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Chapter Sixteen

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Sixteen

At the ranch, it was interesting how one became better acquainted with people. I mentioned Melanie’s unusual use of Shorty’s tongue, spending a good portion of her time at the pool lying prostrate while the blindfolded lad worked his tongue between her well rounded cheeks.

Well, later that Friday I was surprised to see a silk robed Jackie leading a blindfolded Hector to the pool area. It was not her feminine curves stressing the thin material that caused astonishment. It was the condition of Hector’s buttocks.

Jackie’s initial inspection involved a visit to the correction room where she casually observed while directing a thorough caning of Hector’s posterior. And apparently she was pleased with Erma’s efforts.

“He has a propensity for pain, Brandy. I believe I can build on that.”

When Dr. Ann completed her horseback ride, she joined us at the pool, deeming it to be suitable recreation for the dominant woman..., Tony serving drinks, Shorty lapping away at the anatomical area of Melanie’s choosing and Hector unknowingly displaying well striped young buttocks.

Melanie and Jackie bathed naked, of course, and I joined them in the au natural, sitting under a large umbrella to avoid the sun. Tony’s infibulating wire was put to the test as the scene rivaled that of the Playboy mansion. And Jackie’s breasts were the largest Tony had ever seen. To calm himself, he voluntarily offered Jackie the retrieving stick, which she accommodatively threw into the pool. She laughed as Tony jumped in, dove and grasped the rubber object in his teeth. But at the same time, I could tell the action provoked thought on her part.

A sore Hector eventually found his face between the large soft thighs of Hollywood’s rising ‘X’ rated film star. Even in pre pubescence his precocious organ stiffened. But for his subservient status..., arms bound, blindfolded and well caned..., there could be very few males who would not trade places with him in an instant.

Dr. Ann led an intriguing discussion on sleep deprivation, a subject she had been researching and had included in her offered manual.

“It’s slow and steady and turns the mind to the consistency of clay..., which can then be easily molded, of course.”

Meanwhile, judging from Jackie’s smile, Hector was performing adequately, and the large blonde had Tony repeatedly jumping after the stick to the point of exhaustion.

“I always wanted a puppy,” she noted with a far off look on her face.

She tossed the rubber stick once again and Tony dutifully jumped in again. Dr. Ann picked up on her comment.

“Maybe you can have one now, Jackie. If you control the release of hormones..., you control the male. Manifesting that control is open to many different methods.”

Jackie cruelly reached down and pinched Hector’s left nipple between sharp fingernails.

“Deeper,” she admonished as she contemplated Dr. Ann’s supposition.

Hector’s head seemed to disappear as Jackie laid on her back with her knees bent to provide optimal access.

Tony returned with the stick in his mouth. She snapped her fingers and assertively ordered him to kneel. She then examined all the intricate piercings, rings and chains serving to decoratively restrain and highlight every erogenous area of his body.

“I’ve love to have a nice puppy dog. I get lonely on the longer shoots. Between scenes the gay guys go their own way and I just sit in my trailer. One of them had a boy on a leash. He kept it subtle but the relationship was rather obvious.”

Dr. Ann responded to Jackie’s musings.

“Dog training is prevalent on the gay community, Jackie. But there is no reason you couldn’t implement such a program for Hector. Your dominance can be evidenced in any number of ways. We can formulate procedures to mold him any way you desire.”

Well if there was any doubt in Jackie’s mind concerning her goal for Hector, it disappeared with Dr. Ann’s observation.

I made a mental note to order a nice dog collar for Hector. A gift from The Anguished E ranch for its newest customer.

The setting sun provided a palette of colors across a panoramic vista of the desert and signaled the time for cocktails.

Melanie, Pat, Erma, Dr. Ann, and Jackie gathered in the ranch house living room while I checked on the caterers. I hired the same group that served at Tony’s graduation party months before in order to truncate questions concerning the prevalence of naked young males scurrying about. I returned to the living room where, over drinks, Jackie detailed for Dr. Ann her preferred modifications for Hector.

