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'96 Months' XVIII

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The following week the Princess returned from one of her trips bellowing for Lantita.

"Get stall number six ready. I’ve found one!"

The reader may recall that the unused stock in stall six at the end of the row was shaped differently. It was set back from the others and the hole in the middle was larger. Also the holes to the side were smaller than the other wrist holes and higher. In preparation I cleaned the heavy smooth wood as Lantita supervised me. In her rush, she freed both my wrists and arms. Such urgency to prepare the device added to the mystery of its purpose.

Within hours a truck arrived and two swarthy men lowered a large box. The Princess eagerly signed and as the men returned to the truck Lantita pried it open. Inside was an incredible sight. A large blonde woman lay naked but comfortably surrounded by foam cushions. Her face was covered with an oxygen mask. As Lantita removed the cushions, it was evident that the woman was well secured to the sides and ends of the box by thick leather cuffs.

Lantita unsnapped the cuffs and removed the mask. The woman was groggy but slowly sat up. It appeared that some type of sedating gas had been administered.

"She’s gorgeous, Princess, where did you find her?"

"I’ve been negotiating for weeks. An agent in New York sent me her photos. She’s been in captivity in South America for about a year. It seems the drug lords have found a new way to launder money. Their dirty drug money buys her from American kidnappers, my clean money buys her from the drug lords. Simple and neat."

Lantita helped the woman stand. She was unsteady but what a sight. She was close to six feet tall, about Lantita’s height. But it was her breasts, hips, legs, and buttocks that were most impressive. The large blonde had massive mammary glands, wide hips and buttocks and legs that seemed to be sculpted.

"The information I have indicates she was an aerobics instructor. Can you imagine these bouncing around in a gym?"

The Princess palmed both breasts when she posed the question.

"It is no wonder they targeted her. She may just as well hung out a sign that read, ‘take me’...

"I’ve examined her x-rays. Her birth canal is enormous. She’ll produce for us very nicely. Our own baby factory."

Lantita stood beside the woman and held her up with one arm over her shoulder. She motioned to me and I stood on the other side. Although my arms were immobilized, the woman instinctively placed her other arm over my shoulder to stabilize herself. The three of us walked slowly to the stable.

The reaction of the livestock was noticeable despite their restraints. The woman’s large breasts were impressive and the four men stirred in the stocks. Lantita motioned for me to open stock number six and she lowered the compliant woman into the large center hole. She pushed here and there and finally lowered the top of the stock. It did not entrap the neck. It was designed to encircled the torso just below the breasts. Lantita grasped the right wrist and pulled it up and back toward the woman’s waist to enter the smaller holes. She closed the stock and then did the same with the left wrist. When finished the woman stood bent at the waist with the main stock intersecting her across the lower part of her rib cage, below her breasts. Her head, shoulders and arms protruded from the front of the stocks, her stomach, hips and legs from the rear. Her wrists were awkwardly secured palms up and above the level of her head. This forced her to arch her back as a swimmer would from his starting position.

Lantita added the final touch. The spreader bar which was worn by all the livestock connected the woman’s ankles and forced her feet apart. Lantita adjusted it so that she was much more widely split than the men. When I moved to the rear I understood why. The posture forced by the stocks and the spreader bar caused an obscene view of the woman’s reproductive organs. Her outer lips were widely parted and her little man begged for attention. I could only imagine what enjoyment Paul and Paula would have. Lantita noticed my curiosity.

"We’ve haven’t done any breeding here for years. The Princess wasn’t satisfied with the last female so we’ve just milked the males. But this is a beautiful specimen. You’ll be amazed at what we can do. The Princess will probably start with Nine, the Nordic. Blondes are easily marketed, especially in the Arab countries. . .

"Look at this!"

Lantita had reached down and spread the woman’s lips even further and the pink, wet vagina shone under the stable lights. The woman was large and it was evident that with proper stretching she could easily take any of the livestock.

"It’s a shame the Princess only uses artificial insemination. Watching Nine work this would be amusing."
I tended to agree. I had watched the Nordic give up his sperm on many occasions and the mammoth pure white organ which slowly turned pink and purple was delightfully sensual to observe.

The Princess entered with Paul and Paula. They were overjoyed with the new addition and of course raced under her for their own examination. Their tongues soon roamed over the woman’s intimate parts and she became aroused.

"Good. The gas in wearing off."

The Princess was stroking the head and hair of her new possession.

"Lantita, cut off this hair. I can’t have it in the way. It hangs over her face and shoulders. Leave about two inches."

She reached down and played with the large breasts. Then pulled them up by the nipples almost to the woman’s chin.

"More than I expected. It’s always difficult to judge from photographs but I didn’t get short changed here. That’s enough! Paul! Paula! Get out from under there now!"

The teenagers had been licking and sucking with great vigor and the blond had moaned with the pleasurable attention.

"Lantita, keep them away from her. You know we have to establish her cycles and keep her randy. And with my birthday coming up, none of the males will be ready for her."

Lantita nodded and smacked both little rumps as they knelt under the blonde. They quickly scampered out of the stable fully aware of the potential of Lantita’s chastisements.

"Little One, you’re going to help with her care. As a nurse you have the training. We need all her bodily functions recorded and must particularly know when she ovulates."

From that day onward, my hands we free for about an hour every afternoon to bath and massage the blonde. Also recorded on a chart for the Princess’s review was the quantities of fluids and excrement the woman secreted, her temperature, pulse, menstrual cycle of course and any other observations considered pertinent. For this purpose the blonde urinated into a basin as opposed to the males who just passed their water unto the tiled but well drained floor. There was no talking allowed but the blond and I communicated through her eyes and my hands.

On occasion when Lantita was not watching carefully I was able to manipulate her between her thighs, but only for a few moments. She seemed grateful, but I’m not sure it didn’t add to her frustration.

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