, belted or altered.

Pat was just finishing the lettering on the sign at the entrance to the pool. The former owners had a sizable swimming pool installed well away from the main house. I suppose not wanting the sound of playing children to be disturbing.

I in turn had a second but even higher fence erected around the area, knowing that our customers would love to sunbathe while spending time at the ranch ‘bonding’ with their new companions.

Although my light skin mandated that I avoid the sun, many of the darker skinned models thrived on the exposure and in our business, no tan lines are allowed. So one either avoids contact completely or when feasible sunbathes completely nude.
As scheduled, Pat had picked up Melanie for a long weekend. With hours of sunlight remaining on the Friday afternoon, the gorgeous brunette was taking a swim and was enthralled with Tony and Johnnie. She felt very comfortable knowing that their organs were quite well restrained. Pretty young models feel very vulnerable to the caprice of the male libido. As described, an unfortunate moment of indiscretion, with or without consent, could cost a girl thousands in lost revenue.

Thus, I added the precautionary sign which served as an announcement that the girls could feel comfortable completely disrobing at ‘The Anguished E’ pool. Salivating males could be present while the girls cavorted naked. But that is all they could do..., salivate.

Poor Tony found himself serving refreshments to the naked Melanie. She was a divine young woman with short dark hair, violet eyes, and was somewhat anomalous to the profession in that above her extremely slight waist were two sizable but firm mammary glands. So when she removed her robe by the pool, I thought Tony’s rapidly engorging organ would break the infibulating wire. And judging from Tony’s reaction to the pain, I believe he would agree.

Since Tony was never before permitted to view feminine charms he spent the afternoon availing himself of every opportunity to glimpse Melanie’s sex. She was shaved as most of us were in the business and her modest but perfectly symmetrical labia were capped by a clitoral hood that offered a glimpse of her little feminine bud as she lied prostrate sunning her back. Melanie teasingly separated her legs and Tony so enthusiastically savored the view that he placed himself in agony.

Melanie was amused by Tony. Knowing that he could observe but not partake provided her with a calmness and level of control which I think every sixteen year old girl should have.

“He likes to retrieve things if you get bored, Melanie.”

She smiled with the thought. The remainder of Friday afternoon, when not sending him for drinks, Melanie kept Tony busy while enjoying the sun. She clipped his elbows together and occasionally tossed a stick-like piece of rubber into the pool. Tony would jump in and endeavor to grasp the object in his teeth, eventually retrieving the object and like a dog, humbly bringing it back to a smiling Melanie.

I think Tony was grateful to feel the effect of the cooling water on his roiling genitals, despite his exaggerated efforts to swim with arms constrained and the weight of his many gold trinkets and chains.

On Saturday morning, Erma..., known as Miss Erma to the boys..., had our motley collection of orphans and vagabonds lined up in the hallway of the dormer. All wore the single glove behind their backs. Erma deemed such a constraint to be simple, effective in precluding masturbation, and esthetic. Judging from the bill I received for the large collection of varying sizes, the gloves were fabricated from the finest leather. I was at first surprised by the cost but then realized since it was the only garment I had to purchase for my collection of naked boys, I suppose the price was justifiable.

The sight of four hairless boys lined up outside their respective doors was thrillingly decadent. Minutes before Melanie and I arrived to inspect, Johnnie had crawled from boy to boy and ensured each was properly erect. I have always found it amusing to watch the homophobic male be orally stimulated by the likes of Johnnie..., their reaction of disgust slowly giving way to sensations rarely experienced by young males but greatly enjoyed. Johnnie was an accomplished fellator. Within minutes each boy was standing ready for Melanie.

Erma stood by with her preferred instrument of correction, the cane. The buttocks of the masturbator evidenced her prowess, Erma apparently amusing herself and establishing her control the prior evening. Thus, good behavior was assured and Melanie, though young, conducted herself with the stern aplomb of a slave buyer.

