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Part Two - Chapter Eleven

Reader beware, the story contains elements of taboo interaction... characters under eighteen!


The Anguished E

Beginning of Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Eleven

Looking beautiful isn’t easy. Matter of fact it’s work.

And some of the toughest work is in denying oneself the simple pleasures so often offered to stunningly gorgeous models such as me in order to continue pursuing a career and the lucrative paycheck that comes with it.

I was lucky to have Tony satisfying my needs from early in my career. His servile tongue kept me satisfied and thus I was free to concentrate and avoid contacts with low life males whose only motivation in life is to stick their disgusting phalli into any place deemed warm, wet and tight.

And it was not only my concupiscent classmates whose conduct and come ons were repulsive. Frequently there were oversexed adults affiliated with modeling agencies, fashion designers, advertisers, etc. who also made offers, admittedly more tempting, but sordid just the same and particularly in the early years when I was very much underage.

When I reached my majority, though still young I was experienced enough to realize that in terms of modeling careers, mine was middle aged. It would eventually end, but with money and a unique business concept, new things could begin. And Tony, my new ward, became a paradigm for my business.

I purchased ‘The Anguished E’ ranch to execute what I considered to be a most innovative plan. Just as Tony kept me satisfied when a girl’s hormones most needed attention, I could provide others with the same service. And Mom was already acquainted with the people needed to execute the plan. I merely had to assemble my team and provide a facility. Money would be required for both and money I had.

The ranch house was large. The former owners operated a dude ranch for kids and the east end of the house had been expanded into a dormer. A dozen small bedrooms lined a hallway, six on each side, with a spacious bathroom at the end. After installing proper locks, locking one way from the outside hallway, adding one way mirrors and refurbishing the bathroom to include restraints, special plumbing and a large tub, I had suitable quarters for many candidates.

There were large bedrooms for adults. Pat and I shared quarters on the west end and there I also had four commodious guest rooms luxuriously decorated for visiting clients.

Erma needed to be near the boys. So a room originally designed as a lounge when the east wing was added became her quarters, providing quick access to the small bedrooms and bathroom.

With the conversion of the ranch house I had Erma equip the deep basement bomb shelter with whatever was required. She had an open check book and used it well, installing ominous, custom made furniture, all designed to restrain and bend the body in countless positions and, with such, the mind, of course.

Yes, that’s Erma..., the tall black woman from the party. Little did Tony realize that his ‘graduation’ party served as the catalyst for establishing ‘The Anguished E’. The Judge was such a venal character that it didn’t require much more than the lips of Johnnie wrapped around his withered manhood to have Tony committed as my ward. And afterwards, as quid pro quo for the only duplicate key to the locking strip of steel between Johnnie’s buttocks, the Judge agreed to provide me with candidates to be processed and sold by ‘The Anguished E’. For the mere pleasure of splitting Johnnie’s cheeks from time to time, his ‘Honor’ would ensure a steady supply of ‘troubled’ youths..., scamps approaching puberty and deemed to be in need of food, shelter and the daily care and discipline of a firm woman...,

Legally that would be me, of course. But as a practical matter it was Erma who would provide the firm hand. Yes, I recruited her just before the party. And when she learned of my plans she was ecstatic, agreeing to put Johnnie’s charms to work on the Judge. From me she needed room, board, some spending money and a portion of the profits to be deferred toward her retirement, if a woman with her skills ever truly retires. Johnnie came with the deal.

And Mom had such great experience with Tony. She so much enjoyed piercing and decorating his body. ‘Rarely is a woman with medical talent presented with an opportunity to so lewdly display her work,’ she commented to me after skewering his hips for the addition of the waist chain. So it was an easy matter to recruit her and encourage a weekly visit to ensure the candidates’ health. Nurse Annika would come with her. She was not to be denied any opportunity in handling young males.

The car load of fashion models which Pat brought to the party was actually the beginning of my marketing plan. I knew most of the girls, some for years, from working the runways and competing for photo shoots. Many expressed exasperation with their sex lives and had experiences very much similar to mine. When they saw Tony..., naked, pierced and jeweled at my whim, word spread quickly within the industry. I had demand for a product I could not yet produce.

Dr. Ann Simpson was extremely helpful.

