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More Anguished E, Chapters Two & Three

More 'Anguished E'. Am I entertaining? This is it until some feedback comes.

Part One

Tony’s Story

Chapter Two

Nurse Annika’s method of punishment by way of humiliation seemed to open doors for Brandy. Not only did she prove to herself and to me that she was in control, my strolling about plugged and with wrists secured spurred her imagination and made her quite brazen.

If Nurse Annika could so easily have me running about plugged and erect, what would limit this young ‘Princess’, not only becoming prettier each day but also becoming bolder and bolder with the development of a modeling career that made her the envy of her schoolmates.

She sneaked tubing from her mother’s medical supply similar to that used by Nurse Annika. But Brandy not only wanted my hands immobilized, she delighted in encircling my scrotum, beginning to burgeon under the weight of my growing gonads, with a long section of tubing and using it as leash.

Between the normal visits from the nurse for refreshments, I many times found myself in the deep section of the pool, hands restrained with the only thing saving me from drowning being the tubing knotted about my scrotum and a mischievous Brandy holding my head above water utilizing the free end while idly sitting on the diving board.

She had me kicking my legs endlessly. Yet I still slipped below the surface where I would await the uncomfortable but life saving tugs on the tube to bring my head back above the surface. There I would look into the angelic face of my tormentress.

“Saved you again, Tony,” she would exuberantly declare.

And I am ashamed to say I relished the feel of her hands on the leash, connected to organs where I could now sense the exchange of sexual power from this awkward swarthy pubescent 12 year old to the child beauty queen.

At age fifteen, Brandy was appearing on the covers of fashion magazines. When working, she appeared to be a gorgeous adult in full make up. Around the pool in a bathing suit, skimpier in design with each year, she was the vision of male masturbatory fantasies.

Yes, sometime in my twelfth year, I begin to stroke myself in the seclusion of my bedroom. I pictured Brandy as I rapidly worked my hand. And the fluid that Nurse Annika so deftly caused me to secrete not only turned cloudy but spurted out in thick gobs.

Hair began to grow in places where my skin was formerly completely exposed and Nurse Annika took delight in pointing that out each afternoon when she helped me out of my clothes.

Then one afternoon instead of sending me off to the pool with the firm slap to my buttocks which had me dashing through the house before any patients could see my nakedness, I was commanded once again onto the examination table.

I obediently placed my feet in the stirrups, bringing a knowing smile from the nurse as she donned gloves. My submission gave her comfort.

For the first time I felt my testicles dangle. I blamed it on Brandy’s constant toying, not knowing that my plums were ripening on their own and now hung quite freely with the onset of puberty.

“I had a talk with your Mom, Tony. You haven’t been playing with this have you?”

Nurse Annika was skinning back my flaccid penis as she questioned me. Not having a man in the house, and having received no instructions from Mom concerning the hygienics required of an uncircumcised penis, there was a goodly build up of smegma beneath the sheath. It slid back easily and knowing fingers pinched the prepuce to deter erection.

“Goodness, Tony. We must keep this cleaner. Young males produce an abundance of smegma and it should be kept under control.”

My penis was trying to tumefy and the amazingly experienced fingers of the handsome nurse knew exactly how to stop the normal reaction of a naked 12 year old male being handled in such a sensitive area. She trapped the prepuce with the fingers of her left hand as she swabbed with her right.

“We’ll tend to this for your Mom.”

She cleaned me. I was embarrassed, and to this day still am, to think that I learned proper male hygiene from an assertive female.

She released my penis to let it harden while she carefully checked my testicles, scrupulously kneading each egg and I suppose feeling for cysts and other irregularities. Then she took the time to shave what little hair had grown.

“We want you nice and presentable now, don’t we?”

By the time she was through my manhood was standing in salute. I did not know what to say or do. She was in control and I did not wish for another inflatable plug to add to my embarrassment.

