Thursday, December 17, 2009

Short Story XIV

“Very amusing, my beast. Every man should get a good fucking from time to time. And judging by the stiffness of your penis you seem to agree with my assessment. King was quite gracious with you.”

The Princess remains in saddle observing from well above. While King mounted there came occasional laughter. The beast’s grunts and plaintive cries seemed to amuse the most. And yes, the beast’s manhood reacted in a most humiliating fashion... penetration of the chaste male causing a reaction of stimulation.

“You’ll be taken back to Kendra for punishment. I’ve spent enough precious time assuring your recapture.”

The Princess retrieves an iron bar from the saddle and tosses it to her castrate.

“Kendra showed you how it works. Make sure it deeply penetrates and is well secured,” she commands her cherub.

Embarrassingly stiff indeed, the beast wolfs down the last morsel of offered food. Gratefully not the gruel of Kendra, instead it is real sustenance evidently brought from the Palace. Though the morning has been traumatic, handled by a neutered oral servant, sodomized by a canine, the beast’s craving for nutrition diverts. Some caloric intake is required if he is again to move.

As he remains kneeling he looks to the iron bar. It is the well crafted prostate stimulator, attached to thigh and hobbling chains then pressed into his rectum, the protuberance to knead and manipulate his prostate gland while circling the capstan.

A soft, effeminate hand grasps his nostril tubing. It pulls upwards. The beast must arise, the simplest of tugs bringing havoc to thousands of nerve endings within his skull. Though his legs are shaky, the food has quickly restored energy.

Without a word, the beast knows to spread his feet to the maximum. The iron bar is pushed through the large circular opening in the center of the thigh chain. On cue he leans at the waist and once again shudders as the fingers of the Princess’s sexless plaything align the specially crafted business end with his rectum. There comes slight pressure and, with the slippery remnants of King’s abundant spending, the beast is easily impaled. Lastly, the bottom end is connected to the center of the hobbling chain.

When the castrate moves to the beast’s front to tie off the leather straps, encircling his scrotum to assure the device cannot be expelled, the fingers linger there, seeming to adore those organs which were cruelly plucked from him years before. The beast’s penis uncontrollably stiffens more, bringing more laughter from the Princess.

“You enjoy the touch of a male. Very telling.”

Prostatic fluid begins to ooze as the thin strap is finally knotted and the hairless form steps away.

“King is well trained. Be a good boy and follow with utmost obedience and you’ll not be harmed. I have not the time to accompany you.”

As the princess speaks, a chain leash is hooked to the beast’s prodigious neck collar. The castrate then attaches the free end to a spiked leather collar encircling King’s neck.

“He’ll know to walk slowly. But do not resist. He’s trained to nip the genitals. And I want those for myself.”


As King leads up the familiar crest, the leashed beast knows the water hole and capstan will soon come into view. The dog has been amazingly patient, ambling the near mile at a slow pace, the ringing nipple bells seeming to sooth the simple mind of an animal. Oddly, with the many weeks of tedious drudgery, the tintinnabulation soothes the beast’s mind as well.

The broad neck collar precludes visual inspection, but the beast knows his penis stands, the penetrating rod, his own footsteps bringing constant manipulation to the otherwise neglected and unused gland.

At the apex, the beast spies Kendra, her divine near nakedness working at the coking oven. There comes a shudder of fear. Nothing of benefit has ever resulted from the workings of hammer and anvil... only implements of restraint and slow torture.

Descending, Kendra looks up and smiles. A naked, well bound male led by a dog. And the erection obviously brings a smile.

“Wherever did you think you were going, my pet? Do you think anyone would assist your plight? Tinker with the Princess’s imprisoned, well shackled slave? It would require many hours and much special tooling to undo my bindings. And what would be gained by the subject who assists? They would find themselves similarly restrained.”

Nearing, Kendra steps from the oven and unhooks the chain leash.


King scampers off, knowing his way to the Palace.

“Ironic that a dog can be trained to such a level of obedience but the human male needs constant training and punishment,” Kendra casually notes.

A powerful hand grasps the nostril tubing.

“Come. You’re to be punished. You know how much I enjoy making a man suffer. It is so thoughtful of you to accommodate. I’ve been heating something which will bring the most excruciating pain. I’m curious to see if you will pass out.”

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