Thursday, July 28, 2011

'96 Months' XXI

The guests sauntered to the stable. I retrieved another tray of Champagne glasses from the kitchen and followed to the stable. It was an amazing scene of decadence. All gathered around the blonde in stock six while the Princess lifted both breasts. Lantita had placed a bit in her mouth and tied it back against the stock so that she was forced to look up at her tormentor. This also caused to arch her back further and her privates were even more fully displayed.

"She’s not ready to be inseminated, yet. When ready we’ll probably use one of the sperm samples collected tonight."

Lantita was busy with the males. She worked down the row. First loosening the infibulating clasp, next ever so gently feathering the massive penis’s and then pulling them back and wedging the brass bar against the back of the thigh. She worked expertly and quickly and within five minutes all four males were erect with their phalanxes pointed toward the specimen jar on the floor. The humiliated males struggled in the stocks, not used to being viewed by so many. Yet, they were eager to be relieved of their spunk. None had given up a sample in over a month. Five was most rambunctious in his movements. Bending very low at the knee then rising in futile attempts to frottage himself against the brass bar.

"Now. Each of you is going to show off for my guests. I want nice full samples. Drain yourself completely or there will be consequences..."

The Princess spoke very firmly and I’m sure the livestock knew of the many consequences which could result in not pleasing her.

"Now let’s start with Five he looks ready."

Everyone moved to the back of the first stock where the Asian’s massive erection was purple and stiff as a board. Normally this was when Lantita would simply apply the vibrator for four or five seconds and the engorged organ would explode. But not tonight. The Princess wanted to show off. As the guests watched and the man worked himself in frustration, the Princess stood to the front and pushed the front of her sarong right up against Five’s face. With a slight movement of her hand, not noticed by most, she opened the sarong below her hips, exposing herself to Five.

"On three. . . One, Two, Three."

On three, she did something with her hand. But the crowd was watching the Asian’s manhood as it ejaculated a rivulet of sperm into the sample jar. Then another and another. Large globs of thick milky glue. The men were amused, but the women laughed and cheered. Making a man come on command was always a treat for a dominant woman and I noted many looks of envy.

Lantita squeezed out the last drops and removed the sample jar for storage. Party or not, the sample could be worth thousands.

"Well, who’s next?"

The three remaining males looked at the Princess in anticipation. Lantita gruffly squeezed the tip of Five’s penis and replaced the clasp.

"Let’s do Twelve."

It was the same action and reaction. The crowd was getting more excited and inebriated. I was amazed at the Princess’s control. Twelve worked just as hard as Five to ejaculate at the count of three and his viscous white paste filled the jar.

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