Thursday, July 14, 2011

'96 Months' X

The next morning, after a difficult night of half sleeping half daydreaming, the bedroom was awash in sunlight. The angle of the sun indicated a very early hour and the Princess, lying on her side, was still asleep. The teenagers were completely hidden under the covers. The bumps in the bed spread indicated one head was between her thighs in front and the other at her buttocks. The bumps began to move and bob. The Princess stirred and I watched what I would learn was a morning ritual, the gentle licking of the Princess until she awoke and climaxed.

After her eyes opened, her hands disappeared below the covers and drew the head between her thighs closer.

"Lick, you little bitch. Paul! Suck!"

Within minutes she shrieked and shuddered in ecstasy, then pushed the two out of bed. Paul went into the bathroom.

"Paula, help out our new pet while your brother takes care of me."

Paula retrieved a basin and held it between my thighs. I needed no encouragement. Any shyness I had at one time had disappeared in providing urine samples for the prison doctor, plus involuntarily opening myself to amuse the crowd at my monthly caning.

When the Princess got out of bed, I again had a glimpse of her large protruding clitoris. It was even larger and redder from the morning entertainment. She put on her robe and went into the bathroom.

There, I could hear the Princess giving instructions to Paul.

"Swallow it all this time or you’ll be punished."


Mornings were for exercise and stretching. Lantita would attach my nose ring to a hook hanging over either a tread mill or stair climber and simply leave me for an hour. After working vigorously to ensure that the ring didn’t tear from my nose she returned and stretched me. She was a very powerful woman, and my leg and arm muscles were pulled and bent unmercifully. The purpose was to allow the Princess to place me in what she termed severe restraint, and it was indeed severe.

Each day after exercise and stretching I was fed then led to the office for piercing. Hanging from the pipe with legs straight out to my sides (toes pointed, of course), the Princess continued her work of piercing me with rings. Usually four or six piercings per day, the hot needles punctured my flesh on the inside of my thighs from my pussy to my ankles. Later it would be the outside of thighs and she continued the two symmetrical rows over my hips up the side of my rib cage to my arms. I gasped in pain with each prick. It was not the type of pain to which you could become accustomed. But the Princess, with either Paul or Paula servicing her between her legs, worked assiduously and she took pleasure in every searing stab.

Leaving me thus suspended, the Princess would exit and later Lantita would spend an hour depilating my pussy. The addition of the jewelry made shaving difficult and the Princess insisted that I remain hairless.

Afternoons I spent in the stable. Lantita paraded me before the livestock, giving each one a close up view of my privates and on occasion rubbing my breasts and nipples in their faces.

After this initial parade I would be secured on the post in the middle of the stable, salaciously displayed for all. A spreader bar between my ankle bands and a simple hook held my wrist bands high over my head.

However, when one of the stock was scheduled to give up his sperm, I was specially positioned before him for the entire afternoon of the day before the procedure. This entailed being bent over a bar placed in front of the stock with the man’s mouth and nose just barely touching my labia. Being gagged, he couldn’t pleasure me, but for him the view and feminine scent were overpowering. I should mention that the Princess never allowed me to be douched, and over time my vagina became quite ripe.

According to the Princess the ensuing sperm counts increased, which allowed for higher selling prices.

The livestock were treated quite harshly. While I was restrained on the post, Lantita would wash each one. The blonds would make mischief by kneeling under their stomachs and ever so gently licking the infibulated penis’s. Erection was painfully impossible, the stimulation causing great discomfort as the head swelled against the clasp.

Lantita had full authority over the care of the men. She was quite adept it releasing one limb at a time and massaging and exercising it. The head of livestock was rarely freed except when a potential buyer visited or Lantita was allowed special privileges. Lantita’s discipline was thorough. Minor punishment was meted by vigorously applying a pumice stone to the penis of the recalcitrant livestock, but only if he wasn’t scheduled to give up a specimen. More harsh was the simple insertion of a salt capsule. This ingenious but cruel procedure was usually done by the Princess herself, who would gleefully pull up a chair and await the results. Gelatin capsules, similar to pills, were filled with salt. Removing the infibulating clasp the male was allowed to tumefy then the lubricated capsule was inserted some three of four inches up the urethra. The infibulating clasp would then be replaced and as the gelatin melted from the body’s heat and the moisture of the urethra, the salt did its thing. It was a safe, non-toxic irritant but its effect was amazing. The Princess usually removed the offending males gag just so she could revel in the screams of agony. To my knowledge, behaviour modification never required a second capsule.


As required by law, Lantita took me back to the courthouse for my monthly encounter with Abdul. Abdul removed the thin gold chains before the canings. But the heavy steel bands and the gold rings remained and drew even more attention from the crowd. And when I bent over the brass bar and my diamonds popped out as my lips spread and glittered under the bright lights, the audience cheered raucously.

Afterward, on this first courthouse visit after my transfer to the farm, I waited for Abdul on the preparation table. The judge from my trial entered and examined me. He satisfied himself that I was being adequately punished and the randy old fellow seemed quite fascinated with my bejeweled genitalia. I gasped when he toyed with my clitoral ring. He became so interested that he stayed and watched while I fellated Abdul to bring him to erection. When Abdul penetrated my backside the judge smiled knowingly. I wondered how many young prisoners he had sodomized in his prime.

Abdul was as strong and patient as always. The short thin cane cracked on the front and sides of my thighs and my breasts. The judge watched with envy and, alas, the added pair of eyes viewing my intimate subjugation brought me to an exploding climax. I ejaculated on the table with Abdul’s final deep thrust, humiliated by my forced exhibition before the judge... chagrined to enlighten concerning the strange joy brought by the degradation... the pain... the abject display of my pierced charms.

After the required viewing in the courtyard Lantita put me into the limousine for the ride back. I had no idea how many strokes were left in my sentence. It no longer seemed important.

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