Monday, December 7, 2009

Short Story VII


The beast needs not a second command. The gloaming of the western sky suggests the first day of toil has ended. Knees buckle, the leg muscles finally surrendering to exhaustion.

“Lean back.”

Kneeling, the naked form obeys. Kendra clips the short wrist chain to the hobbling chain.

“This is how you will rest.”

The prong remains wedged between the form’s spine and bent arms. The process of pulling it about in circles has been grueling. Now it seems he will lie upon it.

“But I cannot sweep like this,” the lisp induced by Kendra’s cruel dental modification.

“You will learn to sleep,” comes the flippant reply as Kendra offers a water bottle.

The beast gazes upwards at the imposing feminine form. The leather halter remains covering massive glands. But otherwise the woman of authority, the Queen’s executioner and torturess, is naked. The sight brings odd comfort, the woman who owns and controls offering such a lustful view. Thus as the beast sucks from the straw of a bottle, it looks up in adoration. Once again he firms.

A free hand reaches down and removes the remaining nipple weights. Adequate effort earned a partial reprieve, Kendra lightening the burden there some time at mid day. Likewise one of the three hobbling weights was removed, bringing a bizarre reaction of glee and many humble ‘thank you’s’.

Between gulps, Kendra receives more humble thanks as the sensitive pink flesh is finally relieved of added weight. The nipple badges remain in place, never to be removed, always ready to again accept her heavy trinkets.

Water finished, Kendra retrieves a receptacle.

“You may urinate for me,” her words more than a suggestion.

The form senses the delightful feel of governing fingers as the partially engorged manhood is aligned with a jar. Kendra waits in patience. Finally shyness erodes and the bladder empties.

“Good. You’ll not want your little area soiled with waste. Remember, this small circle will be forever where you live and serve.”

Next, it is time for tongue exercises. A well tamed beast thrusts forth upon command and Kendra’s firm fingers grip and manipulate.

“You will offer more than thanks my pet,” Kendra smiling slyly.

Up... down... right... left... a clockwise twist... counterclockwise... her hand maneuvers and tugs. With the simple incision of the searing hot knife, new found nimbleness can be felt. Kendra’s well bound toy imagines the appendage growing... standing in tribute to the commanding woman just as his penis rejoices.

“Now, lean further back. Head to the soil.”

Awkward, the beast is to lay back with his legs folded beneath as well as his shackled wrists. Still, a powerful hand assists, pressing against the forehead until the commanded position is achieved.

“And now you will offer more than words.”

Kendra chortles as her massive right leg lifts, her foot moving across the well bound nakedness to stand astride the supplicating form. The beast looks up into her quim, the dark folds of feminine flesh barely discernable in the fading light.

“You make a very amusing chair to sit upon.”

Eyes widen as Kendra bends at the knees and slowly lowers herself, assuring that mouth and mons meet. The musty scent of undouched femininity floods the olfactory nerves. Kendra grasps the nostril tubing to both clear the way to the toothless mouth and offer painful controlling tugs. As labia greets lips, the beast knows to extend his altered tongue. Kendra smiles, the physical pleasure augmented by her sense of thorough governance. The day of grueling labor will not end for her servant beast. It is now time to exhaust the tongue.

Kendra shifts her feet, extending her legs to comfortably sit and offer her full weight to the face and head of the folded form below. There comes a final gasp for breath as the entire head is engulfed between her thighs, her outer labia covering the mouth, her meaty clitoral hood pressed to the nose.

“Lick well and I well offer air.”

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You haven't missed a beat CB...or a fetish!