Friday, October 15, 2010

Whisked to Chessu - Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Jay Blaine does not recall his entire ordeal. But he will never forget Madam Soong.

The abject display of his nakedness, tied up by his thumbs, well stretched and struggling to find the floor with his toes all served to foster the tumescence which he formerly found entertaining. And despite the physical stress, the notion of three women casually observing as his penis tip slowly worked toward the ceiling, offered mental stimulation to augment the physical.

Initially Madam Soong just watched, standing before him, arms akimbo, that nasty length of rattan at the ready. When his stiffness was deemed complete, she stepped forth for better viewing and once again palmed his scrotum, mentally measuring the prodigious organ. Yes, she enjoyed handling the subjugated male, the wry smile most telling.

But then began the caning... slow... methodical... deliberate... the searing pain never before encountered.

For the initial strokes Madam’s left hand rested on his neck, at the cerebral cortex. Jay was incredulous that she would so meticulously pause after each stroke to ascertain the response of his nervous system and muscling. She made comparative comments, apparently having caned the naked male on many occasions.

Then, seeming to have learned what was desired, the caning began in earnest. She stepped back... full swings of her arm ensued... applied left... right... up... down... the buttocks were adorned with precise rows of notable welts.

And Madam’s description of her entertainment was found to be apropos. Jay Blaine danced indeed. His feet kicked, leaving the floor in reaction to the burning flesh, despite knowing that this reaction greatly stressed his thumbs... his only binding. And he sang... beseeching lyrics turning to outright child like screams... and tears... and blubbering.

When the mercy of unconsciousness approached, Jay Blaine learned of Nurse Annika’s role. Smelling salts were offered... a quick diagnosis as to whether he could withstand more offered. And in his near swooning state, Jay was chagrined to learn he could indeed take more. And he did.

The caning ended with Dr. Anne and Madam Soong discussing terms while Nurse Annika applied the most irritating unguent to the crimson and purple mass which once served as a perch for sitting.

He would need to remain prostrate for many days.

“Salted fat. Promotes healing and the slow irritation offers a very nice contrast to the intense and quick burn of the cane... don’t you think?”

In Jay Blaine’s semi conscious state he could not reply. But he could feel the seemingly slower ‘roasting’ of his flesh. Bound to a wheeled stretcher there could be no resistance... not even verbal protest.

Madam Soong speaks as a bevy of nurses work his naked form.

“I am told you will enter a state of delirium and that is probably best. The trip will take a few days and while dreaming... fantasizing... you should concentrate on obedience and focus on the desire to be of service in your new role. For boys like you, Chessu offers quite a welcome. It is a land of women... governing women. Males serve, most are beasts of burden. Those that serve in a more intimate capacity... well... they should probably not be described as males. It is a gynecocracy and we are quick to discipline those who disobey... and alter the incorrigible.”

Madam Soong lectures, Jay Blaine limply lies, his naked form vulnerable to all as many young female hands work. An anal plug is worked past his tight rectum. It is inflated. Then he feels slow bloating as an enema adds to his ignominy. Another set of hands reaches beneath and draws his penis, finally flaccid, back between his parted thighs. He is catheterized, the irritation of the salt fat, the bloating of his colon masking the usual discomfort. Then a most stern woman steps to his front and pinches closed his nose. She waits patiently... knowingly... and when Jay Blaine gasps for breath, a gastric tube is gruffly thrust into his mouth and callously pressed to the back of his throat. The gag reflex is triggered and the woman expertly presses further, the bulbous tip pushed into his gullet.

Finally a slim nostril tube, gratefully well lubricated, penetrates the right nostril, assuring a supply of air. But also, Jay Blaine’s fogged mind eventually realizes, assuring anything else the women of governance care to introduce to his lungs. And the same for his stomach, bladder and colon.

Well restrained to the wheeled stretcher, Jay Blaine must lie and accept whatever the women care to infuse into his body. As three sets of hands work to shave his entire nakedness, Madam Soong speaks. Jay Blaine now finds himself very attentive.

“Once in Chessu, you’ll have more freedom of movement, as directed by your handler of course. But in traveling there, we must be wary of customs and immigration. Thus you’ll be sealed in what will appear to be a standard shipping container. The generator for the life support system will appear as a refrigeration unit to inspectors and the ship’s crew. And in a few days, after traversing China, you will enter the mostly independent province of Chessu. You take well to the cane. I suspect you will appreciate the testicle whip as well. And you’ll be worked hard. After centuries of living in an agrarian society and economy, there has been discovered a vast supply of a very rare element. A very high priced element. Male brawn, always found contemptible, is needed for mining. The influx of hard currency makes it very easy to procure labor... subservient males. The male children of Chessu have been sold in adoption for many decades. Thus you’re needed, Mr. Jay Blaine. But not your ability to procreate... just your obedience and hormone laden muscling. Always keep in mind, it will be your ability to labor which will provide sanctuary for these.”

Madam Soong tenderly smooths her fingers on the scrotal sac, gently pinching a testicle.

“The only reason you will be allowed these is to be worked. Fail to labor... we snip.”

Jay Blaine shudders anew. With the endless excruciating caning, he knows the woman is in earnest.

“Yes, our doctors have the procedure down to mere minutes.”

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