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Chapter Twenty Seven

Part Two

Brandy’s Story

Chapter Twenty Seven

Madam was thrilled to hear of our acquisitions. She cut short a business trip and returned to the ranch.

Part of her inspection of the twins involved having Erma simultaneously masturbate them. It was quite the sordid scene..., but deemed necessary by the normally austere Asian, for she was curious as to their stage of sexual development.

I decided that if it had to be done we include the procedure as part of dinner entertainment. So at the end of the second day of their arrival, after a fine meal, the table was cleared. Erma pushed her chair away from the table and sat with a dildo strapped to each thigh. Johnnie led in the twins and they soon straddled Erma’s legs and slowly sat, their little rectums giving way as Erma’s huge hands guided them downward.

Never having been penetrated before both boys became erect with delicious looks of discomfort and humiliation. Madam watched with an exacting eye as Erma toyed to bring them to full erection.

Pat and I also watched and I was reminded of very early days when Tony ran about Mom’s pool, strangely proud of his standing manhood yet embarrassed about having to show it to a commanding woman.

Well..., Erma showed great dexterity in pumping away with both left hand and right and though the boys squirmed with that unique combination of pleasure and humiliation so reluctantly exhibited by the subjugated male, over time their legs and hips pumped along in cadence with Erma’s strokes.
Pat laughed with Erma’s announcement of their progression, her knowing feel determining exactly where each boy was in the frustrating march toward the dry orgasm of youth. When Boy number One on the right closed his eyes and bucked, seeming to pump himself to climax, Madam was thrilled that there was no detectable spermatic fluid. Erma continued frigging firmly with her left and Boy number Two followed with the same reaction.

“Excellent,” declared Madam. “I want them cut this weekend. Meanwhile they’ll wear genital clamps. By Saturday they’ll be very glad to meet your mother, Brandy.”

Negotiations for the twins was short. The following day the Madam offered $200,000 and I accepted. With her lucrativeness, I graciously threw in Mom’s fee. It was not an overly generous discount. Castrations are surprisingly quick and simple.

For three days, Derek and Erik, as we came to call them, ran about with the most pitiful looks of agony as Madam insisted their little gonads be constantly clamped in the diabolically clever vise like contraptions.

“Many may think it cruel,” commented the Madam. “But your Mom’s steady hand and sharp scalpel would be considered most humane in Chessu. There a castration takes days. The boys run about with thin wire wrapped about the testicle..., each day tightened until the ducts and vessels are crushed. It’s slow. It’s painful. It’s traditional..., the dominant woman’s way of introducing the subservient male to a lifetime of groveling and submission. Most times only one teste is taken..., only to be followed days later by the second..., after much pleading to be left intact. As a friend once commented..., it’s too bad the male anatomy does not provide more than one pair to be reaped.”

Meanwhile, Derek and Erik began fellatio training and I must say that forcing a normally heterosexual male to engage in homoerotic activity is the epitome of power. Failure to comply earned a twist of the clamp..., the adjustable vise threaded so as to enable the supervising female to increase the pressure ever so slightly.

And I could not resist having the two work their tongues on Tony. Obviously his infibulating wire precluded full erection, but with the slightest of twists on the clamps, Derek and Erik’s tongues fluttered away just the same and I cannot describe the feeling of vitality knowing that three sets of genitals suffered under my controlling hand.

But other than the joy of introducing the twins to the world of Feminine dominion, I found that ‘Gladys’s’ oral service gave me much to contemplate. Tony’s efforts were fervent but seemed mechanical, lacking the tenderness and true enjoyment that Gladys seemed to show. The neutered lad had genuine affection for not only the female genitalia but also a passion for stirring passion. My arousal seemed to be his. He felt my orgasm and assiduously worked for more. He seemed to find breathing to be necessary but inconvenient. When he worked with his face deeply planted between my buttocks, pausing for air was an unwanted distraction.

Plus he seemed to have a strange affinity for me..., the woman who commanded that he be altered. It was as if by serving me he could some how regain what I had taken away.

