Saturday, December 19, 2009

Short Story XVI

“Go ahead, urinate for me.”

“But I cannot. It... it... it won’t come.”

Kendra smiles wickedly.

“Yes, my glowing hot shard has blocked your urethra. It’s burned and swollen. And I suspect in time, the flesh will heal together and permanently block your passage. A slow death, my pet. Uremic poisoning.”

Kendra smiles in observing the look of panic.

“Rather ironic after all the months of toil that you should die in such a slow and leisurely fashion... your own body poisoning itself. I rather thought your demise would come during forced labor... one last turn of the capstan to please the Princess... then a collapse.”

“But I need to pee!”

“Of course my beast. And I can help. But first you’ll need to show me some contrition. Then I’ll show you henceforth how you are to be watered. Then I will fix your plumbing.”

The beast remains with ankles pilloried sitting atop the small stool.

“Now just lay back and relax... and take care of Kendra. Then Kendra will take care of you. Just a little incision is all you need. But you must earn my attention.”

As Kendra speaks her hands reach under the encumbered arms from behind. Then in a display of amazing puissance, she lifts the weighted form and kicks the stool from beneath, lowering her beast to the soil.

“I know how much you savor my mons... licking and sucking. Well you will now have a new crevice to savor. A woman can also use some anal attention. And I know exactly who will offer.”

Straddling the beast’s head, Kendra lowers herself. The odious aperture greets the waiting lips. The beast knows to extend his tongue in greeting.

“Yes, such a good pet. And when you’re finished I have some life sustaining fluid for you. You’ll never have well water again. The Princess has so mandated. But you shall have what would otherwise be disposed.”

Kendra sighs with the pleasure of the lengthened and well trained tongue meekly exploring her rectum. She turns and notes the wounded penis. Despite the trauma, it begins to firm. Yes, the Princess would never deny herself the joy of watching it harden... but she has commanded that the beast be denied the joy of ever again sensing the normal male ecstasy of ejaculation.

“Lick and suck. You have my cunny brimming with the juices you’ll need for sustenance. And my bladder will offer more... much more.”

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JHoltgym said...

this is a wonderful story....i am particularly stimulated by the concept of being permanently shackled to the capstan and reduced to "beast/animal" status....
please continue at great length, CHris!