“I’m going to keep him viral and for the most part in tact. But I’ll also want his climax to be completely under my control, if I allow him one. Dr. Robertson has a procedure which seems to address my needs. A rerouting of the urethra combined with penal implants seems to be the appropriate modification for me. It will be costly but I get goose bumps thinking about it.”

Dr. Ann nodded in her most professional style.

“You’ll be keeping him erect?”

“No. These implants will be the ones that can be inflated. Hector will be kept flaccid until I want him erect. Brandy’s Mom will insert a little pump under the skin. With a few pushes I’ll have something I can ride when I tire of his tongue.”

Yes. The operation would be interesting and performed after Hector stopped growing. Meanwhile I suspected he’d be eating out of a bowl on the floor for the next few months.

Both women paused to sip their drinks. I looked over to see Erma step away. She offered to supply entertainment during and after dinner and needed to tend to details. I used her departure to suggest that we all change for dinner.

“As suggested ladies, you’ll be more comfortable without undergarments.”

The group dispersed to shower and change. I stopped in the dining room to see if Erma needed assistance. As expected she very much had things under control.

Hanging over the dining table towards one end was the figure of the masturbator. He was in full suspension, naked, and well bound with a high stiff neck collar. Erma had inserted a tracheal tube which served to insure his throat remained open. He hung from a single chain attached to the back of an elaborate suspension harness. A slack rope ran from the neck collar to a pulley hung from the ceiling and down behind him.

The special harness held him in a kneeling position two feet above the table. The stiff neck collar forced him to look straight ahead toward an empty spot on the far wall.

“Will he stay erect for dinner?”

He squirmed deliciously when he heard my voice. Erma smiled.

“He’s been kept chaste for weeks and the harness nicely signals certain male nerves and muscles. Our masturbator is going to put on quite the show for us.”

I looked down to see that Shorty, Hector, Tony and Johnnie were in place under the table along with two of the nameless orphans. All naked, blindfolded and well restrained I pondered whether Tony should have his infibulating wire removed to relieve his suffering.

I decided not and left to change.

I missed having Tony assist me in dressing but his time was better occupied in the dining room waiting to provide a dramatic scene for my guests when called to dinner.

After a shower and some prinking I returned to the living where the girls had reassembled. Champagne was served and all were simply dressed in slipover dresses. Erma as always wore her halter but her brief skirt was of latex. Around the middle of her right thigh was a leather strap, the function of which would become evident. She would have duties to perform and needed to dress functionally.

A stout maid working for the caterer announced dinner and we filed into the dining room where the masturbator helplessly hung naked and erect as before. I felt most sanguine listening to the excited comments of Melanie and Jackie. Even Dr. Ann found it to be a nice touch. I always appreciated compliments on my hospitality.

Then as each girl sat at her assigned place the sounds of girlish giggles began to cascade. The seat of each special chair was notched and filled with the neck of a blindfolded boy. Each girl instinctively knew to raise her skirt before sitting and between each pair of thighs were the lips and mouth of a newly trained cunnilinguist. A half dozen tongues knew to pay homage to the superior sex.

I had Tony. Erma had Johnnie. Melanie and Jackie had Shorty and Hector. Pat and Dr. Ann were trying out the lips and tongues of the orphans. I wondered if the boys would expect the flavor of oranges.

With the Champagne and the arousing sight of the naked masturbator helplessly swaying in his harness with a good sized erection, we all became flushed as a delicious cold soup was served. The sounds of tongues on moist flesh blended with the slurping of soup and though we all laughed, we also felt the thrill of dominance. A half dozen males were humbly serving us where girls most needed to be served.

Just before the main course, Erma arose, walked to the end of the table, reached out and palmed the freely hanging sac of our masturbator.

“He’s very ripe for ejaculation,” commented Erma as she resumed sitting in her chair.

The girls couldn’t wait for coffee and dessert.

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