Wednesday, July 13, 2011

'96 Months' IX

That night Lantita surprised me with an elaborate meal. At last there seemed to be a distinct advantage of serving my time at the farm as opposed to the prison. Lantita explained that the Princess wanted me well fed and there would be exercises to tone my body.

After finishing, Lantita led me by my nose ring to the Princess’s bedroom. There she placed me with my back against the wall standing on a small step stool. My wrist bands were hooked to the wall at waist height, then the neck collar and waist band. She instructed me to lift my right leg off the stool. When I did, she spread it outwards and attached the thigh and ankle bands to hooks on the wall. After likewise attaching the left leg, she removed the stool. I was suspended on the wall spread eagled. My weight was comfortably held by the strong smooth steel bands. Lantita played with my nipples until they hardened and I could feel a twinge between my legs. She then stepped back, reminded me to point my toes, turned off the lights and left me in darkness.

This became a very familiar position for me. During my entire stay at the farm I would never rest in a prone position. It was one of the elements of control the Princess demanded. She took pleasure in knowing that I would have to learn to sleep in an upright posture.

My head slumped somewhat. I moved it until I found a comfortable way of propping it against the neck collar. I believe I slept but it was very lightly. After what seemed like hours the lights came on and the Princess entered the room with the blond teenagers.

"Come look at your Mistress’s new toy."

All three approached. I noticed the girl was just beginning to develop breasts.
"See my handiwork? What do you think?"

Princess Rosanna was playing with the gold chains causing my labia to spread even further. Both children laughed when the diamonds popped into view.

"Go ahead. See what she tastes like, Paula. But be careful, no orgasms."

I was shocked when the little girl, whose head was just above my waist, bent slightly and stuck out her tongue. It was huge. She positioned her face about three or four inches from my pussy. From that position the girl could touch my genitalia with her tongue! She ran the tip up one lip and down the other. Princess Rosanna and Paul watched as I wriggled helplessly.

"Both Paul and Paula have had extensive tongue training. Hours and hours of stretching and exercise. And they love to use them. Yes. Its one of the few pleasures they have. Paul’s been fixed and Paula’s been trimmed. So this is what they are left with, giving oral pleasure."

I moaned and thrust out my pussy toward the invading lips. Paula quickly moved her head back and stopped.

"She’s very good at teasing. So is Paul. You’ll enjoy watching them work the livestock.

"Enough. Bedtime!"

The blonds jumped into bed and Princess Rosanna retreated to an adjoining bathroom. After a time she came out wearing a silk bathrobe. She approached me. Patted my cheeks and played with the gold chains attached to my nose ring.

"Point your toes!"

I complied. She then removed her robe, hung it on the bed poster and climbed in with Paul and Paula.

This glimpse of the naked Princess was shocking. She was very well formed. Shapely but somewhat muscular. Like a gymnast, except she was too tall. But what drew my attention was the protruding clitoris. The tip poked through her labia and was close to the size of a miniature penis.

She positioned herself between the blond teenagers and their heads disappeared below the covers. With the flip of a switch the lights went off. As I tried to resume sleeping in my state of arousal, I could hear the occasional rustling of sheets and moans of ecstasy.

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