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Chapter Ten - Whisked to Chessu

Chapter Ten

With the temporary insertion, ensuring the tongue will heal with opening in place, there are no longer any thoughts concerning the constant tension on the scrotum, tightened twice per hour, day and night. Instead Jay Blaine constantly fights the sense of choking, a nurse at his side around the clock to assure proper breathing.

And yes it does require time to become accustomed. He learns it is best to just lie quietly and accept the cruel insertion, that thrust completely through his tongue and inhibiting speech and normal swallowing

He is hydrated and fed utilizing a special bottle, a long attachment at the nozzle inserted well past the lips, pushed to the back of the throat past the penetrating bar and squeezed to begin flow.

“Good boy... just a little more.”

Jay Blaine soon learns another aspect of the brank piercing. Whatever is introduced to the back of his throat is swallowed... must be swallowed... any words of encouragement superfluous. His tongue has lost the nimbleness required to reject whatever it is a woman wishes to have ingested. She presses inward, he swallows. Instant acquiescence.

Dr. Saunders enters, the sound of her voice now causing the boy to quake in fear.

“Some more grommets... simply done... just a couple more... be a good boy for Dr. Saunders.”

Without anesthesia, a thick roll of epidermis is pinched at the right hip and grommeted with a click of the imposing device. Then the left hip and then at the belly just below the navel, the device clicks twice more.

The quick sharp pain contrasts that of the slowly stretching scrotum and the constant aggravation of the tongue piercing. But it is just that... quick... and Jay feels odd gratitude.

“There’ll be a fourth above your buttocks. But as you can see, it can be done any time when you're not lying. Simple enough.

Five holes, quickly but cruelly penetrating his body... a sixth to come... plus the bar holding open his healing tongue. How calloused! But performed so routinely, with the tending nurses knowing exactly how to counter the constant choking sensation.

The penis is checked. Deemed healed, the doctor removes the sutures.

“Not too deformed. It will return to normal shape as the skin stretches a bit. An acid bath tomorrow, Mr. Blaine. You’ll soon rue that day in your mothers womb when this became a penis instead of a clitoris.”


“Muriatic acid. A mere five percent solution for good boys.”

She introduced herself as Nurse Wendy. Mature, vibrant, terming herself a specialist, she inspects the penis, enthralled with Dr. Saunders’ work.

“A good clean partial degloving. Excellent work.”

Jay Blaine... an apprehensive Jay Blaine... feels little where is formerly felt so much. Supersensitive skin removed, other penile flesh, much less sensitive was pulled together and sutured. Normally a woman’s ministrations there would have him standing in pride. Instead Jay Blaine just whimpers in disappointment.

“Now, Mr. Blaine, I am one of the few westerners permitted in Chessu, flying in once per week to do the baths. So you’ll see more of me. Initially often. Then less frequently as this pecker of yours is turned to leather.”

Jay Blaine hears a vessel open and liquid poured.

“Now you just lie and let Nurse Wendy do all the work. And if you need to scream, you go right ahead. Your penis may feel like its on fire, but we don’t do any harm here.... not to the property of the Empress.”

Again spoken as if comforting a child, the words horripilate. There is felt a brush, yes a very soft paint brush, as wetness coats Jay Blaine’s entire shaft. Slowly Jay Blaine feels himself stiffen, attaining some degree of satisfaction that the organ functions still. But then begins what can only be described as a slow roast.... warm... warmer... hot... hotter... searing... Nurse Wendy stands back, arms akimbo, her look of Schadenfreude well practiced.

“I so much enjoy the reaction of you new boys...

“And oh, Mr. Blaine, for some reason you’re softening. Imagine that. Your file indicates you like standing for a woman...”


Three days, by Jay Blaine’s approximation... ratchet turned and turned... penis bathed once more... Dr. Saunders checks on the penetrating tongue bar, deems the opening healed and announces.

“Tomorrow. I will walk you... sort of a ritual here... then grommet your back and have welded in place your waist band, ankle and wrist bands. You’re almost ready for your plane ride... to begin your lifetime of servitude.”

The words, spoken with enthusiasm, seem to gush. Dr. Saunders has altered so many... yet the zeal fades not.

“Would you like to speak for me?”

Jay Blaine nods, the deep penetrating tongue bar inhibiting all discernible speech. The fingers thus work about the mouth. Rubber tipped forceps slip within, grasping one end of the short bar thrust through the body of the tongue. A firm tug. Another. It finally slips out.

Jay Blaine feels tears of joy begin to soak his hood.

“Why?” the simple word so beseechingly uttered.

“Why what, Mr. Blaine?”

“Why do you do this? These horrible things.”

“Oh come now, Mr. Blaine. There are so many boys like you destined to be under a woman’s tutelage. I am just here to help you best serve. You’ll find yourself without a scintilla of resistance... eager each and every morning to be harnessed and worked... each and every evening to serve as your handler chooses. The Empress takes good care of her beasts. You’re going to live a very long and healthy life. With the new mine, Chessu is a land of plenty. You’ll be spared nothing... except the ecstasy of sexual climax of course. That is best denied you... forever. And in Chessu forever is indeed forever.”

Dr. Saunders reaches forth and pinches a grommeted cheek.

“You’ll still stand for women, Mr. Blaine. But in time, you’ll have trouble remembering why.”

She laughs... an innocent childish laugh, not her normal snicker.

“I have only seen films and listened to Nurse Wendy’s tales. But it is a province of warmth and understanding... everyone having a role... everyone understanding his/her place. And yours will be the simplest. Obey your handler...”

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