Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Short Story XXIII

Troubled by the sheer number of rascals occupying her dungeon, the Queen calls for a meeting of her advisors in the council chamber, Barons and Baronesses of wealth and power. There are to be royal decrees issued. For such, she requests concurrence and the cooperation of the influential.

The Grand Council Chamber is ancient, the Queen’s grandfather so often presiding within over Kingdom affairs as a young Princess playfully attended as a child. Thus it is a place of nostalgia. And where better to inaugurate her initial use of her power.

To add an aura of authority, her beast attends as well. Chained from above by the neck collar to dangle on his toes, his iron bound nakedness makes an impression indeed. The Barons appear somewhat disconcerted while the Baronesses seem to smirk in comfort. There is also the presence of the Queen’s naked castrate, prancing about, his duty to assure that the beast stays erect. In noting the missing testicles, the Baronesses thrill in playfully rubbing the empty scrotum for good luck. The Barons refrain and cannot bear to watch as once male lips are occasionally applied to a well displayed penis tip to ensure the beast continues to pay tribute with his stiffness.

“Thank you all for attending. With my coronation two months past, I have spent considerable time in the Palace dungeon tending to the most horrid assortment of rapscallions imaginable. Over time I will have the cells emptied to a manageable number. You’ll soon be seeing many frilly pink skirts about the Kingdom as one prisoner per week meets his fate.

“But I am concerned about the masses. The gene pool which gives rise to such a legion of thieves, liars, con artists, sexual perverts, and thugs must be questioned. My present solution, emasculating and branding with the letter ‘C’ will not offer a long term solution. I fear that procreation will refill my cells. I will thus issue the following decree...

It shall be the policy of the Kingdom to establish and nurture female dominant households. As Queen, I therefore decree that;

- Each household within the Kingdom is to be led by an adult female.

- Each household shall have an adult male to become a husband/servant.

- Households which do not comply will be taxed100% of income. All livestock will be confiscated.

- Within the household, the supervising adult female will make all decisions, and serve to protect the members of the household.

- Other female house members will serve to rank next in hierarchy.

- Adult males will have no status.

- Younger males will be chattel, considered as livestock, but certainly not for breeding.

- Households will be subject to inspection to assure compliance. Those needing counseling will be offered such.

- Husband/servants shall be kept chaste and refrain from intercourse. Ejaculatory relief shall only be offered at Kingdom clinics.

- Adult females shall have vaginal intercourse at their choosing only with authorized males, those selected for appropriate genetic qualities by the Queen. Resulting offspring will be raised in the household under the supervision of the adult female and the care of the husband/servant.

- Adolescent males will be masturbated only under strict female supervision. Upon reaching adulthood, chastity will ensue.

- Clothing will be carefully rationed, husband/servants limited to brief panties, if any covering is at all deemed required. Younger males to be denied covering at all times.

As the Queen reads her decrees there come knowing smiles from the Baronesses. The Barons collectively gulp. There has been read no exception for the aristocratic class. The term ‘households’ is broad and would seem to cover the estates of the gentry. Eyes glance about, furtively counting. It is normal to vote approval of decrees. And alas, there are two widowed Baroness’s. Thus the Barons are outnumbered... and doomed.

In proclaiming the final decree concerning clothing, the Queen smooths over the parchment document and sits back.


The Barons are stunned. The Baronesses amused. A haughty Baroness of the north breaks the silence.

“The males will need training, your majesty.”

“We will supply canes and whips. There will also be counseling as suggested. The husband/servant must be placed in the correct frame of mind in order to serve. I have designed a certain device which will assist.”

The Queen snaps her fingers. Her castrate jumps forth to place on the table an implement of metal. All stare.

“A standard cockcage chastity device. But I have added a feature which will bring a degree of gravitas to the male’s training. As you are well aware, my prisoners are boarded before being snipped and released. That is when the balls are slowly crushed between two planks. It makes for wonderfully humbling final punishment. I invite any of you to observe sometime. The slowly applied pressure causes the testicles to ‘pop’, to be crushed and flattened, essentially rendering such useless and mandating that removal follow.

“Well, beneath this cock cage is a small set of parallel rollers as you can see. Similar ladies, to those used to squeeze dry washed clothing, only smaller. Somewhat like an adjustable clamp. When adhered to the base of the scrotum, one roller atop, the other below... just under the penis and above the testicles... the rollers can be adjusted, tightened so to speak. A special key is inserted here and twisted. The motion causes the rollers to gather in more of the scrotum, pulling in the sensitive pink scrotal flesh and pressuring the balls. Turn the key enough times and the testicles will pop, just as when I board a man.”

The Baronesses nod in understanding. The Barons cross their legs in a somatic defensive reaction to the casual words describing slow castration.

A Baron summons the fortitude to speak.

“And who will bear this device?”

“The husband/servant. The key to adjust the rollers will be held by counselors, females of noted dominion. We cannot expect every supervising adult female to properly train... at first.”

“Your decree references the masturbation of adolescent males. A rather generous allowance under the terms of an otherwise austere decree,” another Baroness offers.

The other Baronesses murmur agreement. The Barons are dismayed by the tone and direction of the discussion.

“Self manipulation will be dealt with harshly. Mothers, sisters, nannies shall stroke... but not our male youth. I want the younger males to feel the controlling hand of a woman... and sense feminine power when, after much pleasuring in youth, such is denied in adulthood. Denial is essential. I want our males to feel the frustration of sexual deprivation."

There come more feminine murmurs of agreement. Aghast, the Barons glance at each other in stunned silence.

“No vaginal penetration? A woman does need attention from time to time,” a young Baroness from the south inquires, her relative concupiscence evident.

“The Kingdom clinics will train extensively in oral satiation. The male tongue can be taught to offer more than words of foolishness.”

“It would seem the husband/servant to is to be cuckolded,” a Baroness proclaims without cloaking her enthusiasm.

“Precisely,” the Queen offers to tittering laughter.

“Shall we vote? I want these decrees posted as soon as possible.”

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JHoltgym said...

perhaps i will be considered a traitor to my gender, but i for one vote an enthusiastic YES!!!!!

keep up the wonderful work, Chris!