Dr. Ann’s assessment was correct as usual..., that having the male alert during the altering procedure and forcing him to watch the Dominant female forever change his life produced a wonderful degree of submission. It was like turning a boy into a permanent puppy. Given the opportunity I think Gladys would have followed me about the ranch, tail wagging and waiting for me to snap my fingers and point to where I most desired to feel his tongue.

Yes, with Gladys, Mom opened his sac but let me cut the nerves and ducts. It was intoxicatingly heady but curiously simple..., and so permanent. Gladys’s look of helplessness was priceless

Did Gladys think he could earn back his gonads? That after extensive cunnilingus I would reach into a draw and hand him the jar containing what was so quickly and easily snipped and slipped away?

My thoughts kept comparing Gladys and Tony. I had enjoyed watching my dark skinned companion develop as a teen. But found myself jaded. As stated, I had not bothered to remove the infibulating wire in months. Nurse Annika had been removing it weekly for cleansing but did not really let him tumefy..., instead swatting him down and quickly replacing the wire when her task was completed.

It was time for a transition. When Madam Soong mentioned the castration procedure employed in Chessu, it triggered more thought. I planned a change.

When Saturday came, Derek and Erik were grateful to have the genital clamps removed. The constant ache kept them awake and I believe given the ability to speak English they would have begged for the relief provided by the skilled hands of a castratrix.

Madam had them circumcised for good measure and by mid day, the two cute blonds had no doubt as to who was in charge. The usually dour Asian woman watched Mom cut and snip with noticeable glee.

They’d forever be young, I realized. Two blond and blue eyed 'Peter Pans' whose only function in life would be pleasure..., for others..., to provide joy for the Dominant female..., and of course assist in the harvesting of the Emperor’s sperm.

Even at their age the alteration had a curious alleviating effect. Relieved of the burden of maleness the twins no longer needed to be gloved. Madam trained them using the masturbator, teaching them how to hose down and wash the ‘beast’ after a long morning of pulling the ox cart. Explaining how the neutered male should treat the less fortunate..., one whose desire could never be fulfilled. And I delighted in watching the masturbator’s stub stiffen under the soft hands of the two effeminate boys. Madam also liked to watch and began to have Derek and Erik apply their tongues to the hormone laden ox, lapping away at his growing scrotum.

It was indeed an exquisite Chinese torture. The masturbator’s testicles kept his hormones flourishing and despite his homophobia, the boys had his full inch of remaining penis standing. His sheepish look so punctuated the ignominy of being so used and exhibited.

Madam stood by with the whip smiling.

“Shall I oblige your needs?”

I was shocked when the masturbator on more than one occasion nodded. But I realized it was the only relief he could obtain. She whipped him until the stub softened. It required many strokes.

Derek and Erik were a smash at the beauty parlor. The girls there were accustomed to working on Tony and Johnnie. So prettying altered males seemed to be second nature. Madam paid heavily for electrolysis insisting on the permanency of the removal.

Within weeks, Madam deemed the masturbator prepared for his new role of laboring under the whips of the women of Chessu. The twins needed more specific training in their new role in the palace. Therefore a plane was chartered and a secluded air strip in the desert, normally used as a site to mothball old aircraft, welcomed the sleekest of intercontinental private jets.

The masturbator, Derek and Erik departed. I would never see them again..., unless my fantasized trip to Chessu materialized. Madam accompanied her treasure of young male flesh. But she would return, having eyed two recent additions to my herd who were constantly resisting Erma’s efforts.

But certain visions of the blond Peter Pans will never leave my memory..., one of which I photographed by chance. I had it enlarged for the wall in my office. It is of the handsome Madam, wearing her black latex halter while riding atop the white stallion. The slim and tight garment reveals her bare, trim athletic thighs and the muscling about her hips. It would be a most provocative photo just with her alone. But riding on the saddle in front of her was one of the twins, either Derek or Erik, naked of course. The Madam had the boy impaled on a dildo which normally served to stimulate Jackie and the other girls. With the cantering of the horse and the pressure on his prostate, the newly altered boy was erect. The photo caught Madam looking over the boy’s shoulder at the small standing phallus..., her gloved right hand diddled the recently circumcised penis tip. She was speaking to the lad and I imagined her words to be most taunting.

“Enjoy your erection. It’s your last.”

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