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Chapters Four & Five

The Anguished E

Tony’s Story

Chapter Four

Kept chaste at the age of rapidly developing sexuality, my pining for orgasm was strong but curiously was slowly transforming to a pining to be with or near Brandy. Dr. Stella had enrolled her in exercise and dance classes and her body was not only curvaceous but becoming athletic in a most alluring way.

By the time she turned 17, she had the voluptuous figure of a movie starlet but retained the angelic facial features of a child. Retained that is until she did a photo shoot and the clever beauticians transformed the teen into a ravishing demimondaine.

Meanwhile, according to Nurse Annika, I was turning into a man, at least below the waist. Many times I was measured during the inspection process and I noticed the length and girth of my erect organ were recorded.

“Six and one half inches,” Nurse Annika announced on one afternoon.

“And still growing. You’re going to be a big boy.”

Her voice reflected a degree of pride, like the owner of a show dog or prize bull. And indeed since toying with my organ was forbidden, actually painfully futile, psychologically it did seem to belong to someone other than myself.

Afternoons by the pool continued to involve extensive cunnilingus and I greatly suspected both Dr. Stella and the nurse knew of Brandy’s guile in receiving oral attention. I speculated that from Dr. Stella’s point of view it was a simple yet effective way of keeping the highly successful model gratified without the dangers of intercourse or risky interaction at teen social functions.

One could easily imagine the tabloids printing stories of the prestigious teenaged model being busted at a party of unsupervised adolescents..., exposed to alcohol and drugs..., rumors of engaging in debaucherous activities with low life classmates. Such a scenario could result in the loss of thousands of dollars of modeling engagements.

No. With my tongue working daily to satiate the hormone laden girl, Brandy was deemed a simple home body by those with whom she worked. Little did they understand her nature.

After demonstrating to Brandy the prostate massage, the devilish girl used her acquired knowledge to torment me and thus further spur the efforts of tongue and lips. She took to sitting over my scarf covered face backwards, facing my feet. This gave her access to my organs, with which she would toy..., at first.

Within weeks she acquired a supply of latex gloves and carefully hid them away with the rubber tube. One day as I was energetically servicing her, I felt her fingers work under my semen filled sac to find my tight rear passage. She began to emulate the weekly massage which Nurse Annika used to drain me of excess fluid, only my prepuce remained wired closed over my glans.

“Come on Tony, you can do better,” she admonished, delivering her message of control.

Her short fingers and the unusual angle made it difficult for her to reach that magical spot that Nurse Annika so often found. But the intrusion into my anus still produced arousal. Only with penis encased, it was pure torment.

I licked and sucked with renewed vigor not only complying with her demand but also attempting to divert attention from her penetration.

It was another long afternoon. Refreshments were late. The silk scarf was soaked with Brandy’s spendings.

Thereafter, anal penetration was added to her repertoire of torments. She was fascinated by the uncontrollable efforts of my penis to free itself from the infibulating wire. And the pain seemed to make me lick with more vigor.

Brandy was all I had for social life outside of school. There could be no normal dating or attending dances or other stuff. To what end or purpose would I socialize with another girl?

I had a bag tie tightly twisted about the tip of my penis. Nurse Annika not only was shaving my pubes area, she had taken to applying a noxious smelling cream to my entire body to remove all the hair below my neck. How does one explain such eccentricities to teenaged girls?

And the same physical attributes kept me out of sports. One can imagine the reaction in the shower room.

Something within told me to be with Brandy and stay close to Dr. Stella’s home and pool even though I was long past the age requiring constant supervision. Though never brought to climax, Nurse Annika’s massages brought a mild glow and servicing Brandy was oddly exciting. After all, I was closer to the teen idol than any one else. There developed a humble pride in that.

After my junior year in high school, Mom became ill. Very ill.

On many occasions she spent days in the hospital and not only did Dr. Stella offer to have me stay overnight, she insisted.

Mom was grateful. I was petrified.

Over the years I really had limited interaction with the doctor. I guess the day she casually pressed a searing hot needle through my prepuce could not be forgotten, particularly due to the tender age when it was done.

So I arrived with apprehension on the first evening of an long hospital stay for Mom. I carried an overnight case filled with clothes and in hindsight I am not sure why. The attitude of the Swedish nurse toward clothing had pervaded the atmosphere of the Robertson household, for males of course. And the first thing Dr. Stella did was find a large closet and lock the suit case away.

“We don’t have any secrets here, Tony. You should know that by now.”

