Monday, July 18, 2011

'96 Months' XIV

Under instructions from the Princess, Lantita began the process of lengthening and stretching my tongue. This involved clamping the tip of the tongue and securing it for hours to one of the many eye hooks in a stretched position. Also a new challenge was introduced at each evening meal. A majority of my food was neatly packed into a tennis ball. The ball had a slit cut into it and with arms restrained I could only work the mush out with my lips and tongue. Not wanting to go hungry I became quite adept at penetrating the slit, scooping out the nutritious mush and leaving the insides spotless. On subsequent visits to be caned, Abdul noticed the eagerness to demonstrate my new skills. I was able to take the tip of his penis in my mouth and slide my protruding tongue down the underside of his semi-hard erection. My goal was to be able to take most of the shaft and simultaneously lick his balls. I believed affording Abdul such pleasure would cause him to reciprocate and bring me to orgasm. But I soon realized after three visits to the court house that it would require many hours of stretching and training to condition my tongue. Fortunately, the Princess’s farm allowed me such time.


I was at the farm for about a year when the Princess received a visitor. A well dressed Englishman stepped out of a Land Rover. Lantita saw him from a window and voiced concern. I had just completed my morning exercise and was waiting to be taken to the Princess’s office for her daily recreation. Standing on my toes, my nose ring and clitoral ring were attached to hooks on the wall of the main room. As always, my arm bands were secured behind me just above the elbows.

Lantita responded to a firm knock on the door and the gentleman stepped into the vestibule. He announced he was from the British consulate and asked to see the Princess. As he spoke I could see out of the corner of my eye that he had noticed me, standing on toes, naked, and most uncomfortably restrained ( although dear reader I was able to stand in such positions for increasing long durations). Lantita took him to the office were the Princess had her way with me almost every morning. Paul and Paula were not to be seen. They were shy around strangers.

I waited on my toes much longer then usual and could hear laughing and giggling emanating from the Princess’s office. Finally, the door opened and the Princess called out to Lantita.

"Bring in the Little One. Mr. Hawkins is here to inspect her."

She mockingly vocalized the word ‘inspect’ and I could hear more laughter as Lantita freed my rings. Without need for instruction, I entered the office. Mr. Hawkins was sitting in the chair where Paul and Paula normally performed for the Princess. He was holding his wallet and stuffing it with currency.

"Well, Little One, it seems that under our treaty with Great Britain, prisoners of British citizenry must be made available for inspection by the consulate. Mr. Hawkins will inspect you.

"I assume Mr. Hawkins you will not want to be disturbed?"

He nodded. The Princess left the office and closed the door behind her. Hawkins returned the wallet to his pocket.

Mr. Hawkins was not old but he certainly was not young either. He appeared to be one of those career diplomats, intelligent, knowledgeable but without personality. He didn’t say a word to me. He simply unzipped his trousers and freed his penis. It was hardening from the salacious view of my pierced, naked, hairless body. He signaled me to come toward him and I stood between his knees. He spread my thighs and the golden chains pulled apart the rings on my lips. My feminine scent wafted to his nose and his penis stirred. He tweaked both of my nipples until they hardened then pulled downward, grasping my chains. I dropped to my knees. Over the years I had learned that when a man put a women on her knees he wanted one of two things. Since my mouth was now an inch from the purple head of his manhood, I took it.

He grunted with pleasure and I worked him for several minutes with all of the skills I had acquired in Saudi Arabia. He was not as large as Abdul and no where near the size of the livestock and therefore I easily took the entire shaft down my throat. When I finally closed then opened my gullet, he came hard and fast. I kept him in my mouth, as I had been trained, until he softened, then carefully and dutifully licked him clean. When I looked up he was smiling.

"My wife is back in England. She won’t visit Arab countries. It’s very difficult...

"I’m glad to see you’re being treated so well here. You only have 200 more strokes. I’ll see what we can do for your release afterwards. This lifetime parole agreement will be difficult to deal with, but we can try."

The man left very gratified and indicated to Lantita that he would return for regular ‘inspections’.

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