Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whisked to Chessu - Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Though remanded to the custody of Dr. Ann Simpson, Jay Blaine remains incarcerated. It has been explained that he awaits the approval of the life insurance policy, the finalization of Dr. Ann’s report, and an inspection by Madam Soong.

Isolated, kept well cuffed, and of course without clothing, inmate Jay Blaine amuses himself by fantasizing. He misses the feel of his collection of silk panties stolen over the many years and secretly stuffed in a dresser drawer for masturbatory arousal. Still, the thoughts spur twinges within his loins which, in closing his eyes and imaging the smooth softness, leads to erection. When he reopens his eyes after several moments, he notes the flow of prostatic fluid streaming from a stiff penis remaining untouched... chastity mandated by a woman of authority. The latter thought seems to incite more flow. Then come thoughts of Nurse Annika and he strangely pines for her penetrating fingers and the unorthodox stroking of his shaft. This seems to bring more stiffness.

And so the cycle continues. The fact that a security camera mounted above reveals his condition of mental self stimulation is ignored. Over the past few months, even while serving time, his ejaculatory relief has been regular... entertaining the guards for many weeks before ‘Ms. Lesbian Born Again’ invaded his cell and ended his show. So the forced chastity is completely antithetical to his life style... one of depraved onanism... panties and quick furtive pulls of the penis.

There comes rattling at the solid metal door isolating him from the world. He stirs. But with wrists bound behind his back, the small cell bereft of anything except a thin mattress and rudimentary toilet, there is no cloaking his arousal. Besides, the camera has apprized whomever is entering of his condition.

The door swings open, widely, revealing Jay Blaine and his erection to the outside world. There is concern over the exposure of his aroused nakedness. But there is also the odd brisance that served to highlight his joy when so often masturbating for the guards. Yet, in looking up, the pulse of delight quickly extinguishes. It is she... of Sapphos... of newly found religion... the guard who so vocally protested his offer of demented entertainment.

“Well Blaine, it is easy to understand why you’re kept cuffed.”

A nasty woman... physically... temperamentally... she does not bluster, obviously having observed the state if his tumescence by way of the camera.

“Sit upright, spread your legs.”

A defenseless Jay Blaine complies, noting the proximity of his vulnerable organs to the jackbooted woman of disdain.

“You’ve got visitors.”

The woman bends. Though the male gender disgusts, the male body is apparently not found to be offensive. Instead Mr. Jay Blaine finds the woman to be ambivalent over handling male flesh. He is shocked as she palms his scrotal sac, lightly jiggling to position the testes within, then quickly encircling the mass of soft thin, pink skin with a slender elastic cord.

When she steps back, Jay Blaine notes the cord is attached to a more substantial length. As she unravels, he finds it is a leash! He is to be lead about like a dog!

“That stiff pecker makes it easy for me. Most times I have to hold it out of the way.”

Jay Blaine is not the first inmate to be so leashed! The woman who found his naked display of tumescence so revolting has walked men on a leash... naked and utilizing their testicles!

Yes, it was a set up... her shock well feigned.


She pulls, not lightly, but not as firmly as possible. Jay Blaine feels instant tightness and scrambles to his feet, realizing that a full yank would bring agony.

“Turn, offer you hands.”

The inmate bends his wrists and feels the woman work about his left thumb. Something encircles then tightens.

“Hose clamps. Never found anything as simple, effective and cheap.”

The right thumb is similarly bound and the woman moves to his front.

“Come,” the woman turning to step out.

Naked, erection remaining, Jay Blaine looks down with horror as the tightening cord lifts his scrotal sac and he feels tension where the male feels the most. He quickly steps to follow.

He is relieved in knowing that the isolation ward of the prison will offer a view of his bound nakedness to very few. But there are other guards, and the small parade seems to bring either amusement or ambivalence. None are nonplused and the female titters seem to nurture even more arousal.

Deep within the bowels of the prison, Jay Blaine is surprised when he is taken lower, down one flight of concrete stairs then another. Though not claustrophobic, the combined darkness, dank air, and thick walls seem to highlight the isolation... and his vulnerability.

A woman who finds him abhorrent has him bound and leashed. She could tie off his binding and just leave him. Who would find his starved body and when?

Into a sizable room, the lighting equally limited, Jay Blaine notes it is barren. Nothing to note other then a thick length of rope dangling from the ceiling at the center. Metal clasps at the end offer a barely noticeable glitter.

The guard moves about barking commands. She is proficient, finding a floor hook to tie off his leash despite the lack of light.

She has before led inmates to this tomb, he notes. And how have such departed?

“Bend at the waist. Offer your thumbs,” the commands issued as the woman grasps the hanging rope and moves to his rear.

He feels his encircled thumbs being attached to the clasps at the end of the rope.

Strappado! His heart pounds with the thought of the slow torture of leisurely raising the hands and arms up behind the back, eventually bringing excruciating dislocation at the shoulders.

He feels his wrist cuffs being removed. Then the woman works to unravel his testicle leash and steps to the wall. There the opposing end of his binding rope is tied off. The woman pulls, forcing higher his wrists and a deeper bow of submission. When he grunts in pain, she cackles with joy, retying the rope.

Then... she leaves

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