Alas I was happy to find I was given quarter. She released me with my proud penis standing and swatted my left cheek to send me off to the pool. With the delay I knew there were patients milling about and the dash to the pool to join Brandy was faster then ever. By the time I arrived I noticed that my stiffness had not subsided at all. Running through the house with a larger than ever erection and the possibility of being observed seemed to keep it standing.

Brandy awaited with the tubing and a smile.

“Here, Tony. Hands behind your back.”

The tubing provided an incredibly effective bond. Though one half inch in diameter, it stretched like a large rubber band. Thus when tying it in the simplest of knots it contracted against itself and formed an ineluctable seal around my wrists.

On this day Brandy added to her assortment of torments. She brought to the pool a decorative silk scarf and despite the brightness of the cloudless day, I was soon immersed in darkness as she wrapped the silk around my head to cover my eyes. Then the second longer section of tubing was wound about my scrotum and, for the first time, my penis. The elasticity seemed to inhibit me from becoming flaccid. At least it felt that way and within minutes the deviant Brandy was leading me about the pool area erect and blindfolded.

“Mom’s got a long procedure planned this afternoon, Tony. I doubt if Annika will be checking on us soon.”

I was oddly both excited and concerned. As written, the occasional visits from the authoritative nurse were the only respite I received during long afternoons of Brandy’s play. And here I was bound and blinded and being led about by my precious organs.

It was difficult to determine to what section of the pool area she led me. I later found it was a far off corner which was for the most part not visible from the kitchen area where Nurse Annika emerged with snacks. Whatever Brandy was planning she was buying time, taking me where she could see or hear the Nurse before we in turn were spotted.

“Lie down.”

I complied. She had taken the time to move a lounge chair, normally prominently positioned to afford the user the maximum exposure to the sun.

I was on my back and she released my wrists then quickly resecured them under the chair. She adjusted the back and I lied supine. The leash leading to my testicles and penis was tied off somewhere below my feet.

This was the afternoon when I learned that girls have hormones too. I heard the slight rustle of clothing then felt Brandy’s weight on my chest! And my nose detected a familiar fragrance of which I had only caught brief wafts in the past. I would learn over time, it was the musky but most pleasing scent of an aroused female.

Brandy had removed her bikini!

“If you say anything to Mom or Nurse Annika, there will be a very heavy price to pay, Tony.”

With her warning she tugged on my penis leash. I winced and nodded, fully understanding that the impunity of the child Princess and her image of purity were not to be trifled.

She wiped her finger across my upper lip. The scent was incredibly strong. She had gathered up the evidence of her arousal and shared it. Then I received a second helping. This time a very wet thumb and forefinger was inserted into my nostrils, thoroughly coating my olfactory senses. She smelled divine.

“Want to taste?” she teased.

Yes. I did indeed.

She slid down my chest. I felt the warmth of her thighs on my cheeks then an odoriferous wetness about my lips.

“Be a good boy and lick.”

I did and in return felt her finger tips ever so briefly brush the exposed tip of my penis.

I licked again and felt the fingers again.

I was taught rudimentary cunnilingus that afternoon with her fingers rewarding me like a trained animal. She did not allow me to climax. But I felt an inner glow being of service to this future beauty pageant queen. Her spendings were frequent and her juices flowed with abundance. I only wish I could have observed her nakedness as she did mine.

As usual her timing was superb. Having had several apparent orgasms she arose to don her bathing attire just as the sounds of the kitchen door announced Nurse Annika’s delayed offering of refreshments.

Brandy tore off the scarf, saturated with her arousal and ripped the tubing from my wrists. She hurried to greet the nurse as I pulled the leash from my manhood, engorged and the color of purple from the limited circulation.

Brandy tried to divert the nurse’s attention but my penis could not shrink fast enough. The semi erect and discolored organ hinted that I was engaging in sordid activity of some type. And the child queen could not possibly be suspected of misbehavior. Therefore in the mind of the Nurse there was only one possible answer to her unasked question.

