Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'96 Months' XVI

The Princess was persistent in her goal. Every morning she worked the needle up my legs, coloring more and more of my body. The steel bands were loose enough to be slid up or down my calves and thighs and therefore didn’t impede her progress. She replicated the art work she had performed with the body paint. When she finished my legs however she made changes. Using blue ink she drew a large circle around each of my buttocks. She would leave the object of Abdul’s cane its natural flesh color, since Abdul and the audience needed to view the welts.

But she became very diligent about the sensitive areas. Announcing that blue would highlight my genitalia and enhance the radiance of my diamonds, she proceeded to work the tattooing needle between my buttocks. It was agony and I dreaded the thought of the instrument buzzing between my thighs.

Tears again fell and I didn’t know why. The pain was substantial but nothing I hadn’t already endured. But when I looked at my orange feet and red legs and realized that I would forever be colored as some type of bird, it was difficult to maintain control.

The timing was frustrating. The Princess worked very deliberately for two to three hours a day. She was careful to make the markings on the two legs as symmetrical as possible. Get on with it!, I thought. But no. It had taken a full week to do the legs. And now the anus and genitalia would receive particular attention.

"It’s where everyone will be looking at you, Little One. You don’t want to disappoint anyone with a sloppy job."

The entire pubes area including my outer labia slowly turned blue under the tattoo needle. I begged but to no avail. She was intractable and my entreaties seemed to encourage her to go more slowly and deepen the coloring.

After another week my stomach turned yellow and shades of green covered my back. As with my buttocks, my breasts were encircled with a blue line and left natural for Abdul’s cane. After much thought the Princess decided to do my nipples the same blue as my pubes. My nipples are small but the pain was still great.
In the third week she had reached my neck and I began to relax with the belief she was finished. Mentally, I was adapting to my new body although Paul and Paula’s sarcastic laughter caused a degree of depression.

And then one morning after exercise, Lantita accompanied me to the Princess’s office. For the first time ever at the farm I was permitted to lie down. You recall, reader, that it was one of the Princess’s rules of restraint that I always be upright and over the years I had learned, with difficulty, to sleep suspended upright or kneeling or in whatever position the Princess fancied. But never lying down. And I confess it felt wonderful to lie supine on a table for the first time in so long a period. Wonderful, that is, until Lantita began securing the steel bands and using tight leather straps. I couldn’t move anything. She even rolled my hair into a braid, attached a strap and secured my head.

The Princess removed the small gold chains from my nose and I screamed in horror. I realized that my face was to receive the tattooist’s artwork. Lantita began swabbing away the tears and Princess Rosanna calmly applied the instrument.

She was precise with the tracings. My nose was colored with the same bright orange as my feet. Blue was applied around my eyes and a tapering blue line swept from the corner of each eye up my temples. My lips also received the blue and a similar tapering line swept from the corner of the mouth across my cheek almost to my ear. The remainder of my face, forehead and neck she filled with streaks of yellows and greens with thin lines of black to replicate the appearance of feathers. The final touch were my ears. A gaudy red was chosen.


In subsequent visits to the courthouse my audience, which had been waning over the past few months, began to increase substantially. Word of the Princess’s artwork passed quickly among the voyeuristic men, and women of the city flocked to my canings out of curiosity. Even Abdul found new interest in tormenting me. My pearl white buttocks presented quite a target, outlined in blue and surrounded by the reds and greens of my thighs and back. On the first two visits after the tattooing, Abdul kept me on the preparation table after caning for lengthy periods. This was normally when I received satisfaction in some form, but instead he just looked at me and played with various parts of my body. My blue nipples, centered on my naturally white breasts were quite distracting to him. He spent many minutes fondling, pinching and kneading them. Unfortunately, his preference for fellatio returned and I took him in my mouth while he played. It was disappointing to me since I did not receive the orgasm and strange satisfaction I had been obtaining from the anal penetration.

On the third visit, he took me from behind after carefully inspecting my crinkled blue rose bud. Later in the courtyard, his copious white spendings were quite visible dribbling down my red legs.

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Anonymous said...

It looks our prisoner's hopes of returning home are fading rapidly.

Between the body modifications, the open ended nature of her parole and the complicity of the British government in her incarceration, I suspect our heroine is destined for a golden cage.

Do continue!