Monday, November 2, 2009

More from the Sequel

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"Sit Roger. Let’s talk."

Roger quickly realizes the plain, straight backed chair facing the Warden’s desk is where he and presumably every inmate faces the governess of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. He humbly sits as Warden Harper likewise reclines into an oversized leather swivel chair behind her desk.

"Hands on head, back straight, knees and heels together," the command comes by rote.

"How’s the uniform? Comfortable wearing clothing again? I read your file. It’s been awhile."

"It feels funny. My nipples chafe against the denim. It’s coarse. Can I have a bra?"

"No. We’ll need you naked from time to time and that would impede."

"And I am still weak."

"And you will remain so. This institution is not a gymnasium. I prefer you meek and compliant. And you will stay that way... for many years."

Roger nods.

"You have no balls, Roger. Estrogen will continue to be induced. Cyproterone acetate is obviously no longer necessary with your physical castration. And I am having your dosage of domperidone moderated. You’ll be milked, but it’s time consuming for the infirmary staff."

"I could learn to do it..."

"Below your neck, you’ll not touch yourself... ever. We control everything here, every aspect of an inmate’s existence. You’re to be machine milked in the infirmary at an appointed time."

Roger nods... meekly.

"Now, every inmate has chores here. You will have one overall task... the care and feeding of my little pet... Max. He’s to be kept completely hairless and well cleansed... think of him as a fine piece of sculpture. Feeding. A daily sponge bath. You will tend to his bathroom needs. Anything spilled to the floor you will lick up, Roger. I do not want any embarrassing accidents."

Another nod.

"And most importantly, while I am at work here in the office, Max is to kept tumefied.... hard... stiff... erect... standing at full attention... brought to full height. You choose the term."


"No questions. No objections. I’ll not even have one of my girls lower herself to perform that task. Fellatio is best offered by the male. Besides, I think Emily’s training will be put to good use. And by the way, if Max ever ejaculates, you don’t want to think of the penalty, Roger. No climax... ever... just a nicely controlled erection. I want him always stiff."

Roger nods.

"You’ve probably by now guessed of my sexual preference. Yet, having the male organ so humiliatingly displayed is entertaining for me. Max can’t masturbate. Never even gets out of the cage. He just sits... and amuses when he sings for me."

Roger notes the slight movement of the Warden’s right arm. The black box appears. On cue, there come the strange noises emanating from the cage, Max’s head upturned, his mouth expressing to a spot on the ceiling, crowing like a rooster, his testicles having evidently endured another forty volts.

"Power, Roger. It can be intoxicating, don’t you think?"

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