“Oh, Tony. You’re not learning are you.”

Brandy knew to immediately retreat from any position aiding my defense.

“It is rather annoying, Annika. He constantly wants to show it to me as it gets big and hard.”

Little did I realize that with Brandy’s comment and my Mother’s recent phone call expressing concern about stained and crusted sheets, my fate was sealed.


Tony’s Story

Chapter Three

“Did Mrs. Fatiqua sign the papers?”

“With glee,” replied Nurse Annika.

Dr. Stella was inspecting my penis and testicles just as Nurse Annika so frequently did. Her pretty 35 year old face was covered by a surgical mask. I slowly erected and the good doctor took the time to measure my penis.

“Good...., Tony, we can no longer let the fox run loose in the chicken coop. Brandy’s quite fond of you as you know and from reports I received of your behavior, it is evident that the feeling is mutual.

“But you’re both of the age when trouble is easily encountered and temptation difficult to avoid.”

The kind Doctor was swabbing the tip of my penis as she spoke.

“You’re becoming a virile man, dear boy. Much faster than we expected.

“And you know how much Brandy enjoys modeling. Can’t have her working the runway with a rounded belly, can we?”

Nurse Annika lit an alcohol lamp on the counter to my left. The low flame did a slow dance which drew my attention from Doctor Stella’s lecture.

“So your Mom and I agree that in order for you to continue spending time here with Brandy, certain modifications are required.

“We’re going to allow some pain so you’ll remember the lesson and hopefully work to also modify your behavior.”

The doctor slapped down my stiff manhood. Then quick but skilled hands grasped my penis and inserted a tube. I was catheterized with a rapidity which amazed and as the tube slid past my prostate I jumped within the firm straps binding me to the table.

“This is termed an infibulation, Tony. It’s not permanent but if necessary it can be. I’m going to pierce the underside of your prepuce so we can thread a thin wire through the tip. Then we’re going to seal the ends of the wire with a dated clasp. Going forward you’ll find the meatus of your penis entrapped since the prepuce cannot withdraw. And I heartily suggest that you not cut and remove the wire. That will be Nurse Annika’s responsibility.”

The doctor gathered up the loose flesh of my prepuce and pulled it down the catheterization tube, evidently judging where to best pierce. I screamed in horror as a heated needle was casually pushed through the underside of my prepuce as described. Both women smiled as if I was receiving some well deserved comeuppance.

“The heat instantly cauterizes, Tony. See. No bleeding.”

I did look down to see the thin strand of surgical stainless steel horribly thrust through my precious organ.

The needle was allowed to cool somewhat then twisted and slowly withdrawn. As described a thin wire was pushed through the new openings on the underside of the head. Nurse Annika had the pleasure of tightly twisting the two ends together. It felt as if someone was constantly pinching the head of my penis between thumb and forefinger.

“This will remain here under lock and key. A little device that seals a dated metal disk over the wires. Only Nurse Annika will have access to it. We’ll decide when to release the infibulating wire and tend to your needs. Don’t think about doing it yourself, Tony”

I felt a chill with the Doctor’s ominous tone of voice. She had most insouciantly skewered my most sensitive male anatomy. I could only guess the penalty for removing the wire.

I was released. Despite the trauma Nurse Annika gave me the same slap to my naked backside to send me to Brandy and the pool.

“Cookies later,” she graciously announced.

Well dear reader, you can imagine Brandy’s reaction to my modification. It appeared that a bag tie was twisted about the tip of her favorite plaything and the little disk hanging below felt irritatingly heavy at first. But I was surprised to learn that she was not at all disappointed. Based on the extensive oral service I provided days earlier, the level of licentious activity during afternoons by the pool was to rise to another level.

“Well, it looks like a pencil again, Tony. Only its bigger than a few years ago.”

