Sunday, October 24, 2010

Editorial clarification

By the way, I should explain, though it is probably self evident... the use of asterisks '********************' within a chapter signifies the passage of time. When encountering, think 'fast forward'.

Hope all are enjoying. I am.


saratoga said...


Yes, I am.

Not one to needlessly negatively criticize, so let me ask this question.

How do you see the Chessu series as distinct from the Constantia Island series?

I'm not going to insult or demean you by accusing you of stealing from your own work, or derivativeness to your own earlier fiction.

That said, can you enlighten us readers as to, how to put it, the reasons for Chessu, in a world where Constantia Island exists with many similar, parallel themes?


Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for the input.

I have not read Lady Constance or Constancia Island in many years (published circa 2001). So, yes it is quite possible there are overlaps, but unintentional.

A mechanical engineer once explained to me there are only three basic motions... push, pull and twist (I have expressed this notion privately to some readers, so forgive me if some find it repetitive.) And in writing D/s, I sometimes experience similar limits, there are only so many ways to torment the hapless subordinate male. And only so many scenarios in which the governing female is given carte blanche over the male. So I suppose the imaginary Constancia Island and the Province of Chessu have parallel elements.

What I do try to do is formulate a unique plot, entertain/intrigue the reader, and develop notable characters. I stray from obscene language and try to be as descriptive as possible, particularly with those scenes intended to stimulate and arouse, keeping in mind that there are five senses and enlightening the reader with what is seen, heard, tasted, smelled and felt.

My published stuff is well over 2,000,000 words at this point. Though I enjoy writing, ideas and story lines come less frequently. But there is always the news to spur some nasty story (e.g. just read they are going to cane another American in Singapore, this time for overstaying his visa). And the opening scenario/prologue of the Chessu story is also derived from a real life situation in which some miscreant in a Florida jail, serving time for a minor infraction, made a point of masturbating before a female guard. She complained and they prosecuted him. Such great grist for my writing mill!

So yes, in a way some stuff is stolen from myself.

On another note, for the male readers, I suspect more than 50% of the readers of Femdom material are female (though I do not have verifiable statistics). You’d be surprised how even the most reserved and ostensibly submissive woman enjoys fantasies of a sexual power exchange. So, some of the interaction may not arouse the male reader, conversely even bring a cringe or two, but I think we of the male gender would be fascinated to fully learn of the deep nasty fantasies of some females (unfortunately it will not happen). Evidence for this conjecture is anecdotal, from exchanging thoughts, IM’s and emails for many years with female readers. But the castration/neutering references do resonate. So bear with me.

We’ll be getting to Chessu soon. So hopefully you’ll enjoy a new set of characters.



saratoga said...


No, I'm not at all surprised by your contentions of female readership. And I fully understood that to be the root of the castration themes.

As well as, really, the entire process on Constantia or in Chessu. You clearly stress not male fetish, but realistic training, modifications and tools for Female ease of control of males.