Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'The Girl', new story series on Lulu

I have returned.

Been writing, not posting.

I have published a new series of stories on Lulu. Available only in ebook format.


'The Girl'. Female dominant/female submissive with some maledom action. $2.10

Parts Two and Three are also available. Also $2.10 each. Part Four will be published tomorrow. The final Part Five by week's end.


I will probably not bother publishing this series on Smashwords. Though cheaper, so are the patrons there. No one buys anything.

I should mention again that for those who prefer print, there is my Lulu stuff available exclusively from Quality SM in print. Lots of stuff from eroticbooknetwork as noted.


Nictor said...

Glad to see you back. will def look at the new books.

Any chance of a prequel or even a sequel to 'The Last PonyGirl'


Chris Bellows said...


Good to be back.

Pick Flamingo/Erotic Book Network has the publishing rights to 'The Last Pony Girl' and the various ebook publishers (Amazon possibly Apple) have asked (strongly) that snippets and teasers not be posted anywhere.

Not my style. As most are aware I give away a lot of stuff.

I will say I like the story... male and female dominant... a pony story which has been a favorite genre of mine for many years.

So sorry, cannot offer anything.

And as for a sequel, I'm giving the human equine a well deserved rest. Wrote it hard (pun intended).