Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Short Story XII

“The head maid suggests there is just enough water for my morning bath. I want more.”

The Princess stands watching as the beast continues the sluggish rotation. Step, step, step... the nipple bells tinkling... the slow pace further slowed by the added poundage of the neck collar, arm and thigh bands. The connecting chains alone have notable weight.

“It’s the weight, your Highness. I have added some forty pounds with your gracious contribution of iron.”

“Well, he’ll need to pump longer. A couple hours after the dinner hour should do. Use the quirt. I like to see a man labor under a woman’s hand, buttocks striped by a woman’s whip.”

The beast listens, inwardly shuddering in contemplating the added hours of labor. But then he gazes at the Princess’s castrate, naked and frolicking about like a child, the cruel snips to his scrotum immersing him forever in a strange state of innocence, a hermaphroditic glee. If he labors not, he will be snipped as well.

The authoritative voice of the Princess, ordering that he be worked harder and whipped, the thoughts spurred by her neutered oral servant, again bring stirring in his loins. The beast’s penis slowly hardens and with each laggard lap his frontside returns to view with what feels like a firmer and firmer erection.

The Princess takes note and the reaction brings a smile.

“Go ahead and show off. I have let it remain functioning only to amuse me.”

The Princess steps forward, riding crop in hand. She begins to stride along, a slow pace to match the ungainly, lumbering steps of her beast.

“You should know that your trollop chamber maid, the one you so much enjoyed fucking, has met an equally ignominious fate. She professed to be a nyphomaniac, addicted to sex. Doggie style, she proclaimed as an executioner clamped her nipples to loosen her tongue. Well I have arranged to assuage her addiction. I had her cunt infibulated... sutured closed... she’s zipped. And she now serves in the Palace kennels, completely naked as you can expect. My hounds very much enjoy doing it ‘doggie style’, of course. And I graciously had her little rectum stretched so she can take the biggest of my breeding males. You will have to stop in and observe. I now enjoy the labors of two beasts... watching you sweat and listening to your bells.... watching the once young and pretty maid take the knot of my hounds. Without clitoral or vaginal contact, she will at some point come to enjoy anal penetration. But in the meantime, her plaintive cries can be quite entertaining as she finds herself forced to yield and open her rectum to dogs.”

As the Princess speaks, her crop hand lowers, the smooth butt end of the handle strokes the underside of the upturned penis, further encouraging its stand. The beast feels as though it will burst, the cruel description of the maid’s fate bringing further arousal.

“Labor hard my beast. For when the water no longer flows you will join the ranks of the castrated.”

The crop hand rises. Remaining in pace with the slow rotation, the Princess presses the butt end of the short whip to the beast’s lips. She pushes and the defenseless mouth accepts the smooth cylinder, the handle pressing inward some three to four inches. This brings a snicker, as the Princess manipulates her hand to emulate the motion of copulation.

“It’s not only a woman’s quim that your new dental work can accommodate. Your neutering will not end your punishment and you will continue to orally serve.”

The snicker turns to a boisterous evil laugh as the Princess senses a shudder of abject fear. She then steps away and snaps her fingers. The naked castrate immediately reacts, prancing to her side, kneeling and extending his tongue as she lifts the hem of her long flowing garment of white silk.

“Add some weights, Kendra... to the nipples. I want to see him in pain and well worked while I am licked.”


bjørn said...

I am not a short story fan as I do like to see character development but this is very entertaining, thank you.Progressive modification is one of my favourite methods of domination and humiliation, please keep it coming. More feedback from readers is deserved.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you bjorn. Glad you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoy writing it.