Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chapter Eighteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Eighteen

Saturday morning my guests slept late. Mom and Nurse Annika arrived for the weekly medical exams. The spirited Annika enjoyed lining up the boys and performing an abbreviated inspection of their genitals. Despite the prior evening’s thorough draining, the masturbator slowly rose to greet the experienced hand of the nurse as she gruffly cleansed his foreskin.

Hector found himself in the medical office for a more extensive exam. I had communicated Jackie’s wishes and while I watched Mom examine she voiced preliminary thoughts about the planned alteration.

“Easily done in time. He’s going to be a big one. He’s probably got two or three years until full puberty. If Jackie wants to use his penis I’m going to recommend some exercises for the pelvic muscles and buttocks. In time she’ll have a nice ride atop a boy with muscles specially trained for her pleasure.”

Mom smiled wryly and with a degree of envy. Hector was lying back in the examination chair with his arms restrained behind him in the ubiquitous single glove and feet secured in stirrups. With two women standing over him, one gingerly inspecting his male anatomy, his penis had slowly erected. Ironically, its stiffness allowed Mom to better inspect his testicles. Her gloved hands lifted the sac to display his perineum.

“Right here. A simple incision to divert the urethra. The difficulty will be with the penal implants. The function of the erectile chambers is much more complicated than people think. I’m sure Jackie is aware of the cost?”

I nodded in thought.

I could not help picturing Hector as a hog being fattened for slaughter..., to be fed and trained at the ranch while his organs grew..., later to be served as an offering at a sexual feast for Jackie.

Mom continued.

“This big boy will need two pumps. Normally they’re placed in the groin area. I’ll probably put them back here over the buttocks. He’ll have trouble reaching them, but it will be more important for Jackie to have access...”

A gloved finger slipped into Hector’s anus. A thorough prostate exam ensued with Mom’s knowing hands kneading the boy’s testicles. She noted the paucity of fluid.

“He’s close to adolescence. But Jackie will have to wait.”

Ever since the day Annika let me as a teenager observe Tony’s exam, I enjoyed watching a boy being humbled under the hands of a skilled woman. His most precious organs became objects for the amusement of the female. For me, it epitomized the submission of the male. And to think that in time the penis and testicles would soon serve in a new capacity, one chosen by his new owner, was a deliciously arousing vision.

I could feel myself becoming wet. Happily it was Saturday and I always carved out time for Tony to serve me by the pool.

Hector was freed and Annika led in Shorty.

While Mom inspected, Annika prepared various paraphernalia. By the time Mom was finished a stand was set up with a liter bag of saline solution.

“The file indicates Melanie wants a partial penectomy but prefers a good sized sac. That type of alteration can be done any time. Ann will let us know the best timing psychologically. Meanwhile I’ll do a weekly scrotal infusion to enlarge the scrotum.”

Mom felt about the tiny bag of flesh, selected an appropriate area then callously inserted an intravenous needle. Poor Shorty was forced to lie and take it. He spasmed noticeably when the needle passed through his sensitive flesh. Annika patted his cheek to calm him.

“Just lie there and relax Shorty. We’re going to make those little testicles of yours nice and big. Wouldn’t you like that? Melanie will be pleased.”

Shorty helplessly watched Annika connect the tubes and open a valve. Saline slowly dripped into the underdeveloped scrotum.

“It will take an hour or so. We can do it quicker, but the psychological effect is better when the boy is forced to watch as his little bag slowly grows at the behest of the dominant woman. Melanie likes a boy with big testicles and a nice low hanging bag. That’s why we need to expand it, Shorty. We’ll do this every week for a while until she deems it of suitable size. You want to please her don’t you?”

I watched in amazement as the skin stretched to accommodate the fluid. It changed to a pink and then deepened to a red. The tension caused the skin to become smooth and shiny under the room lights. Shorty’s scrotum began to look like a small balloon.

“He’ll need sun screen, Brandy. Areas that were well hidden before will be exposed to the ultra violet rays.”

The three of us stood by as the helpless Shorty watched his anatomy slowly change. Mom lectured while the solution flowed.

“It’s temporary. By Monday evening his body will have absorbed the saline and the sac will appear to be almost normal. Except the skin will be stretched and it will be the first step of altering him for Melanie’s amusement. Despite his age, week after week those little gonads will be hanging lower and lower, leaving plenty of room for the next step in the process.”

Mom’s voice turned ominous in referring to the next step.

“That will be Erma’s responsibility...., in the correction room.”

I continued watching. Shorty’s little sac became not so little. Mom poked it with a gloved finger. Despite Shorty’s squirming he would continue receiving solution until she deemed the scrotum full.

“With each application we’ll take him just past the point of discomfort, indicating that the skin is in fact being permanently stretched.”

The solution dripped for many more minutes with Annika wiping tears from Shorty’s eyes. Mom poked again and nodded to Annika who finally turned off the valve.

