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Chapter Nine

The Anguished E

Tony’s Story

Chapter Nine

Two weeks after the party, I was summoned to Dr. Stella’s office. Gratefully no patients were present for I found that my little bells attracted much attention and I could no longer slink about the house without receiving a look of devilish delight from either Brandy, the Doctor or Nurse Annika. Thus, I could only imagine the reaction of a patient.

“Hands on head while I talk to you, Tony.”

I complied.

“I have effectuated some changes on your behalf. Your eighteenth birthday is next week and under state law my role as guardian would normally terminate. However, as fiduciary for your trust, I have the responsibility of assuring that control of the funds is passed on to someone competent. Normally that would be you.

“But the behavior you have displayed makes that difficult for me to do. So..., with a psychological report from Dr. Simpson I petitioned the court suggesting that a guardian be indefinitely appointed until you’re deemed competent to manage your own affairs. The court has approved the petition.

“Consider this to be official notification.”

Dr. Stella tossed legal documents across the desk. I only had to read the top page...,

By order of the court

Brandy Robertson and Pat Duvalier appointed guardians for

Anthony Fatiqua

“And I have resigned as trustee of your funds.”

She tossed another document...,

By order of the court..,

Brandy Robertson and Pat Duvalier appointed as

Trustees for the Anthony Fatiqua Trust

I was stunned and remained silent as my thoughts ran wildly.

“Nothing you can do or say, Tony. Once you’ve been deemed non compos mentis, any pleadings on your behalf must be made by your guardians..., Brandy or Pat, her driver.

“Makes you feel rather impotent, does it not?”

The Doctor snickered.

“Well..., you are.

“But not to worry. Brandy will have some nice presents for your birthday.

“I’ll want to see you in an examination room on Sunday.”

I tried to quietly skulk back to the wash room. But the jewelry chimed away, reminding me of my humbled status as belled pet. So I stepped quickly to minimize the chance of exposure to patients. Once there I separated laundry and consoled myself by deeply inhaling the musky aroma of Brandy’s used panties. I had not serviced Brandy in many days and missed her taste and scent.

Once again Sunday became a day of apprehension. As expected an alcohol lamp was lit and for this encounter I was strapped to an examination table prostrate. The Doctor calmly spoke as she passed hot needles through my skin. The shards of steel were long and she used them to pierce thick folds of flesh at each hip and at the small of my back just above the crease in my buttocks.

More gold rings filled the new openings and were permanently soldered closed.

She released me, turned me on my back and again strapped me down.

My diamond pendants were removed and my nipple rings cut off. In their place the Doctor thrust a horizontal gold bar through each opening. Gloved hands held up much larger rings, some two inches in diameter.

“Each of these will surround the entire areola, serve to plump your glands like a special brassiere, and very nicely highlight your nipples.”

She placed each loop over my crinkled pink nub, pressed into my chest to shape my male breasts most effeminately then soldered the ends of the gold bar piercing each nipple to the circumference of the loop left and right. I lurched with the heat of the soldering iron so close to my sensitive skin. I began to realize the new adornments could not be removed..., unless the piercing gold bars were painfully torn away.

Dr. Stella just smiled, reattaching the pendants at the base of the added rings along with the tiny bells.

A neck collar was next. Not as high and thick as Johnnie’s but instead made of gold with several eyelets attached. The Doctor soldered it closed.

Bands similar to the neck collar were slipped around my arms just above the elbows, my thighs just above the knees and around my ankles. All had small eyelets attached and when soldered closed fit most snugly.

“There now, Tony. Doesn’t that feel good? Makes you look very pretty. Lots of expensive decorative gold. You'll enjoy showing off for Brandy..., we know boys like you. Thinking about how girlish you look and how much it pleases Brandy will make your penis stiffen. Can you feel it?”

I was chagrined to mentally agree. Feeling the slight pressure in so many places did provide an interesting sensation. There was a strange comfort knowing that the expensive collection came from Brandy. When I was released from the table I indeed felt myself becoming aroused and the Doctor immediately recognized the symptoms. My engorging penis was once more trying to escape the horridly thin infibulating wire.

“Would you like to put on a nice stand for me? Show off your male organ like a proud peacock?”

I nodded and Dr. Stella cut the wire. My freed penis slowly rose to salute the smiling Doctor. She knew too well of my ingrained proclivity..., yes..., a peacock.

“You’ll find your new bands to be very practical.”

The Doctor produced a simple connecting device..., a pair of attached ‘D’ clamps.

“Arms back for me.”

I pushed as directed. With two simple clicks, the ‘D’ clamps secured my two elbow bands together behind my back, very much restricting use of my hands.

“Go to the pool and get used to your new jewelry. Brandy’s gone house hunting with Pat so you can stay erect for most of the day.