It was another control factor, I’m sure. For later that evening when I stepped from the shower I found that the attire I arrived with was also gone.

When Dr. Stella offered to take responsibility for me, she did not want to provide any opportunities for me to run off to some party or other potential troublesome gathering.

No, just as with the afternoons by the pool, I would cavort about naked. And since school was out for the summer, Dr. Stella could think of few reasons for covering.

“We’re accustomed to seeing the exposed human form here, Tony. After all it’s a medical office.”

Yes, but why only mine?

My shaven testicles had grown enormous over the years. I blamed it on the huge amount of semen which, due to my forced chastity, was never given the opportunity to properly escape. And Nurse Annika’s latest measurement put my length at over eight inches. Thus my penis, forced to a near constant state of flaccidity, swung about heavily as I walked about Dr. Stella’s huge house. This seemed to amuse the doctor. I suppose in her mind it was pleasing to have a male organ under control, its potency very much mitigated, and its ability to stand limited to times and places deemed appropriate by the commanding female.

And pleasure? That was not to be had.

“I think you’re much more docile kept completely chaste, Tony. You’ve been such a wonderful companion for Brandy over the years. Such a nice boy.

“She’s doing very well in college and has yet to develop ‘boy’ trouble.”

I once again wondered if Dr. Stella had any inkling of the extensive oral service I was providing. Brandy had a magnificent feminine organ and her modeling career mandated that she be well trimmed, if not shaved on occasion for close up bathing shoots. Her fragrance was sweet. Her taste was of overly ripe fruit. Yet over the years I had never seen what I was so often forced to service. Gazing her naked form was forbidden.

During my stay, Dr. Stella sternly suggested that I help out about the house.

“Everyone pitches in here,” she forcefully proposed.

So in the mornings I made coffee and simple breakfasts while Brandy was permitted to sleep and the Doctor busied herself with paperwork. Since everyone seemed to have a different schedule, early coffee for Dr. Stella, juice and Danish for Nurse Annika when she arrived, and later juice and cereal for Brandy when she chose to arise, my service in the kitchen lasted for two hours.

Dr. Stella insisted that she and Nurse Annika be served in the office. So I found a tray and dainty apron to provide some covering while serving food. This attire brought smiles and comments from the two women..., the nurse noting that my testicles hung well below the hem of the apron..., Dr. Stella suggesting that chastity does wonders for the male temperament.

“You may have found your calling, Tony,” the Doctor exclaimed. “So servile...,”

Her observation made me blush for some strange reason.

On the morning of the third day, a stretched limousine pulled into the driveway while I served Brandy her juice and cereal.

“I’m not quite ready, Tony. Please serve coffee to my driver and I’ll be right back.”

She left for her bedroom and I panicked! I knew Brandy was due to model at an all day fashion show, but usually on work days she just strolled out to the waiting car and sped off. Now I was trapped in the kitchen, naked but for the tiny apron which was more symbolic than functional. My remaining male pride told me to scurry for the bathroom and retrieve a towel. But then I remembered even those simple items of covering had been removed, forcing me to dry myself each morning with a small washcloth.

Before determining a course of action, there was a symbolic tap on the side door leading to the driveway, and the driver pushed it open and stepped into the kitchen.

It was a uniformed girl who politely smiled and said hello.

“Here to pick up Brandy,” she cheerfully announced.

Then her eyes scanned downward to where the tip of my infibulated penis and two ripened plums hung below the bottom of the apron.

“You must be Tony. I’ll have coffee, Tony.”

Her smile changed as she sat. It became mischievous and the request was more of a command.

I dutifully stood to her side and filled her cup. Her right hand reached out and palmed my testicles with the thumb applying slight pressure, just as Nurse Annika did during her examinations.

“I’m Pat, Brandy’s driver. She’s told me about you.”

I felt the familiar twinge of arousal as I returned the coffee pot to the stove. Pat grabbed a Danish. She was a vivacious brunette in her mid twenties. Her beige blouse and skirt, obviously part of a uniform, did little to disguise a very athletic body. She had short hair which flopped about as she moved her head to follow me around the room.

“Cute butt, Tony. So they keep you shaved here?”

I felt my heart jump with the shame of having to expose myself to this unknown vixen.

I managed to nod in reply, very much cognizant of Dr. Stella’s requirement for courtesy.

“Makes you look wonderfully effeminate. And no tan lines, just like Brandy said. How long have you been tied off like that? Let me look.”

