Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'96 Months' XX

The party was small. Obviously with the Princess’s proclivities there were not a lot of people who would enjoy her type of amusements. Paul and Paula also served and Lantita had fun stroking Paul to erection for the guest’s amusement. Everyone knew of his diminished physical sexual capacity and were therefore amazed at Lantita’s ability to bring him to such a state. And Paul looked hopelessly confused striding about the living room and dining room with a tiny hard on that could not be put to use. The women present could not restrain themselves from stroking and playing with it as they reached for a drink, and it became a game among the female guests to keep him erect.

I posed for several of the men. Most were foreign to Saudi Arabia and found my artwork to be most curious and amusing. I don’t think they realized it was permanent. Abdul arrived late and seeing him, my heart jumped. Was I falling in love with my executioner? I deeply wanted him to take me, even if the guests were watching. Lantita’s earlier carnal handiwork had had its effect.

A rough looking woman from Holland kept beckoning me for more Champagne. She wore a tight leather dress and appeared to be very muscular. But it was her companion that was most notable. A dog she called Rex. He was a large, vicious looking Doberman and every time I served her, the Countess Van de Mere, the dog would sniff and lick between my legs. The Countess found this to be amusing and made me stand holding the full tray while the dog had his way.

"He’s an unaltered male, my dear. You’ve got him quite excited. And you don’t want to get him mad. He can be quite nasty. You should probably douche more often, don’t you think?"

I was flushed with embarrassment but my tattooed flesh didn’t expose may shamed reaction to her suggestion. I didn’t think my scent was so obvious, but of course once the dog started sniffing everyone noticed. On the third encounter with Rex, Princess Rosanna looked over and laughed. Later, I saw her whispering to the Countess.

After many cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, the Princess nodded to Lantita who left the room. She then announced it was time for a show.

"My livestock will be offering me gifts. Everyone to the stables."

Mr. Hawkins had just arrived and seemed pleased to see me. I served him a drink.

"Well Nurse Hopkins, only six more months."

I hadn’t thought about it. But there would only be another 31 strokes.

"I’d like to visit with you later, if I may?"

I nodded, fully knowing what that meant.

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