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'96 Months' XIII

When the Princess was not at the farm, Lantita provided me with much more freedom. Since the Princess’s absence gave me much of the morning free after exercise. Lantita would attach weights to my ankle, leg and waist bands, secure my wrists behind my back and send me off for a walk. It was a delightful respite from the restraint and I was able to the tour paths throughout the farm, walking as best I could among the palm and fruit trees. Each of the thin gold chains stretching from my waist band to my leg band remained threaded through the rings piercing my labia. Every step provided an odd erotic sensation, as if I were playing with myself. Lantita seemed to know this and watched with amusement as I strolled away.

I had to be careful to stay in the shade. The tungsten steel heated very quickly in the sun and burned my skin. I believe one purpose for the walks was to extinguish any hopes of escape across the desert. Knowing from the limousine rides that there was nothing but sand and sun for over a hundred miles, all thoughts of such adventure left me.


Lantita was also permitted a degree of latitude when the Princess was not at the farm. I’m sure the Princess was aware that her rules were not followed to the letter during her periods of absence. Apparently she realized that her insistence on strict restraint took its toll on all involved, including Lantita, and therefore a change in the environment was better for all. Not that the farm became a vacation spa. No, Lantita had her own proclivities and eccentricities.

On one occasion when the Princess was on a business trip, I observed the cruelty to which Lantita could force a man to submit when given a free hand.

I was in the stable, secured to my post in my daily function of being exposed to the livestock. My wrists bands held my arms straight over my head forcing me to my toes. Lantita had attached a spreader bar to my ankle bands and I was struggling to keep my weight on my toes, which just touched the floor, in order to relieve my arms of the great stress. Paul, as he was wont to do, was toying with my backside with his strong but nimble tongue, causing my juices to flow uncontrollably. The livestock were all stirring in the stocks, watching the viscous fluid dribble down my thighs and inhaling the aroma of my excitement.

Lantita entered with Paula and upon giving instructions, much activity began. Paul stopped performing the slow pleasantly torturous analingus and helped Paula remove a pony cart from a storage room. Lantita began preparing number Twelve for release. A very careful procedure which involved removing his spreader bar, replacing it with heavy chains, placing manacles on the wrists, then releasing the wrists from the stocks, securing them tightly behind the back and finally releasing the head. The stocks, I should mention, were hinged in three places, one for each wrist and one for the head. Therefore at no point was the giant black man completely unrestrained. Also, Lantita had a cattle prod handy in case of belligerence, and when he was free of the stocks she gave Twelve a mild shock as a forewarning.

The pony cart was an interesting device. It resembled a chariot but was intended to be pulled by subservient humans, not animals. Twelve was collared and attached to long pole extending in front of the body of the cart. As he bent at the waist, his neck collar was attached to the pole, then a waist belt was strapped around him and also secured to the pole. Lantita released one wrist, flipped the chain over the pole and reattached the manacle. Twelve was left bent at the waist, well fastened to the six inch thick pole which was used to pull the cart. His enormous scrotum swung between his legs and his infibulated penis appeared to be a partially inflated balloon.

The pole extended another four feet over Twelve’s head. and, as I began to ponder its function, Lantita released my wrist bands.

The cart was designed to be pulled by two. Lantita led me to the front of Twelve and clipped my neck band and waist band to the pole. As I bent over with the pole pressed against my back, I could feel Twelve’s nose and cheeks on my buttocks. After Lantita removed his gag I felt his lips and tongue.

"Enjoy it for now Twelve. You’ll soon have other things on your mind."

Lantita left the stable for a minute and returned with a picnic basket. She removed my spreader bar, removed the chain from Twelve ankles and then, as I looked back over my shoulder, removed the infibulating clasp. I couldn’t see Twelve’s reaction, but did feel his breathing become quite heavy.

"Let’s talk a little trip to the spring, Little One. You know how to get there."

I heard a snap of leather, a grunt, and felt the heavy breath of Twelve on my intimate parts. The pole moved forward and I stepped with it. Within moments, after several more snaps, we were trotting at a vigorous pace to one of the most beautiful settings at the farm. It was where the water emanated from the sand and flowed a short distance into a pond. This is where the house and stable drew water and therefore it was maintained in a pristine condition.