Again, I thought of the level of professional conduct which Dr. Stella insisted be afforded both patients and guests and the punishments for rudeness. I sheepishly approached. Soft but firm hands lifted the apron. Pat began a thorough inspection, fascinated by my state of forced chastity.

“Must be interesting to be under the control of women. Brandy said she used to enjoy watching this stand. Guess those days are over.”

She laughed in an irritating way then tugged on the metal disk which produced a sharp pain when the thin wire pressured the sensitive flesh of my foreskin. I winced.

“I’ll bet you’re a big boy, Tony..., not that it matters any more.”

She laughed some more. Gratefully Brandy returned to the kitchen with her bag. The humiliation ended as both women quickly moved to the car.

My heart raced. My deep tan hid my blushing reaction. But worst of all, my phallus tried to free itself and stand. I reached to the refrigerator and applied ice.

Serving naked and being inspected by the female gender aroused me!

The Anguished E

Tony’s Story

Chapter Five

The clock indicated I could make one more pass through the office before patients arrived. I loaded onto the tray juice for Nurse Annika and coffee for the Doctor along with a selection of fruit which I had spent over an hour cutting and peeling. I rushed to the office, perhaps too quickly.

I spilled juice on Dr. Stella’s desk.

She ignored both me and the faux pas and simply called out for Annika who immediately joined us in her office.

“Tony’s very fidgety. Have we drained him recently?”

The Doctor referred to my prostate massage when the weekly collection of fluid was slowly forced from male glands. It was the closest I came to being granted ecstatic relief.

Nurse Annika looked at the spilled juice with exaggerated agitation.

“He is due, Doctor. But there’s no time today. We have a full calendar.”

“Brandy’s gone for the day. Plug him, but take the necessary precautions against masturbation.”

With the Doctor’s order, the nurse directed me to an examination room.

I knew the required position. Feet in the stirrups.

I was plugged as directed and the nurse attached a hose to the intruding implement and gruffly pumped the expandable cone of rubber with air. My manhood began to tumefy immediately and the pain quickly became intolerable.

“Calm down, I’ll get to it, she gently suggested. “On your feet.”

I obeyed, and for the first time in the years I had visited Dr. Stella’s home and office, fur lined wrist cuffs appeared from a bottom cabinet drawer.

“You can watch television or sit about the pool, but no swimming. We won’t have time for you until much later.”

The soft leather was buckled around my wrists then clipped together behind my back. When done I was dancing in agony, the pressured prostate gland signaling the soft pink glans to escape its entrapment. The thin wire mandating otherwise.

Finally, Nurse Annika cut the wire and watched with amusement as my 8 plus inches sprang forth like a rapidly growing weed.

“I think you’ve grown more, Tony.”

As usual I was sent running from the room with a slap to my hairless buttocks. I moved quickly to the seclusion of the pool area. There I looked down to see myself erect with the long neglected penis tip standing straight up towards the sky.

Prostatic fluid streamed down my shaft. I struggled to free my wrists to stroke myself. The cuffs held firmly.

I could do nothing but sit and look at my erection. But was it really mine? I had not stroked it in years, and even while urinating I was careful not to excite it. When and if it ever stood was not my decision, it was that of Dr. Stella and Nurse Annika.

I found a comfortable position lying on my side on a lounge chair. I could do nothing but patiently idle away the time, becoming even darker under the more direct rays of the summer sun.

I realized that the two women probably preferred that I walk about erect. The condition so nicely, symbolized their absolute power. The ultimate control of the virile male..., having him naked, bound and erect, languishing under the sun and preventing him doing anything more than watching his essence slowly ooze from him..., forever denied the climactic relief of fornicating the ‘fragile’ female.

Brandy’s status as the pure, idolized maiden was not a frivolous matter in Dr. Stella’s household. She would never be in the presence of a potent male with penis free to make mischief. That was not permitted. Thus, I concluded it was only Brandy’s absence that enabled Dr. Stella to order the unusual method for slowly emptying my glands.

After two hours Nurse Annika came to check on me. The flow of fluid had slowed somewhat. But in her hands was the small bulb and connecting tubing which she used to expand the plug.

“Stand and bend for me.”

The tube fitted into the exposed valve of the inflatable plug. With three brisk squeezes, the pressure on my prostate grew. Nurse Annika expertly massaged my perineum. The flow resumed.

“If you walk about you’ll find the plug will better caress your gland and empty it faster. Too bad we can’t let Brandy see that. She would be most entertained.”

The chortling nurse disappeared leaving me to my thoughts.

Even more then wanting to stroke myself, I realized I wanted to taste Brandy.

