Friday, July 29, 2011

'96 Months' XXII

No posts over the weekend. I will be working to complete this story... the difficulty augmented by the fact that I am working on another book.


"Ten, it’s your turn."

Here was trouble. The Latino never got synchronized with the Princess. She became visibly upset but said nothing. But as hard and erect as he was, he couldn’t pull the trigger. The Princess just glared down at him.

"Let’s go to Nine. And by the way if we get a good sample, it will be used right here."

She pointed to the blonde as she spoke.

The crowd cheered and all commented that the Nordic should be able to sire blonde offspring. And obviously if a girl were reproduced, she would be well endowed and if a boy, well hung.

The show ended with the Nordic coming on cue and the crowd toasted the Princess on her birthday.

Most of the crowd went back to the house. Some of the men stayed and, in being enthralled by the blonde’s large, well exposed vaginal passage fingered it with great enthusiasm.

As we left the stable the Princess took Lantita aside.

"Bring Ten to my office well chained. I’ll deal with him tomorrow. The Countess will be spending the night and I’ll have something to entertain her."

Lantita nodded and I shuddered to think of Ten’s fate in embarrassing the Princess before her friends.

I continued to serve drinks. All were getting tipsy and Rex again cornered me. I must profess some degree of pleasure from his hot, wet tongue but it was shameful to have everyone watching while he freely to had his way with me. The Princess again noticed and spoke loudly to the Countess.

"Shouldn’t we do something for poor Rex? He must have had a long day on your jet."

"Yes, Princess. He doesn’t travel well and there isn’t much for him to play with here. You know he has the run of my pony girls back home."

"Well of course. Little One, why don’t we go into my office?"

I placed the tray on a table and followed the Princess and Countess into the dreaded office where I spent every morning being tormented.

I can only attribute the next set of events to the large quantities of alcohol consumed. For Rex followed us into the office and the Princess closed the door.

"When you say he has the run of your pony girls, why don’t you show me what you mean?"

The smiling Countess nodded then gave a command and hand signal to Rex. Next she placed her hand on my buttocks and spoke a single word.


The Countess stepped back and suggested that the Princess move to the side of the room. It was shocking. Rex turned into a barking snarling beast and began nipping at the back of my knees. Not knowing what to do I finally understood that he wanted me to kneel. The Princess and Countess laughed as I complied.

"It’s a game he plays indoors. When outside he truly herds the girls for me. But be careful Little One. He really will give you a good nip if you disobey. Particularly with all those colors you’re wearing. He’s confused about what you are. To him you smell human but look like a huge bird."

Both women laughed at that comment then left the office, closing the door behind them. I was alone with Rex. He barked and growled and had me crawl all about the office. My arms remained secured at the elbows so my efforts to crawl were on two knees. After a time I learned his mannerisms and barked commands. He kept me moving about the office balanced on two knees until, apparently tiring of the game, he stood before me and growled. I stopped and he put his paws on my shoulders and pushed my face to the carpet. Through growls and nips at my legs, Rex indicated he wanted me to remain motionless. Just the nip of his sharp teeth was enough of a threat. I froze in the position desired, forehead on the carpet, kneeling, arms secured and my backside well above my head. Rex moved between my knees and began working his tongue between my cheeks. It was a grotesquely pleasant sensation. I could not help but spread my knees further and allow him full access and with long slow swipes of his tongue he attacked my pussy and anus. My juices began to flow. It was a sick feeling being turned on by a dog, but I had been denied vaginal intercourse for years and the physical relief was welcomed.

After several minutes of Rex’s oral ministrations, the office door opened and the Princess and Countess stepped in and watched. They laughed at my look of satisfaction.

"I think she and Rex are getting along just fine, Princess."

"Yes. But is that all Rex does? Paul and Paula can do that."

"Oh, no. Rex, take her!"

With the command from the Countess, Rex rose and placed his paws on my shoulders. I closed my eyes in disbelief that this could be happening. The two evil women laughed and shouted words of encouragement as the large Doberman struggled to find his mark.

"Help him, Little One, it will go faster for you."

What choice did I have? If I tried to crawl he would nip me. If I remained still the humiliation would continue. It was evident that the Princess and Countess were not going to call him off. Well, I arched my back, spread a little further and took him in my rectum.

Dogs work fast and fortunately he was no where near the size of Abdul, but the memory of the shame and humiliation would outlast the pain of penetration. The women had left the door open and as I felt Rex spending inside me, I looked up and saw Abdul. He was watching with an ironic smile that seemed to express both interest in the proceeding but sympathy for what was happening to me.
"Come Rex. Good boy."

The Countess called to the dog and gave him a pat and hug for his efforts. It was evident that he had been specially trained in such matters and I could only imagine what events took place at the Countess’s pony farm. She exited the room with Rex wagging his tail after his mistress.

Without a word Abdul left the room. The Princess left me to my thoughts.

"When you’re composed, there is much more to do. I want every guest to leave happy."

Paul and Paula were already working the guests when I finally got up from the floor and returned to the living room. Any guest desiring oral servitude was accommodated and I was assigned to a bedroom.

Mr. Hawkins was first and I knew exactly how to take care of his needs. The alcohol delayed his response but I soon enough had him gushing down my throat. He smiled and as he left indicated he had an idea for servitude after my sentence was completed.

I fellated two more men. No one demanded use of my backside. Word about my encounter with Rex had evidently spread among the guests. I had never felt so debased feeling Rex juices trail down my thighs as I sucked an on unknown cock. For the first time I looked forward to my morning enema.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us. I can see how your writing style has evolved over time to become more sophisticated.

Nurse Hopkins submission to Rex (and her humiliation) was delicious and a timely reminder that 'it can always get worse'.

I am looking forward to the conclusion.

James said...

I would also like to thank you, for this story and for all your stories. I absolutely love your writing.
Being a new Follower I am currently catching up with past postings, but eagerly anticipate the conclusion of this story.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank for the comments. I have just completed another book. So I will be able to get back to this story.