“I so much like the lack of hair. Leaves the boys wonderfully exposed.”

She had Johnnie palm the testicles of two of the boys for closer inspection.

“For my selection, I’ll want to see a nice set of plumbs in a low hanging sac as he gets older,” explained Melanie. “Is there anyway of assuring that at an early age?”
Erma offered advice.

“Chose for compatibility, Melanie. We can make the testicles appear any way you like.”

“And the tongue?” the cautious girl rejoindered.

I replied.

“They’ve all begun basic training. Given a few more weeks, your selection will be orally suited to your desires. That’s an ‘Anguished E’ guarantee.”

I could not help laughing to myself, selling the skills of prepubescent boys like laundry detergent.

After inspecting all the tongues, Melanie selected a nice 11 year old.

“Why not stay and watch the morning ablutions then we’ll talk terms and conditions.”
She was impressed with Erma’s firm handling of the boys. Her observation concerning the lack of hair was explained by the daily morning bath in water saturated with a depilatory chemical.

“Not even peach fuzz is left,” she exclaimed.

“With months of daily exposure to the depilating solution, the follicles eventually shrink up. We offer electrolysis for faster hair removal on older boys. But at a young age, this is the most effective method,” explained Erma.

The boys cowered with Erma standing nearby with the cane. Their gloves were removed for their bath, leaving them without a stitch before three pairs of feminine eyes. Again each demurred at Johnnie’s touch while he gently washed the most intimate of male anatomical areas. The juxtaposition of being sensually bathed by soft, effeminate hands only to realize they belong to a male, confuses the psyche. Our more mature masturbator, age 16, had much trouble dealing with the scenario. And as Melanie and I left for my office, Erma extended a gracious invitation for him to visit the well equipped sound proofed basement. He was frightened as well he should have been.

Over coffee and Danish we talked in my office.

“Initial training is $5,000 per month for three months. Then we recommend a type of warranty program that for $500 per month allows you to bring him back to correct any degree of recalcitrance plus an annual refresher type training..., term it a tune up.

“As discussed, alterations are extra. I assume you looked over the various options.”
My Mom had put together a wonderful catalogue explaining in detail the various methods for making young males either chaste, infertile or impotent. Some involved simple piercings, such as she had done with Tony. Others included expensive chastity devices such as that worn by Johnnie. And others involved surgery, performed by Mom of course.

“It’s expensive but I’ll want the penectomy. As stated I like the virile look of a nice set of gonads but the thought that the hormone flow could drive him to attempt to please himself oncerns me.”

I nodded with agreement. After all, I was now a business woman and Melanie had chosen the most expensive and most profitable procedure.

“Can they leave some of the shaft? It would be cute to see it stand.”

I nodded and we both laughed as I jotted her demands into the permanent file of my first sale.

“I’m told that as long as the sensitive tip is removed and a good portion of the shaft, ejaculation is obviated. The desire for ecstatic relief remains but the semen just kind of dribbles leaving the male with little satisfaction.”

“That’s what I’ll want,” a smiling Melanie declared as she reached for her check book.

“This afternoon we can begin indoctrination. Your boy will be blindfolded and can service you either in your room, in our special training facility, or around the pool. Erma will be present. Despite his young age he’s quickly learned to relish her firm touch. She is very close to having him stand on command.

“Did you bring the panties?” I reminded the amazingly mature 16 year old.

“Dozens. Emptied my laundry hamper. Some are quite fragrant. Sometimes I rent spicy movies while away on long photo shoots. Found two with women running guys harnessed to a pony cart. I think I soaked a couple pair watching those.”

I smiled. At an age of awkwardness for most girls, Melanie was firmly marching down an enviable path. I continued writing as she posed a question I had not anticipated.

“What is the boy’s name?”

I flipped pages to the front of the file to find it, then a quick thought came.

“It really doesn’t matter, Melanie. What do you want to call him?”

Melanie giggled rather foolishly, for the first time conveying her age.


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