As long as the typical day seemed with Brandy tormenting me, it was even longer without her.

I finally slept and fantasized being led about by Brandy, naked, bound and plugged with a leash tied about my scrotum. In the dream Pat the driver took us to a party where an alluring Brandy introduced me to her beautiful colleagues in the fashion business.

“Wish I had one like that,” was the typical comment. And my infibulated penis received much attention, it’s strained efforts to break away from the painful wire bringing laughter.

When I awoke, I found that my penis had drooled all over the lounge chair. I had no way of cleaning it with hands secured. I just had to watch as the sun dried the fluid and turned it to a stain that reflected in the light.

It was late afternoon when I heard a car in the driveway. I knew it was Brandy returning. For sure enough, Nurse Annika quickly exited the kitchen door. In her hands were a new infibulation wire, metal disk and the device used to seal it closed.

With the customary painful swat to my penis tip, I rapidly detumefied, as Brandy stepped out wearing the briefest bikini I had seen to date. With her was Pat also scantily clad and revealing the sculpted form of a body builder. Nurse Annika finished entombing my glans as the girls approached.

“It’s safely tucked away, girls. Do remove the cuffs before allowing him to swim, Brandy.”

The nurse left. I once again felt like a fly in a spider’s web.

“So you keep him out here in the sun. Turns him a nice brown,” commented Pat.

“Yes, when I look at him I think of the Egyptian slaves from a Cleopatra movie. Think his Dad was from Arabia or somewhere like that,” Brandy incorrectly explained.

Pat arranged a chair, evidently planning to sun herself. Brandy gracefully dove into pool. As usual my eyes followed her every move. The bikini bottom was no more than a thong, leaving her buttocks completely exposed. The patch over her pudendum was close to the size of a postage stamp. When she exited the water, I am sure her outer labia partially flashed, her well shaven pubes making it difficult to determine the separation between normal epidermis and that which I so fervently serviced with my tongue.

This was as close to complete nakedness as I had ever seen the magnificent Brandy. As she practiced dives and Pat soaked up the sun, the girls talked. I learned the bathing suit was something she was given after she modeled it. Over the years Dr. Stella purchased much more conservative bathing attire only allowing more risque designs in Brandy’s late teens. Therefore Brandy’s acquisition of the revealing attire was fortuitous.

Pat’s bathing suit was also abbreviated, plainly exposing a muscling rarely seen on a woman. Still she was most attractive and as I glanced from girl to girl I became aroused. This of course meant that the sensitive pink tip which Nurse Annika had just tucked away began to pressure the wire which was most tightly twisted about my prepuce.

I began to fidget. My cuffed wrists made it difficult to stand but I managed and Pat noticed some degree of turgidness.

“Want some cold water, Tony?” she tauntingly inquired.

“He usually calms himself eventually, Pat. The pain slowly increases and overrides the level of arousal. Guess he likes my bathing suit.”

How true.

“I’ll get something that will help. Just can’t let Mom see it.”

Brandy walked to the pump area where an unnoticed box contained her implements of recreation..., the silk scarf, rubber tubing and latex gloves. A curious Pat followed her and I could hear voices and laughter.

Brandy returned with the scarf. But Pat held the tubing and the gloves with the same mischievous smile she wore when she inspected my penis over morning coffee.

The girls giggled as Brandy wrapped the scarf over my eyes. It still smelled of her essence, having soaked up the efforts of my tongue and lips during dozens of leisurely afternoons by the pool. I am sure that the devilish Pat recognized the scent also.

Standing blindfolded with cuffs still restraining my wrists, I next felt fingers working about my scrotum. Their firmness told me it was Pat. After encircling the sac with the tubing she tightened with a force I had not before felt. I winced and after an amazingly strong tug winced again.

“A naked boy on a leash. I think I’m getting wet,” Pat proclaimed.

Meanwhile I followed the tugs. Brandy had never cinched the tubing as did Pat. I received the message. This was a young woman with whom I was not to trifle.

She walked me. For some reason I could not keep my penis from attempting to erect. Her controlling hand aroused me and when she shook the leash and laughed, my penis tried even harder to stand for her.

I felt my pulse increase and my heart pound. I so much wanted to look at Brandy and if not looking then lying beneath her and feeling with my tongue and lips the oscillations of female orgasm. Instead the amused driver with arms and hands of steel humiliated me before the girl with whom I was so besotted.

In a way I was glad to be blindfolded. Tears formed and were readily soaked up by the silk. I was having an hysterical reaction. I believe my hormone levels were incredibly askew.


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