Friday, October 15, 2010


Not feeling too well. I suspect my output will be limited over the next few days.

Meanwhile... any comments?


Suzanne said...

Very interested to see what happens when Jay finally arrives!

saratoga said...

I'm finding this series much more enjoyable. Your writing is better, and the themes are less objectionable, at least for me.

The context seems to allow for you to unleash, as it were, Madame Soong's unrelenting, completely natural lifestyle dominance, deviance and sadism.

Very entertaining. What submissively-wired male, if he could experience Madame Soong in small encounters, with reversible consequences, would not beg for the opportunity?


Anonymous said...

Thank for re-printing this series, I had read way back and enjoyed reading it again. Get well soon!!!


Chris Bellows said...

Thanks all for the feedback.

Keep in mind 'Whisked to Chessu' is fresh material and thus my efforts will be less forthcoming. The genesis of the story, 'The Anguished E', was written in 2002.

Feeling better. Probably return to the story tomorrow.


JHoltgym said...

i will write in detail soon....i am currently out of town and have limited access to 'net....i am thrilled at the idea that you are pursuing chessu