“The candidates will need profiling and counseling, Brandy. You’re engaging in a process of indoctrination. At the age you’re suggesting, it’s quite doable if done properly.”

As always, when it came to subjugating the male, Dr. Ann was most authoritative.

“I spend two days a month at a home for juvenile offenders. Some of the boys are incorrigible, though the state will keep attempting to reform them. I have one I recently interviewed that evidences behavior which would augment your supply of candidates. Seems he enjoys masturbating in front of the security matrons. I am told he has developed a curious relationship with one guard where he climaxes only upon her command and only when she raises her skirt and lets him soil her boot with his seed.

“He’s obviously past puberty. But one of your more mature clients may enjoy his company. The masturbation thing is easily controlled, as you are well aware. And the Judge would sign the papers for his transfer in a second.”

I could not help flashing my bright blue eyes and famous smile with Dr. Ann’s suggestion. Though my plans were for boys closer to the age of Tony when he first arrived at Mom’s pool, Erma could easily withstand the challenge of an older boy.

So we moved to the arid mountains of Southern California and began. Pat became the administrator of ‘The Anguished E’ with Tony initially as cook and later as maid and laundress. It was fascinating to observe Pat establish her authority. No longer was Tony’s manhood swatted down in the antiseptically medical ritual used by Mom and Nurse Annika. Instead, in deference to the ranch motif, Pat took to carrying a short crop and found that nipping the sensitive pink tip of Tony’s erection with a long quick stroke brought instant flaccidity and delightful pain.

She also introduced Tony to the effectiveness of the electrified fence, pulling him by his leash and backing him into the grid near the gate. The voltage was carefully regulated and I had the electricians set the level just below that which would compel unconsciousness. So when Tony’s naked buttocks made contact, the resulting cry of pain was most comical, and I wish I had photos of him dancing about with ankles so nicely hobbled.

Later we found that introducing a boy to the fence was good inauguration to ‘The Anguished E’, impressing that attempts to escape naked into the Mojave desert would begin with the shocking ordeal of negotiating an eight foot high-voltage fence...., and watch out for those tender pink testicles on the course wood...

Since I still had duties modeling, I spearheaded the marketing efforts. The income remained good and the more contact I had with other models the more I could pass the word about our endeavors, though surprisingly many of the girls heard word and inquired before I could introduce the subject.

“There are so many times, particularly after turning down some ludicrously suggestive offer from a bald ad exec, that I would love to just lie in bed, naked and have a good set of lips work my little bud. Start when I want. Finish when I want. Start again..., and again...”

Melanie’s comments were typical and though humorously expressed were in earnest. She was a ravishing sixteen year old, had had a sizzling two year career of modeling for hair care products, and could care less about the social aspects of interaction with males.

“I need oral attention when and how I want it..., without the perils of possible pregnancy from being with an out-of-control oversexed stud. And you know I can afford it, Brandy.”

Yes, she could indeed.

Dr. Ann Simpson gave me some basic questions to ask of our clients. I teasingly inquired. Got my answers and suggested that Melanie visit “The Anguished E” for a long week end in the following month.

“You’ll enjoy nude sunbathing without any gawkers or clicking cameras, and by that time we’ll have a selection for you.”

With a quick phone call to Dr. Ann, the search began for our first serious candidate. At that point in time, the paper work for the masturbator was already on the Judge’s desk. As a lark I had told Dr. Ann to have him transferred to our care. I thought Erma would be amused.

Ann also had found a more suitable candidate..., eleven years old and beginning to explore himself.

“I had him strip in my office and show me what he likes to do, Brandy. He has such a busy hand and goes at it with such alacrity. I think you’ll be pleased.”

Within a week the ranch’s herd of ‘livestock’ began to grow. Mom and Nurse Annika came across two lads while offering volunteer services at an orphanage..., most obstreperous tykes who reacted rather curiously when Nurse Annika deprived them of their clothing. Definitely the kind Erma loved to break. A talk with the director of the orphanage and a quick call to the Judge found them naked and riding in the back of Pat’s limousine that very afternoon.

So, by the time our first customer, Melanie, visited we had three prepubescent boys and the masturbator, who quickly became the former masturbator under Erma’s tutelage...


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