Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chapter Seven - Whisked to Chessu

Chapter Seven

For how many hours... how many days... must Jay Blaine meekly lie, wondering if the machine, the device filling and emptying his colon, has expunged the sailor’s seed from his viscera?

Oddly he wishes for more flow, putting aside the discomfort, desiring to have one massive cleansing. Yes, a enormous enema, filling his system, bloating his belly to distension. Then to expel in one purifying release... to for sure be rid of what the debaucherous scoundrel implanted so deeply.

But his sense of pureness comes not. Instead the draining cycle ends well before he has the sense that the hot slippery wad has been flushed. Instead it feels as if the return of the slow filling cycle, introducing whatever to his bowels, pushes the filth further into his body.

Perhaps, with all that is constantly flowing, the spunk will ebb to his stomach... his throat!

Yes, delusions of delirium, as Madam Soong prognosticated. His is worse than sensory deprivation, he must lie in wonder as to what the wicked Madam Soong has chosen to infuse into him!

Still, he suffers not from lack of that which is needed to live... other than cognitive input.

And so he concentrates on Madam Soong’s final words... ‘you should concentrate on obedience and focus on the desire to be of service in your new role. For boys like you, Chessu offers quite a welcome. It is a land of women... governing women. Males serve.’

How will he serve?

The deep throb of the ships engines suddenly stops. Many minutes of nothing. Then there come thumps, not to be heard but felt. Then a sense of motion. Jay Blaine’s prostrate form jostles about. Then the wheeled stretcher, well secured within the container, lurches. The motion becomes exaggerated. It is apparent that the ship has arrived in port and the secretive ‘refrigerated’ enclosure is being unloaded.

Jay Blaine has crossed the ocean. Now he must cross China.


Many cycles later, the vibrations of the ship changing to the vibrations of a rail car... or truck... all sense of motion stops again.


Jay Blaine feels his heart race as there comes the thud of the container doors followed by strong wafts of warm air. Then the machinery stops... momentarily... and restarts. Reversing the procedure from when entombed many days ago, his life support system, whatever it is to be termed, is disconnected from the ‘refrigeration unit’ and hooked to something more mobile.

Sure enough the stretcher moves and once again Jay Blaine envisions the daintiest of young women pushing him about as would the proud young mother of a baby in a carriage.

He feels the hot sun on skin brought to hypersensitivity by days of isolation. Despite his thick cloth hood, there leaks through the illumination of bright daylight. Strangely, there comes concern, wheeled about naked and bound... to whom is he to be displayed?

But it matters not. His presentation is not his to control. Still, for a boy reveling in masturbating for governing women, he feels a degree of awkwardness.

Fingers work beneath his hood, slipping out the deafening ear plugs.

“Blaine, yes. Well, Mr. Blaine, did you have a good trip?”

The voice is female, matronly, brimming with in charge confidence. Jay Blaine once again feels a bevy of hands as he moves his head as best as his many restraints allows, nodding in reply.

He is inspected, every inch of skin once again palpated. Each limb is momentarily released as he is shaved, not a follicle to escape the blade.

“You’ll be chemically depilated in time, Mr. Blaine. Meanwhile the girls are very handy with the straight edge.”

Handy indeed, in moments Jay Blaine feels his scrotum denuded of stubble. The manipulating fingers bring joy, having been denied everything for so many days. He hears the tittering of young females as he stiffens, his penis defying its catheterized state.

“A very nice erection for us, Mr. Blaine. Makes it easy to measure a very important attribute which needs to be checked. In many respects, Madam Soong gets paid by the inch.”

The hands retreat, the woman Jay Blaine pictures as old enough to be his mother, lectures as the inspecting nurses seem to depart.

“Just a short diversion, Mr. Blaine. You’re not yet in Chessu. You’ll be under my care for a few days while I alter you for better service... some would say for better subservience.”

She snickers.

“From here the last leg of the journey is by cargo plane. Just a small hop over 20,000 foot peaks. The province is completely surrounded by high mountains. Picture the arid desert of Chessu, a valley, to be a huge bowl. No roads in or out. Certainly no railroads. Nomads know of some high rugged passes but the uninitiated require oxygen at that altitude. So the outside world flies in and out. And Empress Claudia is quite specific concerning who lands... arrivals and departures are arranged by royal decree.”

Jay Blaine feels the stretcher rolling as the woman explains, apparently walking to the side.

“I am Dr. Mary Saunders, your surgeon... and in a way your coach. I am going to assure that you will be able to physically perform well for the women of Chessu. They are quite demanding and once you’re altered for service you’ll not want to see me again. I also handle those deemed inadequate... those who on occasion cannot mentally bring themselves to the proper mindset. For those I snip, as my many orchidectomies are so whimsically referenced.”

Despite the warmth, Jay Blaine feels a chill. His brief shiver is noted.

“Yes, Mr. Blaine, I can neuter a boy in seven and one half minutes. So quickly that I no longer use general anesthesia. A little novocaine, two small incisions, and yes there are indeed snips. Nerves, vas defens, blood vessels, over the years I have developed the same compunction as a veterinarian... I make happy little puppies.”

The doctor snickers in noting that the shiver has transformed to an entertaining shudder of fear.

“We’ll start by stretching your scrotum so you can be properly harnessed. That shouldn’t be too bad. All young males like a big sets of balls...”

The snicker comes again. The woman very much enjoys watching the male squirm.

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