Friday, December 4, 2009

Short Story IV

“Some final modifications before I work you, my pet,” Kendra proclaims as powerful hands test the many pounds of binding iron.

The form sits upright, shackled ankles remaining pilloried, arms drawn behind his back, wrist shackles connected by a short heavy chain.

Kendra returns to the coking oven. She heats a gleaming surgical knife.

“You will feel some intense pain. But that is good. It focuses the mind. Brings forth the convincing conclusion that you are powerless. It is best that you understand that sooner. It will save you much suffering later... though you will still suffer.”

Kendra approaches, heated knife in her right hand. She again inserts her fingers into the defenseless mouth. This time the thumb and index finger of her left hand pinch the tongue and extrude it well past the lips.

“I promised you a little surgery on your sublingual frenulum. Painful but overall relatively harmless. And it will greatly increase the nimbleness of your tongue.”

As she speaks, Kendra lifts the wet length of pink to expose to the heated blade the underside of the tongue. There, a curious strand of flesh, serving no known purpose, extends from the underside of the tongue to the base of the mouth.

She cuts. The form nearly swoons with the quick but intense jolt of pain.

“The heat cauterizes instantly. You will be sore there, but there will be no bleeding. And of course your nipples will be equally spared any shedding of blood.”

As the form recovers Kendra steps back to the coking oven. On this return she heats a long sharp needle.

"The male nipple can have purpose, my pet. Pierced then weighted, you’ll earn what little mercy I offer. Work hard and I will relieve some weight. Linger and the intensity will not be describable.”

She returns. The fingers of the left hand gather a suitable tuft of nipple flesh and pull outward. The right hand aligns the searing hot needle. Kendra laughs in hearing a gulp of trepidation.

“And your penis is getting hard again. Deep within there is stimulation in submitting to a woman’s altering hand. It is good that we have crossed paths.”

Kendra’s final words are interrupted by a shriek as the hot needle penetrates the most sensitive of flesh. A deep opening, transversing right to left, she twirls to assure the burning skin does not adhere. Just as with the nostril tubing, deep within his flesh the form feels the controlling hands of a woman of authority.

Kendra smiles in satisfaction. That which will pierce the opening will tear only under the greatest duress.

Then come some profound words as Kendra returns to the coking oven to heat an identical needle.

“You will begin to sense a curious intimacy with me, my pet. So many of my charges have... before their slow castration. And even more curiously, it strengthens after I’ve plundered their masculinity. ”

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