Thursday, December 31, 2009

Short Story XXV

Ok. So it's not so short. Happy New Year to all. Enjoy.


The Baron finds the term ‘drained’ to be most apropos. The counselor toyed, then stroked, then when she deemed it time to spend... certainly not at the interval of the Baron’s choosing... she pumped with vigor, the penetrating fingers of her left hand deftly manipulating the prostate. The resulting explosion was aimed into a waiting collection dish on the floor below. Seeping through the intense sense of pleasure was the wonderment that the woman could so ably control the entire process, offering words of counsel as she mechanically worked his penis and in the end, milking him of every drop... the spurts hitting dead center of the dish.

What resulted in an amazing moment of delight for the naked, suspended male, was just another afternoon of labor, however pleasant, for the professionally attired behavior specialist.

Nimble fingers work to slip the cock cage back in place.

“I will see you again in four weeks, Baron. Do try to avoid more turns of the emasculator.”

Then that a second key is produced and slipped into the left side of the Queen’s humbling device.

“The threading is incredibly well milled. A full turn moves the rollers only some four millimeters. But you will feel the increased tension.”

A hand begins to twist, slowly. Whereas the Baron has become accustomed to the device hanging from his sac, the tension awakens, bringing new awareness that his most precious organs are controlled by women.

“Let’s see. A quarter turn for refusing oral service.”

The hand completes its initial twist. The Baron grimaces.

“And I will add a half turn for refusing to offer foreplay during the breeder’s visit.”

The twisting renews. The Baron’s grimace turns to a yelp.

“Please no more.”

“Oh, Baron you’ll get used to it. Over time you will think of it as having your organs constantly nestled in the hands of a woman. Many of my men say that. They envision their balls at all times gripped by a woman of authority. It aids in behavior modification and you should probably imagine such as well. It is best for you.”

“It aches. Please loosen it.”

“No Baron. There is no way to loosen. It only tightens... and tightens... and tightens.”

“But your system... correction and award as you described it. How am I to be awarded?”

“Simple. The relief of finally earning castration. Until then, your balls will be quite the source of pain... that used to correct and modify your behavior. As I said, think of your testicles as being in the hands of a governing woman. The emasculator serves as a reminder... and as a implement of correction as well.”

The ankle cuffs are released. The legs slowly straighten as the wrist cuffs are likewise unclipped.

“You can remove the harness yourself. How do you feel?”

“Calm... less jittery, though I ache down there. Thank you for your time and attention, ma’am... for stroking me. I am deserving of the turns. I will try to be good.”

“Yes, your behavior and attitude are improving, Baron. In time I will have your daughters observe one of our counseling sessions. They will need to learn feminine empowerment in our newly decreed gynecocracy. And it will be quite humiliating for you. That is also a factor in modification... the sense of abject subservience to the dominant female.”

Daughters! The thought horrifies... but how else is the Baron to respond other than by humble concurrence.

“That would be very thoughtful of you ma’am.”

“Just think Baron, every subordinate male in the Kingdom is being slowly emasculated. You must understand how that gives rise to marvelously satisfying thoughts of empowerment for women such as me. But for the breeders, you’re all going to lose your balls.”

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