Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Short Story II

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A geological anomaly in the arid equatorial land of the Kingdom, the water hole is really nothing more then a depression in the earth’s surface where rainwater, what little there is, collects during the very few cloudy days of winter. It quickly dissipates, both evaporation and seepage. But hundreds of years before, astute nomads knew that in digging, there could be found the remnants of nature’s precious offering.

The King, deceased grandfather of the Princess, claimed the most valuable resource as property of the monarchy. A deeper more elaborate opening was dug. A pipe system installed. Once water is pumped from the hole up to the crest hundreds of yards to the north, the recovered liquid, as valuable as gold, flows many miles by gravity to the vast royal palace.

The Princess will daily bathe, basking in the knowledge that each cleansing and soothing droplet was laboriously extracted from the depths through the sweat, toil and endless suffering of her former lover. Having observed Kendra’s talents, the torture of convicts proving to be most entertaining, she will rest assured that appropriate vengeance will be slaked.

The man sits. But for being the object of Kendra’s labors, he would otherwise marvel in watching the powerful arms and firm hands convey the heavy blacksmith tools as if such were mere trinkets. Bellows bring glowing heat to a coking oven. Thick strips of iron smolder. Kendra mechanically works.

She is naked from the breast bone downwards. A tight leather halter serves to protect her mammoth mammaries from the sparks of the stove. Otherwise, with the heat of the desert augmented by smoldering coke, she prefers to work sans clothing.

Yes, normally a man would marvel at the display of feminine power and pulchritude. For while the Queen’s torturess is not a raving beauty, there is a certain handsomeness which attracts.

Kendra works many pounds of black iron, as the Princess demands. Yes, the institutional shackles of the Kingdom are found to be secure but otherwise inadequate. Shiny steel. Strong but light. And removable! Such will not do. Permanence is best... the psychological burden as meaningful as the many pounds.

Whereas the naked male should celebrate the hours at rest, the trepidation brings unease. With arms and legs projecting straight out before him, he is pilloried. A pair of large conjoining planks entrap his wrists, the narrow openings making it impossible to move. Beneath, a second pair of planks similarly entrap his ankles. Kendra has graciously offered a stool to sit upon. Thus he is reasonably comfortable... physically. But thoughts of the pain and horror of Kendra’s gruff dental work bring shivers of fear.

A tongue thrusts forth. It smooths over incisors and bicuspids filed to nothingness. The appendage dispels disbelief. Yes! He has been dentally altered. There is no enamel remaining. As the imposing woman promised, he will bite no more!

Kendra notes the oral self examination and laughs.

“No my pet. You’ll not bite.”

Kendra steps forth, her hand gripping tongs, within its teeth a strip of glowing iron. With the mass of the oven no longer blocking the view of her feminine charms, the male eye understandably gawks. Between rippling, muscular thighs, there is shown the triangle of a well trimmed pubes, the chocolate brown entrance to her love sheath. The outer labia are well plumped, the slit yielding to the welcoming pink opening of her womanly portal. A meaty clitoral hood masks what is assumed to be a formidable bud. Kendra smiles in noting the roving eyes.

She steps to a nearby anvil. The eyes follow. A heavy hammer begins to rhythmically forge, the heated metal giving way to her will, just as have so many convicts.

“We will get to know each other very well. There is always a curious bond between the torturess and the tortured. You will come to admire and adore. Power has that effect on those without.”

The strip of iron endures many blows but bends, just as her many charges. When finished Kendra cools the strip in a bucket and approaches, her prisoner... her pet... glaring at each step.

“Yes, you will come to develop a humble pride in yielding and serving me.”

She stands at the pillory. It becomes apparent that she labors to forge a shackle for the right wrist. She apprizes her effort. With her proximity, the warmth of her massive muscling can be felt, despite the desert heat.

She peers over the thick planks and looks down at her sitting charge. When her eyes move to the male organs she smiles. She notes that her pet is stiffening.

“You are terrified, yet aroused. I know males like you. Ostensibly they exude strength and confidence, but within there is weakness and a need to serve.”

Kendra moves to press her nakedness against the planks. She cleverly aligns her pubes with the entrapped right hand, then leans. An index finger points then presses against the form’s lips, pushing aside the rubber nostril tube. She pushes and the partially edentulous mouth gives way. There comes a sardonic laugh as the finger glides inwards with ease, all front teeth, upper and lower, ground to the gums.

“Go ahead and bite, my friend. It thrills me to think what pleasant havoc your mouth will bring to my clitoris now. Ha, ha. ha.”

As contrived, the fingers of the secured right hand explore the fleshy mons, Kendra knowing that the male libido is not to be suppressed. Through the fear, the male psyche cannot be denied the teasing offer of feminine charms.

“Yes, you may touch. And you will do more than touch. So many have licked and sucked there, beseeching for mercy with offerings of oral pleasure. And yes... I accept it... but I offer no mercy. That brings them to lick and suck more arduously the next time... and the next... and the next.”

Kendra's thumb pushes past the lips, joining the index finger in stuffing the male’s mouth. Then the digits gruffly close to capture the tongue, squeezing and pulling. The wet pink is tugged into the sunlight, Kendra laughing to the sound of gagging.

“Oh yes my pet. Long and supple. But I can make it longer... just a little snip to the sublingual frenulum... and I will make it stronger.... some exercises akin to milking a cow’s udder. This will become your only sex organ. Actually it will become my sex organ.”

There is raucous laughter as the thumb and index finger release and withdraw. Kendra steps back gazing with the pride of ownership as the tongue slithers past defenseless lips. The male fingers slip out of her sheath, coated with feminine essence and glistening in the desert sun.

“You will enjoy my taste. Many have. For so many of the condemned, my love nest has been their last meal.”

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Jane said...

Very hot dialogue from one who will abuse this strong male and subjugate him.