Friday, December 18, 2009

Short Story XV

The beast finds himself returned to the pillory, only his ankles encumbered. He sits on a low stool, arms and wrists restrained behind him. His penis is clamped. Though only permitted to urinate under Kendra’s supervision, she has added a precaution against disobedience. And with the clamping, for some reason Kendra waters him... and waters... and waters.

“Enjoy. The Princess has commanded that you hence be refused. Your rash action denied her water, thus she will now deny you.”

Meanwhile the coking oven remains heated, Kendra on occasion squeezing the bellows to assure searing hotness. The beast is most apprehensive. Nothing to his benefit has ever resulted from Kendra’s labors at the stove. And she has promised him intense pain.

“Yes, the Princess has commanded that all sustaining liquids are to come from me. Those lips will be eagerly sucking more than the essence of my love nest. After many hours in the sun you’ll find yourself begging for what I normally squat and discard in the sand.”

Kendra returns. The beast is surprised to see unguent. She greases her left hand.

“Whenever I castrate I offer a man his last stand... a partial handjob, bringing him to full erection before I snip. Wonderfully cathartic. They never forget.”

The beast closes his eyes and cringes in fear as the left hand lowers to remove the clamp then grasps his penis. Kendra snickers in noting its condition.

“You quiver in fear but you’re already partially stiff. I have castrated so many of the likes of you.”

“Pwease no, Miss Kendra.”

“Oh, I’m not going to snip you. The Princess wants you strong... to pump... and to suffer.”

The hand works. The beast is chagrined to find Kendra to be an accomplished masturbatrix, a surprising combination of firmness yet with soft pressure applied to the most sensuous regions of his manhood. Yes, his penis jumps to full stiffness, seeming to defy him. For once he would prefer to be flaccid.

Achieving her goal Kendra releases and steps back.

“A little treat for the condemned.”

For the first time, she removes her halter to stand perfectly nude before her well restrained charge. As suspected the breasts are large, the well developed pectoral muscles seeming to thrust forth her glands in invitation. Nipples lure the lips of the randy male. The perfect curvature beckons exploring fingers. The beast feels his penis waggle in response. Kendra notes the reaction and laughs, the fingers of her right hand rising to toy with her right nipple and add to the tantalizing scene.

“I think you’re ready.”

Kendra returns to the coking oven, careful to avoid sparks. Large blacksmith’s pliers are used to retrieve a small shard of iron from the coals. She lifts and inspects. The beast manages to divert his eyes from the supreme nakedness. The pliers grip nothing more than a glowing red hot nail.

“You’ve ejaculated for the last time, my beast... whenever that was... presumably with that Palace chambermaid.”

Kendra approaches, pliers in her right hand, the shard prominently displayed. Her left hand lowers to resume stroking. For some reason the beast feels his penis harden even more. The commanding nakedness?.. the fear?.. a strange sense of adoration for she who tortures, castrates and executes? Was his attempted escape a cry for the perverse attention of this amazing governess?

“Bladder full? Your penis seems to be piss proud. I am familiar with that effect.”

The beast sheepishly nods. There has been an abundance of water offered... and no relief.

“Well, it’s going stay full for a while longer.”

With that, Kendra ceases her teasing strokes. The right hand lowers with the pliers and glowing shard. The thumb and index finger of the left work the penis tip to widen the urethral opening. A horrified beast watches, his restraints inhibiting all resistance as the pliers press the hot shard into his pee hole. He screams. Kendra smiles... then begins to laugh as all air escapes from the beast’s lungs. Muscles go limp. He finds himself leaning back noting that Kendra's hands remain at their task. Blackness comes. The bright desert sun disappears.

When Kendra finally slips out the heated shard, having pressed it many inches into the urethra, she notes her pet has fainted... the excruciating pain not acceptable to the fully conscious.

“You’ll not flee again. Flight is something you will remember and avoid.”


Anonymous said...

Thank you A great story.

Chris Bellows said...

You're welcome. Getting a little long, but no one has complained.