Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'96 Months' VIII

The Princess had said she had a propensity for restraint and I received my share that very first day. I remained connected to the chair for about an hour. I couldn’t move my head and the muscles in my neck strained to hold any weight off the nose ring. Finally, the Princess returned. She held a very thin leash in her hand.

"Let me look at you. Spread your cheeks so I can see your new jewelry."

I complied, of course, and could feel the small gold chains pull on the rings attached to my labia as I separated my knees.

"Oh, its beautiful! When your lips part the diamonds pop into view and sparkle in the light."

She released the nose ring.


I stood. When my lips closed I could feel all the new paraphernalia rubbing my inside lips. Also the clitoral ring jutted out and caused strange sensations. Princess Rosanna laughed as I looked down at my pubes.

"I’m told one never gets used to it. You’ll always have the submissive feeling that your parts are enslaved. And, I suppose they are."

She reached down and hooked the fine leash to the clitoral ring. It was made of strands of woven silk and an animal of any size could break away from it. But when the Princess pulled very gently, the sharp pain was over bearing and I quickly stepped toward her to relieve the tension.

"Effective don’t you think? Don’t worry, it’s more something for you to think about and remind you of your status than for control and restraint. It makes me feel delightfully dominant. Just a little flick of my wrist can turn you into a begging groveling dog."

She demonstrated with the slightest tug and I gasped. She laughed.

"Let’s go for a walk. We’ll start slowly."

The Princess tied her end of the leash around her wrist and turned to the door. I followed, carefully timing my steps to coordinate with hers and keep the leash slack.


During our walk around the grounds the Princess talked about herself. Her need to dominate, to inflict pain, humiliation, suffering. She told of how these proclivities had more or less caused her exile her from the Royal family. She was very frank and I woefully realized the role I was to fulfill.

She had inherited money. But she also needed to cover the costs of operating the farm. Selling dates and coconuts wasn’t going to support her lifestyle, she realized. So, she had purchased livestock. I remembered she had described the facility as a breeding farm, but I was not sure what that entailed until we approached the stable, as she referred it.

It was an amazing scene! Stepping inside the tall white stucco building through wide double doors there Lantita stood before six wooden stocks. Two were empty but the other four entrapped the head and wrists of men. All were gagged except the one on the end which Lantita was feeding. The heavy wooden stocks were arranged in a quarter circle so that the men’s faces pointed toward a post in the middle of the large high ceilinged room. A partition between each set of stocks blocked the side view of the imprisoned men. They could not see each other.

The stock on the end was set back about two feet from the other five. The hole in the middle was larger and the two holes on each side a little smaller. If was designed to entrap a man’s neck, he would have to be a giant. But that wouldn’t explain the smaller apertures for the wrists.

Lantita was spooning a brown mush into the mouth of an oriental man. Hanging from his pierced ear was a leather tag with the number "5" burned into it. The Princess moved to the rear of the heavy wooden stocks and I followed.

"This is the essence of our business."

The oriental man was stripped naked. His feet were restrained in a spreader bar forcing his knees wide apart. Perched on a small table under his buttocks was a basin of water with tubes connected to it. The Princess reached into the water and pulled out a huge set of testicles. They were the size of small apples. The man stirred at her touch.

"These are the most well endowed men in the world. Have you ever seen bigger? I’ve searched the globe for this collection."

She was beaming with pride as she spoke. She released the scrotum and moved the table and water basin aside. The heavy sac fell to knee level and curiously swung as the Princess continued to speak. She then reached between the man’s thighs and pulled back an enormous penis. It was flaccid but was well over 12 inches. the prepuce of the uncircumcised organ was pierced by a gold clasp.

"I’ve infibulated every one. It’s a simple procedure first done by Roman women on their slaves. The prepuce is pierced on each side just under the tip. As you can see he can relieve himself but tumescence is impossible. Unless of course you remove the clasp, like this."

Princess Rosanna deftly pinched the clasp and freed the tip.

"If I allow it, he’ll slowly bring himself to erection. He’s full of hormones and a special diet. When was he last masturbated, Lantita?"

"Ten days, Princess."

"Well then, he’ll be ready if an order comes in. You see, we sell his semen. You’d be amazed at the number of wealthy women who enjoying breeding over sized men."
The huge penis was slowly engorging itself and the tip was turning purple.

"That’s enough."

The Princess pinched the prepuce. The man indiscernibly cried out into his gag. She lined up the openings and callously replaced the clasp, cruelly ignoring his muffled entreaty. Replacing the water basin she explained its function.

"The testicles should be kept below body temperature for best performance. For number Five here we’ve found that 94 degrees provides the highest sperm count. Every man is a little different but almost all produce best between 90 and 95 degrees. You can see that the water constantly circulates through a heater."

She led me from one man to another. An African, a blond who was presumably Nordic, a Latino, a Caucasian.

"We run this operation very scientifically. My livestock are in excellent physical condition, although over time their mental state deteriorates. But the reason I brought you to the farm, besides the pure enjoyment of tormenting you, is that we are finding that the testosterone levels are declining. So, just as a bull needs ovulating cows to become excited, I’m going to use you to rut my livestock. Yes, I can tell you’ve already got their attention."

She was patting the buttocks of the Nordic as she spoke. The man arched his back and thrust his buttocks higher as best he could. He was seemingly grateful for the soft touch, a rote reaction beseeching for more attention..

"The body will produce generous quantities of testosterone if the mind sends the right signals. Your role will be to focus their minds."

Reaching the end of the row we moved back to the front of the stocks. The Princess positioned me in front of the Latino. My pussy was inches from his nose and gagged mouth. He wriggled and craned his neck forward as best he could.

"Isn’t it exciting. One the largest, most viral men money can buy under my control. Lantita, what’s the situation on number ten?"

"We have an order in house, Princess. He’ll produce for us tomorrow. I think it’s best to give him another day. He knows the order is in. They produce best when the anticipation is allowed to build."

Princess Rosanna instructed me to spread my thighs. The gold chains instantly spread my lips and I could detect my own feminine odor caused by the exercise and the arousal of inspecting the naked livestock bringing stimulation. The Latino became noticeably excited. The Princess laughed.

"I think it’s working already."

She inserted two fingers into my well lubricated vagina and gently pinched my right nipple. This increased my arousal and after wriggling her fingers about and significantly increasing the flow of my juices she extracted the wet digits and held them under the Latino’s nose.

"Well, number ten, enjoy."

The Princess rubbed her fingers on the lips, nose and cheeks of the Latino and my feminine fragrance seemingly filled the room. She dipped her fingers again and proceeded to smear the Latino’s entire face with my essence. When she finished his face glistened and he struggled against the heavy stocks in frustration.

"He’ll be ready for you tomorrow, Lantita." Princess Rosanna was laughing

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