When we arrived I was drenched with perspiration and gasping for air. Lantita was demanding and any pace slower than a quick trot resulted in more snaps. I was grateful she could not reach me, for Twelve seemed to find the encouragement quite painful.

The sun was quickly heating my metal bands and Lantita released me from the pole so I could move to the shade. Twelve remained tethered and I was amazed at the size of him. When I had observed him giving up sperm, his erection was always forced into odd configurations as described and it was difficult to apprise his length. But secured to the cart bent over at the waist his free erection seemed to come to his chin. Lantita reached under and wrapped a hand around it. It was the first time I had ever seen someone touch the erect member of one of the livestock and Twelve stirred with the pleasurable sensation.

"Oh. Your going to be good to Lantita today. My little scrotum whip has you very excited."

Yes. As I looked closely I saw welts on the thighs and lower buttocks and, although not immediately discernible, the small single stranded whip which Lantita held, had obviously been used to excoriate the testicles. They were swollen and appeared even larger. Twelve had worked very hard to pull the cart and avoid the snap of the devilish leather instrument.

Lantita retrieved an elastic cord from the basket and dextrously wound it around the base of Twelve’s penis then the testicles then the penis again. In tying it off, she announced that Twelve’s manhood was rendered harmless. She released him from the cart.

When he stood up, I gawked at his restrained erection. It was as thick as my arm. The purple uncircumcised head glistened in the sun and it was at least fourteen inches. Lantita smiled with amusement, declaring the massive organ to be hers.

For the next hour, Lantita thoroughly subjugated the huge black man, using the cattle prod and whip. It was evident that my presence added to his humiliation. Lantita called him "King" and made him crawl and kiss her feet. She produced a large dildo from the basket and after slowly inserting it in his rectum, he grew harder. Finally after much use of the single stranded whip on the scrotum, she blindfolded Twelve and laid him on and ground. The stiff black organ pointed straight to the sky and Lantita motioned me to squat over the blindfold. I remind the reader that the Princess’s policy was that I was not to be douched and with the brisk run to the oasis my scent was strong. Lantita meanwhile removed her brightly colored sarong. She was naked underneath and this was the first time and had seen her. She was shapely but well muscled. Her pussy hair was closely cropped and it was evident that she was enjoying her use of Twelve, for I detected moisture.

"Don’t let him touch you, Little One. This whip works on bad girls too."

I remained squatting with my privates within an inch of his nose and mouth. Lantita held the little whip in her right hand and straddled Twelve at his waist. She grabbed his cock with her left and guided it into her as she lowered herself by bending at the knees. What followed was an amazing display of acrobatic sex as Lantita rode the huge erection and flagellated Twelve’s scrotum by applying short crisp strokes behind her back. Lantita referred to it as "riding the bull" for when the whip found the tender testicles, Twelve’s hips violently jumped up off the ground. He also screamed in pain, but Lantita ignored the entreaties in her frenzy. It was a fascinating scene and I became very excited watching Lantita physically abuse the giant man and turn him into a living dildo. The elastic cord held nicely and by preventing ejaculation, it appeared that Lantita could "ride the bull" all day. She worked her hips up and down frantically. I noticed that only the last eight of nine inches penetrated her. Twelve was too big to be taken without adequate lubrication and stretching. But the advantage to using his enormous length was that Lantita could remain on her feet and bend at the knees at achieve penetration. This allowed for great flexibility in applying the whip, since Lantita’s arm was well away from Twelve’s body.

The "ride" continued until Lantita began to grimace with pleasure. Finally, she stopped and squeezed her thighs with a moan. Rolling off she rested then put on her sarong. I remained squatting and was in dire need of relief. It had been three weeks since my last visit with Abdul and my frustration was building. Lantita seemed to sense this.

"I’ll let Twelve lead the cart on the return, Little One. You can be number two."

On the trip back I was tethered nearest the cart and it was my turn to feel the sting of the little whip. It ameliorated my frustration and I was grateful.

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