Sunday, November 22, 2009

Compendium (brought forward)

Reposted from October 2008

List of all my published stuff (I think)

Available from Pink Flamingo (

A Gift From James
A Sadist’s Story
About Eve
An Interview With Mrs. Carlotta Fenwick
Becoming Miss Ashley’s Pet
Behavioral Modification - Lessons from Constancia Island
Collared & Leashed
Constancia Island
Feminine Governance
Feminizing the Belligerent Male
Lady Constance
Laura Davidson Keeper of Men
Lessons in Discipline and Servitude
Milking Male Essence
Miss Elizabeth’s Captive
Naked Rendition
Of Male Chastity
Penance Corporation of America Books I & II
Penance Corporation of America Book III
Prince Imay’s Palace
Ship of Remorse
Supplication of the Male Pig
Suspension Bondage
Tales From the Estate
Taming the Virile Male
The Decision
The Gimp
The Humbled
The Incarceration of Jennifer
The Interrogator (out of print)(now on Lulu, see below)
The Last Pony Girl
The Male Concubine
The Predator
Available from Lulu (

Billie and Mary, a Love Story (item 314775)
Pony Girl Zesty (item 1195861)
The Glass Oubliette (item 2053235)
Pony Girl Jackie (item 3240321)
Male Subjugation, a Chris Bellows Teaser (item 4286871)
The Interrogator (item 7935441)
The Toy (Item 8693318) (Free, also posted here)
A Woman’s Revenge (Item 8340830)
Mademoiselle Rules (Item 8563008)
Available from The Eunuch Archive (free) (

The Anguished E (posted in chapters)
Interview with Mrs. Carlotta Fenwick (snippet from the Pink Flamingo book)
Miss Elizabeth's Captive (snippet from the Pink Flamingo book)


Available from Sir Jeff's Pony Site (free) (

Introduction to Farm Life (a snippet from the Lulu book, Billie and Mary)

Pony Girl Jackie (a snippet from the Lulu book)

Available from Dark Connections (free)(

The Masturbatrix (short story, posted May 2007)
Available from Orgasm Denial (free) (
The Pool Boy
(Not sure how it got on this site.
Orginally posted on an erotic story board site.
That's the internet...)
Available from Stories On line (
Miss Femma Suprema's Birthday Jaunt (short story posted March 2002)


Anonymous said...
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Chris Bellows said...

The above post was removed because it was spam... no narrative, just a disguised a link to some Asian website. Otherwise I do not filter comments.

ez_cat2001 said...

Impressive list of works.

My favorite is Ponygirl Zesty. Long in length, but still left me wanting for the story to continue.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you EZ. A very early work found in my hard drave. It's rough. But to clean and revise would take many weeks. And the slightest revision to the story line breaks the cohesion. So it was best to offer as discovered.

Anonymous said...

anguished e, i considered this one of your most erotic works i stumbled on it while on eunoch archives just to say thanks is all