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Chapter Fifteen

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Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Fifteen

The buxom blonde Jacqueline played the role of a dizzy nymphomaniac in most of her repetitive triple ‘X’ movies. In person she was an intelligent, demanding woman..., stern and very business minded.

She phoned early on Friday, so excited by my call that she decided to cancel the day’s filming.

Later, when a red Lamborghini pulled up, it could only be Jackie. I stepped onto the porch and pressed the button to open the gate.

She strolled under “The Anguished E” sign, stunningly attractive, as always. With her modeling career in twilight, she had put on weight, actually accentuating her figure and making her amazingly voluptuous. Though not suited for the fashion industry, Jackie’s figure was every man’s dream of a pin up girl.

Jackie stood five foot ten and had a bust line of some 44 inches. As she walked it was evident that whatever cup size she wore, it was inadequate. And I knew for a fact that within it was all natural.

“The boys are in training and will be exercised soon, Jackie. Maybe it’s best that you watch and have a private inspection later if Hector meets your requirements.”

I summoned Tony to take Jackie’s bags and the large woman got her first taste of the ranch. My bejeweled ward clumsily sauntered forth with bells ringing, his step inhibited by the heavy high carbon steel chain running from left ankle band to right. At night while serving in the house I had Tony wear the more decorative gold chain, but around the grounds the steel chain was deemed more practical as it scraped across the course desert soil.

Tony’s infibulated penis was pulled up and hooked to his waist chain and his gonads remained ringed and chained downward to both his thigh bands and behind to the waist band above his buttocks. With the assortment of gold chains attached to his nipples rings, ear rings and nose ring he made quite the impression and Jackie smiled as he struggled to move about.

“Very nice, Brandy. Is he ever freed of the all the restraints. They appear heavy.”

I shook my head.

“It’s all permanent as far I’m concerned. The sun heats the metal during the day, providing a slow torment which keeps him moving. The weight proves to be nicely humbling. He knows his place.”

Jackie’s wry smile indicated she was closely observing, obviously contemplating restraints for Hector or for whomever would be deemed appropriate to serve her.

I led Jackie to the dormer. Erma had the boys lined up in the hallway. She towered over Shorty, the masturbator, or should I refer to him as the former masturbator, Hector and the two others. Johnnie had evidently been busy, for the penis of each boy stood straight up and glistened with remnants of oral service. Hector appeared to be all erection with, as noted, the size of his phallus well out of portion to his developing body.

The boys stood at attention and were engaged in what Erma termed ‘penis control’. She whooshed her cane ready to apply a searing stroke to the first boy who began to exhibit flaccidness.

No introduction was needed for Hector. Jackie gawked at the prodigious organ and knew from my description that it was he. Her stare turned to a smile and then giggle.

“Goodness Brandy. And he’s still growing. My, my.”

“Are you going to run them today, Erma?”

She nodded, staring at her five erections in anticipation of limpness. After a minute, one of the orphans lost it. Erma smiled and stepped closer and diddled the semi erect penis with the tip of her cane.

“Going..., going..., gone.”

As Erma described, the boy could no longer hold it for her.

“The rest of you..., outside. You belong to Dolly for the next hour.”

The four shuffled to the exit door near the end. Johnnie, standing with developing breasts exposed but with shiny chastity belt hiding his true gender, pushed it open for the file of naked boys. Their arms remained in the single glove mandated by Erma’s discipline. Dolly began to bark, eager to take her human herd for a long leisurely run. Jackie and I followed to the sounds of Erma’s cane imbuing the limp lad with better concentration.

I explained the exercise program as Dolly cantered about growling and nipping at the well exposed male organs. The boys carefully followed her canine gesticulations and within a minute, Dolly had them in a perfectly straight line and jogging towards the rear of the property.

A pair of striped buttocks, the results of Erma’s quick caning, flashed by us, the boy knowing that Dolly would be relentless in nipping at him until he joined the herd. Jackie was just as amused as Pat at watching the penises flop about. The more developed testicles of the masturbator also swayed heavily with his footsteps.

“Who’s the belted girl, Brandy. Rather cute.”

I revealed Johnny’s gender. Jackie laughed at her own surprise.

“I assume there’s a set of male genitals under all that steel, Jackie. Though I’ve never seen it.”

Overall, Jackie looked delighted and I knew I had another customer. She wished to discuss terms. We returned to the dormer then headed for my office. Jackie had not yet seen the options available for alteration and until Dolly finished running the boys, the best use of time seemed to be exchanging ideas with Jackie concerning Hector’s fate.

Over coffee, Jackie reviewed my Mom’s notebook on male genital control and alteration. She found the pictures to be fascinating and I detected an interesting cognitive response to the graphic snapshots of penises and testicles being pierced, cut, sutured, restrained, removed and in general altered at the whim of the dominant female.

Jackie found the austere depictions, taken from medical texts, to be arousing!