“Yes, don’t look so surprised. Brandy’s net worth is rather substantial and now that she is 21, she’s free to do whatever she wishes..., buying an expensive home included.”

I spent the remainder of the day around the pool. Having my elbows drawn back and attached behind my back was at first uncomfortable. But the discomfort slowly turned to pain over time. And with the increasing anguish my penis seemed to become firmer. The ubiquitous goo slowly flowed down the shaft. I humbly lied on my side on a lounge chair with the new rings at my hips serving as constant reminders of the Doctor’s latest handiwork.

As Brandy’s new ward, I wiled away the day like a cow put out to pasture. With arms bound, I could not swim. I merely basked in the sun, my skin darkening and further deepening my rich coloring.

Just before dinner time, Dr. Stella approached with a new wire, dated disk and the sealing device. She swatted me down, threaded the wire through my foreskin and tightly twisted before applying the seal.

“Brandy called. She found a house and is on her way home. I’m sure she’ll want to see you.”

Gratefully, my elbows were released and I jumped into the pump to cool my heated body.

Within a half hour I heard the throaty roar of Brandy’s Ferrari as she disengaged the clutch, gunned the accelerator and switched off the engine. Minutes later she stepped out the door in a bathing suit of practically nothing. She carried a good sized box which appeared to be heavy.

“Here Tony. I have some things for you.”

My heart always jumped when she spoke to me. It was a thrill just to hear her voice. I pulled myself out of the pool to join my new guardian. I was seeing more of her body than ever. Two sets of strings held small patches of cloth over her nipples and pubes, otherwise there was nothing.

My penis once again tested the wire. She noticed my attempt to become engorged and smiled.

“Always so happy to see me.


I stood before her as she sat on a lounge chair.


The box opened to reveal many lengths of gold chain. The links were much larger and stronger than those of the chain I wore at the party. These were also decorative but sent a message of firmness, of serious purpose. There was no warning needed about breaking these chains. The loops could not be pulled open and were designed as functional..., to bind first..., to decorate second.

The lengths had clasps on the ends and I would later learn such were temporary. In Brandy’s enthusiasm she wanted me to wear them in trial, later to be permanently soldered as I found with many of the trinkets I already wore. A short length was attached from my right earring to the nose ring. Another from left earring to nose ring. Though mainly symbolic, the weight placed on my nose, so many nerve endings stressed, served as a constant reminder of my status.

The utility of my new nipple rings was demonstrated with a length each running from the tops of my right and left nipple ring to my neck collar. Another ran from the side of the right nipple ring around my back to the side of the left nipple ring. Another directly from the inside of the right across my chest to the inside of the left. The nipple chains were on the short side and were measured to be tight, pressing the encirling rings up and back and making the areola stand even more prominently through the middle of the openings.


A chain was threaded around my waist through the three new rings Dr. Stella had just added. Two more were attached to my testicle rings pulled downward and hooked right and left to my new thigh bands. The weight pulled on my scrotum unmercifully and Brandy laughed when I winced.

A ‘Y’ shaped chain was attached to the ring at the small of my back then run between my buttocks to were the two ends split off and were hooked to the testicle rings.

The weight of all the chains was enormous. But Brandy was not through. One last chain, links of an inch with a gauge I judged to be a quarter of an inch, was hooked from ankle to ankle. Just as at the party, it was short. Decorative but most functional, I could not take a full step.

I was grateful that no chain went from nose ring to nipples rings, otherwise the configuration was similar to that worn at the party weeks before. The weight on my nose ring was barely tolerable with the ear chains, and at the party I found it was impossible to eat with the nipple chains blocking my mouth.

Brandy stood and stepped back to observe the epitome of submission..., a well bound and naked male..., and made to appear so pretty..., as Dr. Stella so effusively proclaimed.

“Your penis will be attached here, Tony,” she matter-of-factly pointed out..., her finger indicating a spot on the waist chain just below my navel. "I want it pointing upwards for me..., so I can better see your balls.

“And I like the way the new rings draw attention to your nipples. Like wearing badges. Nice perky glands..., like a pubescent girl.”

I glanced down to see that she was most correct. With the chains serving to press the flesh of my pectorals into my body, the pink nubs oriminently thrust outwards within the circles of gold.

“You’ll have to be careful swimming, Tony. I think it all adds up to a lot of weight.”

She was again most correct. I was wearing many pounds of gold. Brandy had spent a fortune. I felt strangely proud but the nasty infibulating wire prevented me from properly expressing my appreciation. I could feel my organ swelling and winced as the head once again tried to escape its fleshy entombment.

“Yes, I know that the infibulation is a burden. But with the purchase of a house that will change in time.”

My heart skipped a beat with the thought. Alone with Brandy..., with my manhood freed of all constraints. The fantasy caused more tumescence and I winced again.

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