“Now you’ll have to be careful walking around today, Shorty. You’re going to be carrying some extra weight where you’ll feel it the most.”

We all laughed with Mom’s descriptive warning. Shorty had a large reddish balloon under a penis that was barely visible. It was so large it pressed against his thighs even while the stirrups forced apart his knees.

Mom slid out the needle and swabbed the tiny opening with an alcohol drenched pad. She then palmed the mass of flesh and held it up for display.

“Unfortunately one of the effects of the saline is to dull the nerves here. But it’s a marvelously effective method for imputing the psychological effects of dominance. Shorty will be walking around for a couple days nicely showing off a big scrotum altered by a woman.”

With her words, Mom was playfully poking and caressing with her fingers. The enlarged sac had the consistently of firm Jello and she continued holding it as Annika released Shorty’s ankles from the stirrups. As he slowly swung his feet over and unto the floor Mom followed his movements holding his precious sac. When he finally stood she instructed him to part his feet then released the bulbous bag of saline filled flesh. We all laughed with its appearance, sticking well out to the front and forcing the penis to hide.

Shorty glanced down with a forlorn look.

I just stared in amazement and became wetter. The afternoon would find Tony’s tongue to be very busy, I thought to myself.

Finally Annika swatted Shorty’s buttocks to start him on his way.

“Come Shorty. Let’s show you off to the ladies.”

He obediently followed Nurse Annika, waddling like a duck.

Mom watched with a smile, casually informing me of the next step in the process.

“I’ve given Erma instructions about keeping the testicles agitated. After the saline dissipates she should give the scrotum a half dozen good firm swats every other day. Daily if possible. That will promote swelling which eventually will cause the gonads to permanently enlarge. I’m sure Erma can handle the task.”

I nodded with a smile. Erma would certainly perform as suggested. The only question would be in what position would Shorty be restrained and would Erma stop at just a half dozen.

I was about to retreat to the pool, very much in need of Tony’s attention, when Erma entered with Johnnie in tow.

“I give his belt a cleaning every Saturday,” explained Erma.

“Perhaps you can check him out while it’s being washed.”

Johnnie’s wrists were cuffed before Erma produced one of the only two keys to the formidable polished steel apparatus. She inserted the key and turned. The strip of metal splitting Johnnie’s buttocks sprang loose. When pulled away a good sized butt plug slid out from his rear passage. Erma then inserted the key in another hole and the belt opened at the waist. For the first time, I was able to peer at the hermaphrodite entirely naked.

I gawked as the effeminate boy was strapped to the examination table.

A tiny circumcised penis hung with a metal band encircling the tip. Below was a barely visible scrotum. There was no hair despite the fact that Johnnie’s belt was rarely removed. I concluded he had been depilated to preclude shaving.

“I added the band when I circumcised him. The inside is covered with sharp teeth and the metal actually adhered to the skin as the frenulum healed. The chastity belt is really superfluous. Any attempt to achieve erection will result in incredible pain.”

I could not help but look at the belt after Erma placed it on a nearby counter top. Within the smooth triangle covering the pubes area was a tube which encased the penis when worn. The purpose was to permit urination and direct the flow downward to an opening between Johnnie’s thighs, thus mandating that he squat to relieve himself.

Also welded to the inside of the belt to the left and right of the tube were sizable lumps of steel. Erma noticed my look of curiosity.

“Had those custom installed. They keep Johnnie’s testicles nicely tucked up under his epidermis.”

I looked more closely. Johnnie’s sac was indeed empty! Mother explained.

“One of the earliest and simplest methods for neutering the male, Brandy. The gonads are pushed up under the skin near the pelvic bone. Those bumps within the belt hold them in place under the skin. Over time the body heat destroys the ability to produce sperm. There will come a time for removal of the organs, but meanwhile the constant dull ache keeps Johnnie very subservient. Let’s have a look.”

Mom’s gloved hand pressed against the small scrotum feeling about and apparently locating a duct or vessel which she used to slowly pull. Johnnie squirmed with Mom’s firm fingers poking about where he rarely felt anything. Within a minute his tiny testicles were drawn down and filled the underdeveloped scrotum.

“They’re incredibly withered, Erma. There cannot be any sperm count remaining and I doubt if much testosterone is produced. Their time is near end.”

Erma nodded.

“Yes, but they provide for such wondrous torment.”


saratoga said...


Can you verify whether the saline injections into a male's ballsac can actually permanently enlarge it?

Do you have some reference on the topic?


Chris Bellows said...


Missed your comment yesterday.

I truly do not know for sure. But I would hazard to guess that once stretched, the flesh would be very slow to shrink to orginal size/shape, just as with an obese person experiencing rapid weight loss.

The notion is the slow controlling element over the 'precious' male organs which I am trying to convey.

Maybe a reader will volunteer to confirm this hypothesis.

Scrotal infusion anyone?