“Well, it’s difficult to know where to start. I understand the psychological theory that the chaste or altered male will become more orally sensitive. But I must confess, I occasionally enjoy the feel of a large and firm penis, particularly when I’m on top and controlling the penetration. It’s the annoying problem of stamina and avoiding the disgusting spewing of sperm that becomes the problem.”

I nodded in agreement, realizing that Jackie had probably never experienced the tongue and lips of the likes of Tony..., trained before achieving puberty to service the female organ, his cunnilingus was unsurpassed.

“If I may make a suggestion, Hector is still growing. In our experience, his penis will probably lengthen by another 2 to 3 inches over the next few years. You may as well let it continue. Meanwhile if he’s deemed acceptable, we can begin not only oral training, but also mold him to your tastes. Our indoctrination techniques are quite flexible and we can soon have young Hector’s impressive organ standing at the mere mention of your name.”

I exaggerated, somewhat. But enticing Jackie into a slow, long term program for Hector would help cover a lot of overhead.

“And I think you’ll enjoy visiting him here at the ranch. The sun shines every day, the swimming pool is large, our correction room is well equipped and..., I’m thinking of adding some equestrian activities.”

We got down to business and discussed numbers. An agreement was reached as the faint barking of Dolly indicated my winded herd was returning from an exhausting five mile run. Jackie signed while I summarized.

“Hector will be psychologically transformed to satisfy your penchants. When ready, we can physically alter him at your whim. Think of the process as growing fruit..., over time Hector’s plums will become quite ripe for your plucking.”

Jackie laughed with my analogy.

“Erma and Johnnie will be washing the boys. If you haven’t seen that before you’ll find it to be entertaining. Afterwards, Hector is yours. Erma will assist if you have any special needs.”

Since I enjoyed giving myself Fridays afternoons off to relax with arriving guests, I stayed in the office making phone calls and tending to paperwork. Melanie would have Shorty at the pool by the end of the day and I enjoyed her company and watching her work Shorty. Dr. Ann Simpson was on her way and I should probably socialize with Jackie, also.

Dinner was being catered. Tony was adequate with simple meals. With two customers and Dr. Ann visiting, the demands were beyond his talents. He would serve otherwise.

I accomplished much before the arrival of Dr. Ann. A humble Tony showed her into my office. For a woman in her mid forties she was quite trim and the riding attire she wore gave her a vigorous athletic look.

“Thought I’d try some riding,” she explained in response to my inquiring look.

Ann was a woman not given to small talk. Years of counseling had imparted her with a tendency to be direct. Her visit to the ranch was a combination of business and pleasure. She desired to dispense with the business part of the day.

“I’ve developed a manual to assist with the psychological aspects of establishing control, Brandy. I would term the nakedness and constant restraint as the meat and potatoes of submission. I’ve suggested some variations which will enhance the process.”

Dr. Ann was such an enthusiastic advisor and supporter of the ranch’s activities. And she charged so little.


JHoltgym said...

equestrian training is the perfect compliment to permanent chastity and extensive oral servitude....looking forward to next installment....!!!

saratoga said...

Okay, since you asked for comments....

I see several themes here in common with a few of your excellent, published (PF) works. The highly-stylized body piercings which are functional. In other stories, they are attributed to some Matriarchal tribe.

The extensive tongue exercises, and, in time, probably some suturing to lengthen them.

The dog trained to herd the males is a nice, humiliating, degrading touch.

Erma and her hermaphroditic male reminds me of your story of the young male Puppy. Didn't the policewoman have a kept androgynous male?

The entire idea of the model creating her next career by providing males to other models who can't risk penetrative sex is also insightful and probably more realistic than most of us dare consider. I'd be curious as to the origin of your concept.

It's a very erotic tale, to be sure.

In occasional moments, such as this last chapter, however, I can't get by the use of non-consenting, grossly underage males.

Reading of an 11 yo orphan or miscreant being sent to a home run by sadistic, insensitive women, to be sold into lifetime slavery as a sex object, is a bit troubling.

All of your other stories with which I'm familiar involve consensual situations, and typically at least knowing, teen-aged males.

This one, at times, creeps me out a bit. Not judging. Not saying you should remove it or that you're to be criticized for writing/publishing it.

Just that, well, you asked......


Chris Bellows said...

Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, many elements of the story line tend to shock. And the underage interaction makes the story unpublishable. As noted in my preamble, many years ago this was written for the Eunuch Archive which tends to be the 'wild west' of D/s sites, more gore than sensuous arousal.

Over all the story attempts to capture the carefree callousness of certain beautiful young spoiled girls (women). As noted there are many subsets of D/s woven within, many of which I later used in writing with more detail (and more thoughtful plots).

So it's not only crude from the aspect of Saratoga's concern, but much goes undeveloped. As discussed in my posting of 9/17, just the use of past tense alone demonstrates that it was written as a more dilettante than professional.

Thanks for the comments.