Monday, November 30, 2009

A Short Story

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“I want him to feel owned... I want his will crushed... I want him to think of himself as an animal.”

The sizable woman of color listens and nods between each edict, the Princess pausing in thought as she regally sits astride her white stallion looking down at her loyal executioner.

Her declamations have the rule of law. To disobey... well... Kendra merely has to gaze upon the once proud male figure kneeling at her feet in intense suffering to understand the consequences.

“I will have him displayed from time to time. Subjects who consider questioning my power, my authority, need a reminder. There will be a time when I become Queen. For my subjects the transition will be easier understanding that betrayal, even the slightest hint of rebellion, will be met with swift judgement and long, slow retribution.”

“May I modify, your highness... his bonds?”

“He is yours to work. Other than assuring that he is well watered and well fed to ensure a long agonizing existence, alter as you desire. If you brand him, make sure he heals well and does not infect. I want my livestock to have the best of care.”

With that the Princess chortles, noting the look of dismay on the naked form kneeling in chains.

“Yes, I know of your penchant for black smithing, Kendra. That’s why I have engaged you. The gothic look of black iron adorning a supplicating male can be most stimulating.”

Kendra nods in agreement, cloaking a wry smile. She dares not display her eagerness for the task assigned.

“I’ll be back to observe from time to time. I have a young castrate who savors having his head lodged between my thighs. I find his nimble tongue to be most satisfying when I’m watching a man labor in torment. I am sure you will accommodate with the appropriate scenario.”

Kendra nods again this time curtsying as well, lowering her face to hide a broadened smile that cannot otherwise be masked.

“And Kendra, it goes without saying that he shall not touch himself. It’s that obnoxious appendage that brought his downfall. Make sure it no longer brings him joy.”

“Yes, your Highness. Slow castration?”

“No. For now I want him always to sense the desire that I will forever deny satiating. Emasculation brings inner languor. Besides I want him able to expend much energy while he’s worked. You know that castrates get fat and lazy. But when he slows... no longer able to respond to your whip and commands... well it is then that you might as well pluck his balls.”

Kendra nods, her smile broadening as the Princess describes altering a man as simply as one would harvest fruit. Having incised countless scrotums, she understands that the neutered become feckless. Instead, the frustration of endless denial can greatly enhance daily torment. The castrates, on the other hand, become peaceful... too peaceful. Too accepting of torture.

A well manicured but firm hand tugs on the reins. The huge stallion turns and instantly thunders off in a gallop. Kendra watches as the silhouette of the beautiful Princess disappears over a crest, a pluming trail of dust slowly returning to earth.

“Caught fucking one of the maids. And there were such prevalent rumors of pending marriage. Tsk. Tsk.”

An enormous brown hand, baked to deep mocha in the tropical sun, reaches down. Kendra understands that it is best to establish her control quickly, particularly with the likes of the once influential now downtrodden. As close advisor and lover to the Princess, until two days before, the handsome athletic male is not accustomed to feminine governance... at least not the strict physical governance meted by Kendra. He has lived a life of luxury and leisure.

With her new task, she has been relieved of most of her duties in the Kingdom’s squalid jails. Torturing, castrating, executing, her reputation precedes her. She smiles in noting that her charge is shaking... and it cannot be the ‘coolness’ of the equatorial sun. Perspiration oozes despite his nakedness. The temperature approaches 100 degrees. No... he quakes in fear.

“Scared? You should be. A new life is to begin. Work hard. Serve me well. Please the Princess. It will be a simple existence. Though the drudgery will drive you mad... I am known to break the monotony with amusement... for me.”

Kendra snickers as the hand grasps the dangling strands of rubber tubing emanating from the man’s nostrils. Deviant medical types have threaded the single length of tubing up one nostril, across the sinus cavity and the down the other... forming a very convenient and convincing leash... used by the Princess in leading to the secluded water hole. Kendra marvels as a slight grip and pull evokes a whimper and an instantaneous response, the head striving to follow her hand.

Though six foot, well muscled, able to physically subdue all but the most powerful males, Kendra realizes that when so bound and leashed, a mere child could offer direction. Thus the naked male scrambles to his feet, his many chain links clattering. Kendra continuously raises her arm until her hand is well over her head. The face follows to point upwards, the man rising to his toes. There comes a stifled yelp. She laughs, the tubing inserted well into his skull and pressuring thousands of nerves.

Kendra holds steady, keeping the form on his toes as she inspects.

Wrists cuffed and secured behind his back with a slim but formidable chain. Ankles cuffed as well with a connecting hobbling chain. A heavy leather strap encircling the base of his neck and mouth to hold in place a gag. She assumes it is the cruelest of ball gags, the form not even attempting a word of plea or protest. But offering the most critical feeling of bondage and torment... the ponderous testicle clamp flopping about between the thighs.

“It’s been reported that you bit. That will not happen again. Yet, I cannot have you gagged. You’ll need to be watered often... and you’ll soon be gasping for breath. So I will start by filing your teeth. You’ll not need them for the gruel. And I prefer softness there in my men.”

Kendra laughs boisterously as her free hand reaches and pinches a nipple. There comes more sound... a stifled squeal. Yes, she establishes her control quickly. And the dental work will manifest it convincingly as well.

“Be a good boy for me and I’ll remove the testicle clamp. You heard the Princess. She wants you to remain intact... for now. And the clamp can slowly emasculate.”


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