Saturday, July 16, 2011

'96 Months' XII

Lantita and I got to know each other better over the months. She did not tolerate any disobedience but was not capricious like the Princess. If I remained completely submissive, I avoided any additional punishment or restraint from her. Working in the stables became somewhat enjoyable. For some reason knowing that there were four males treated with lower esteem than me was comforting. And although I was denied any sexual relief at the farm, other than an occasional stroke or finger to arouse me, it was perversely pleasurable to excite the livestock.

Once, Lantita let me watch one of the males give up his sperm. It was number twelve, the African, for whom I would later learn, Lantita had some degree of affection.

On this particular occasion the Princess was busy on the telephone. Lantita and I were alone in the stable and the semen was needed shortly, since a delivery driver was expected to arrive. I stood before the black man’s head and Lantita fingered me to arousal. After coating his nose, lips and chin with my essence we stepped behind the stocks. His enormous penis was becoming excited. Lantita donned latex gloves and removed the basin of heated water. The man’s testicles were bigger than eggs and almost hung to his knees. Lantita removed the infibulating clasp and I marveled at the slow steady pace of the tumescence. No stimulation was required.

"It’s been four weeks and he’s full of hormones. If this order hadn’t come in I’d probably have had to masturbate him and freeze the sample. You can’t let them go too long, the prostate will atrophy."

The procedure was curious. As the member grew and grew Lantita lubricated the man’s rectum and worked in two fingers of her left hand. The erection began to turn purple and twitch. She withdrew her left hand long enough to very carefully pull back the erection, some fourteen inches long and amazing thick. It was quite stiff and the man grunted. Next she picked up a smooth brass rod about three feet long and wedged it against the back of the man’s thighs by pulling the erect penis back toward her. The penis head was pointing straight down to the floor. When she let go of the erection the head struggled to right itself and pressed against the rod. This held the rod in place against the back of the thighs. The taught manhood struggled to upright itself from the unnatural position of being forced backward. Lantita smiled.

"This properly positions the penis to ejaculate into the specimen jar. It also indicates a good strong erection. If his erection can’t hold the rod we know that either he’s not ready or he’s getting old and it’s time to consider a sale."

As she spoke she placed a clear glass jar on the floor between the man’s feet. She again worked two fingers into the rectum.

"He desperately wants to come. But the Princess insists that there be minimal contact. I usually let them struggle a bit then take pity."

The incredibly large black member twitched and the testicles swung as the man writhed in the stocks. He bent his knees then straightened them, seeming to receive some form of gratification from the motion.

"He’s from the some area in Africa as my ancestors. If the Princess had not bought him from his kidnappers, he would probably be a King by now."

Lantita spoke with a strange pride. Was it admiration for this "King" or self satisfaction in completely dominating and humiliating the man, forcing him to involuntarily provide sperm samples at the whim of a woman.

Lantita released my arm bands. It was a rare moment but I was free.

"Feel his balls. Go ahead. He’ll enjoy it."

I had to use two hands to cradle the massive testicles. Completely hairless, warm, smooth. I had an odd feeling of power over the "King". He stirred and groaned.

"If you enjoy this, I’ll take you with us on our next excursion through the grounds. The Princess affords me time alone with the livestock on occasion."

The black phalanx was stiff as steel and I thought the entrapping rod would bend. Lantita made small talk and worked her fingers every few seconds. She explained that it readied the prostate and also allowed her to feel the man’s progress. I wondered how long and how many times she has done this. She seemed to know exactly what number Twelve’s situation and progress was. Finally she smoothed her right handover his buttocks and down his thigh.

"Come for me, Twelve. You know you want to show off. And your little naked girl friend is back here waiting to see the exhibition. Be a good boy. You don’t want to earn a session with the pumice stone do you."

The threat seemed to invigorate him and he worked his knees up and down which caused the top of the penis to frottage against the rod.

"Yes. I know what you want. You want me to help, don’t you? Yes, you want Lantita to massage that big black stick. Yes... well OK. But you have to pay later... hold his balls up a little."

I did and Lantita picked up a simple small vibrator with her right hand, turned it on and placed it on the underside of the erection near the tip. With a small movement of her left hand inside Twelve’s rectum, the man exploded into the specimen jar. Lantita smiled and removed the vibrator. She had applied it for less then three seconds.

As the sperm continued to spurt Lantita dutifully worked her fingers and talked.

"He’s not used to having the two of us talking. I think his concentration is a little off. But it’s a good sample. Give it all to me Twelve. Be good a good boy for Lantita."

The amount of fluid was amazing and streamed and streamed as Lantita milked the prostate. She appeared to know the man better than he did himself.

"After three years you get to know their proclivities and habits. You have to make sure everything is cleaned out. A complete and thorough orgasm sets up the system to begin producing for the next one. The sperm count on this one should be excellent. I can tell."

Finally Lantita picked up the specimen jar and the remaining clear fluid dripped to the floor. When the erection began to subside, the rod fell to the floor.

"That means he’s done."

Lantita withdrew her fingers, gave the man a playful pat on his buttock and restrained my arm bands behind my back. She placed the jar in my right hand and told me to take it to the Princess. As I left the stable I could see her replacing the clasp and the water basin, beginning the process of preparing Twelve for the next milking.

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