Sunday, December 13, 2009

Short Story XI

With each step bringing pleasant chiming to that which otherwise pains, the beast tries to let his mind wander into oblivion. But Kendra works at her anvil and the heavy clanks bring great apprehension. He knows by now that each hammer blow forges something he will bear... forever.

What more can the beast possibly endure?

On occasion Kendra pauses and approaches, commanding an all too brief halt to the endless circling. She then measures and gauges. The beast cannot see below with precision where she chooses to assess. Kendra stoops and he can no longer look downward with ease, the neck collar incredibly restrictive. But of interest is the hobbling chain and the chain connecting the thigh bands. On occasion she palms his scrotum, the warm hand adding a thrill of delight for the otherwise forcibly chaste.

Towards day’s end comes the command ‘balls’. The beast stops and bends, meekly presenting his jewels for display and amusement. He is alarmed when the fingers do not brazenly play with his testicles. Instead there is applied lubricant to his anus. Having been denied all sexual contact for many, many weeks, the beast is embarrassed to find the touch is strangely welcomed.

“Consider this a gift, my beast. It is added burden, but I think you will enjoy.”

Kendra steps to his front and displays the object of many hours and hammer blows. In her hand she holds a simple narrow length of wrought iron of some three feet. At one end there is a clasp where the implement will apparently be attached to something. It is the opposing end where she has forged for an entire day. There is attached a smooth, rounded protuberance, angled and not quite the shape of a penis. Instead there are curious bumps and ridges. Just below a short leather strap connects. Kendra smiles as, having just lubricated his anus, she notes that the beast guesses as to the implements purpose.

“Yes, a nice anal insertion for you. You will pump and milk your prostate at the same time. The Princess has demanded you remain healthy, my pet. What better way to assure prostate health for the otherwise chaste male.”

Kendra moves to the beast’s rear and stoops. She first slips the iron rod through the larger link in the middle of the thigh chain.

“Bend and spread for me.”

There is no longer even a brief thought of disobedience. The beast complies and feels the smooth bumpy end abrade his anus.

“Pwease no, Miss Kendra.”

“You know you want to please the Princess. This will also help you stiffen for her... and me.”

Firm hands work as she explains the expected result. The metal slips inward. The angled shape proves to perfectly align the protuberance with the curious male gland. The beast feels the pressure on his unutilized prostate. He begins to stiffen as the penetrating rod moves about, Kendra clipping the bottom clasp to the hobbling chain between his ankles. Lastly, the strap is used to circle his scrotum and is tied off, added assurance that the insertion cannot be expelled.

“This will also offer me the comfort that you will not kneel in rest while laboring. You are to pump throughout the day, this assures obedience.”

The strap secured, Kendra steps to the front. The vertical rod is held between the legs, secured in place below at the hobbling chain, supported by the thigh chain, held in place above by the scrotum strap and the beast’s rectum. There comes a wicked laugh as she notes the massive erection spurred by her well designed anal insertion. Prostatic fluid oozes, the penis points skyward, a bulbous crimson tip beginning to turn purple.

“Excellent,” the voice filled with glee.

A powerful mocha hand rises to grasp the nostril tubing.

“There’s an hour or two of daylight remaining. I like the idea of walking a man on a leash... naked... well bound... erect. Come. Pump more for the Princess.”

The beast knows he cannot resist tugs on that which seems to invade his brain. Still,there is reluctance, his well stuffed anus suggests he cautiously stay immobile. Thus for a moment he resists Kendra’s controlling hand. She smiles knowing she ultimately governs, toying as a cat with a mouse, her hand slowly increasing the tension on the tubing.

“It will feel a little awkward. But it is good for you. And I want you erect. It reminds me of all those castrated prisoners. Their last stand was for me... saluting the woman who first crushed then snipped.”

The cruel smile frightens, Kendra referencing a man’s neutering as a pleasant walk on the beach.


The force of the pull becomes irresistible. The left foot shuffles forth, the beast knowing to lean and use his heavily burdened form, his bent arms pulling on the prong. He moans, the anal insertion manipulating the prostate. His erect penis waggles with the odd sensation. Kendra laughs noting the result of her guiding hand.

“Yes, you will pump water... you will pump your prostate.”

Kendra leads, her beast follows. He has no choice. Step after step he feels the insertion work inside him... kneading... manipulating. He imagines it to be the fingers of Kendra’s powerful hand. The thought pleases. And he is pleased as well that his erection entertains.


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So hot CB!

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love it. thank you so much.