How true. Doctor Stella had pulled the prepuce well over the meatus of my penis tip before piercing the foreskin. Thus when the wire was threaded through only the smallest opening remained for urination.

“Looks like I only need one length of tubing now.”

Brandy led me to the lounge chair secured my wrists beneath and blindfolded me. She knew time was limited before Nurse Annika appeared with the promised cookies. She was eager to feel my tongue.

Over time I had to learn to concentrate on other things while lying with my face firmly encased by Brandy’s thighs. If I began to tumefy the pain became intense, the wire refusing to allow the prepuce to draw back and free my proud manhood for Brandy’s viewing pleasure.

We were both disappointed, but my tongue learned quickly and Brandy’s feminine passage was like a river when I wrapped my lips around her tender bud and gently sucked with the enthusiasm of a well trained servant.

I only wished I could see what I so assiduously serviced.

Over the following days my hormone levels exploded. Denied masturbatory relief, I awoke several times each night as dreams of Brandy caused my manhood to attempt tumescence only to painfully encounter the thin wire.

About every third day, Nurse Annika strapped me to the examination table, inspected the date on the disk and then removed it. I instantly erected for her which brought knowing matronly smiles, a quick cleansing and then a crisp slap to the penis tip which caused equally instantaneous flaccidity. I was shaven and then the wire was replaced with a new dated disk.

“Maybe at the end of the month, Tony. I’ll give you a nice massage if you’re a good boy.”

I obediently nodded, promising myself to be good. I desperately needed relief.

Weeks later the end of the month arrived. I scrambled to Dr. Stella’s house after school and ran into the examination room. Nurse Annika entered as I was removing my clothing. For the first time Brandy was with her.

“We’re going to teach Brandy some things about boys today, Tony. You know where I want you.”

Whatever it was that the precocious Brandy did not already know I could not imagine. Still, I jumped unto the table and placed my feet in the stirrups.

A fully clothed Brandy watched closely as Nurse Annika removed the entrapping wire and inspected the disk. Next she gave me the humiliating examination and cleansing, explaining the purpose of the gooey smegma which built up even quicker with my infibulation.

“It’s really an important substance for copulation and masturbation, both activities denied to young Tony. So every three days or so I remove it.

“The other important aspect of care for the chaste male is to massage the prostate. Like every muscle or organ in the body it must be used and exercised otherwise it atrophies.”

She was gathering a dollop of lubrication on gloved fingers as she spoke. I was not to receive the type of massage I was expecting.

“Try to relax Tony.”

With that two gloved fingers penetrated my rectum. I squirmed with discomfort but felt that twinge which signaled arousal. Nurse Annika gently massaged my scrotum as the penetrating fingers wriggled about seeming to search deep within my passage. My penis became larger and firmer and when it twitched without touch, Nurse Annika finally announced her goal.

“The prostate, Brandy. An interesting male gland so essential to his reproduction system and the process of erection. Notice the reaction. Have you ever seen him so big and stiff?”

Brandy nodded and watched in fascination as my urethra began to give up a steady stream of fluid. The knowledgeable nurse was forcing it from me and as her fingers kneaded the walls of my passage I felt a strong need to stroke myself.

It was not permitted.

The massage lasted several minutes and Brandy proved to be a cute ‘helper’ as the handsome nurse suggested she swab away the building viscous liquid streaming down my shaft. When finished Brandy giggled with the sharp slap to the very tip of my purple manhood which Nurse Annika used to achieve rapid detumescence.

The wire and a new disk were attached and I was sent to the pool with an excess of slippery lubricant between my buttocks. I was flushed with embarrassment being forced to lie strapped down and be the object of an anatomy lesson for Brandy. But deep within I also felt a strange satisfaction, knowing that I entertained the young beauty and was the focus of her attention, however deviant.

When Brandy later joined me, she was very eager to have me blindfolded and on my back. That afternoon I licked and licked feeling her thighs squeeze my head dozens of times.

My examination and massage had aroused her.


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