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Epilogue I Brandy

Epilogue I - Brandy

Over the years, Madam Soong became a regular visitor to the ranch..., and procurer of male flesh for Chessu, of course. With her preference for the ‘problem’ boys, business at The Anguished E became steadily profitable with minimal risk. If a boy remained truculent despite Erma’s stern hand, he found his penis shortened and his young body laboring in the desert sun firmly encased in a harness and his legs straining to pull the ox cart. If he succumbed, there were any number of girls seeking the companionship of a neutered youth with newly acquired manners and skill. Therefore even if Dr. Ann’s initial assessment was incorrect when a boy was chosen for training, the ranch could profitably dispose of all its candidates.

Jackie opened up a whole new market for me. I could find innumerable models seeking the unburdened gratification furnished by the subjugated and altered male. But Jackie passed the word among the actresses of Southern California. And I was shocked to find how many gorgeous and famous women, some absolute movie stars, who preferred the simple satiation offered by a submissive and sensuous tongue, rather than the gruff penetration induced by a testosterone laden phallus.

Weekends at the ranch became renowned among the beautiful women of California. There were so many models and actresses..., some serious buyers, others just wishing to relax and try their hand in the correction room. Or there were the more shy types who lounged about the pool. Initially watching, by Sunday most requested to sample the lips and tongue of a bound and blindfolded boy.

Eventually I built a separate hotel-like structure for our guests. We certainly had an ample number of candidates available to please and even if a girl was not interested in a purchase for long term companionship, there was no point in letting a boy wile away naked and hog tied when there was a need for his newly acquired talent for weekend frolicking.

The weekends were so enjoyable that even after Mom completed Hector’s alteration, Jackie came back from time to time for relaxation..., riding horses in the morning and lounging about the pool in the afternoon. Many of the inexperienced girls enjoyed walking Hector for her. It became an effective way to introduce a doubting young girl to the delights of the complete domination of the male.

Yes, Hector’s canine training was rather thorough, groveling about and responding to commands and tugs of his leash..., all of which proved to be very entertaining to the uninitiated feminine hand. But absolute control can be an addictive narcotic and I many times observed the most bashful of girls quickly turn into the most authoritative of vixens when they learned that Hector could not express objections to their most shamefully sordid commands and desires, neither physically nor vocally.

“What harm is there in having your feet licked,” I would innocently suggest for purposes of breaking the ice.

And since Hector only crawled, his mouth was proximate and ready to serve.
When Hector’s organs were deemed ripe, his penis growing to a sizable nine inches with impressive testicles swinging about as he crawled, Mom diligently performed the alteration preferred by Jackie. She first diverted the urethra, then slipped a somewhat firm length of rubber into the shaft, after which a quick suture at the tip made his penis permanently unusable for anything other than Jackie’s pleasure. She also filled the erectile chambers of his penis with oversized expandable cylinders, like small rubber balloons. The results provided great recreation, for with a few simple pushes, Jackie’s thumb could inflate the implants and make Hector stand, no matter the place or time. And it was always fun to pump until the large phallus pointed straight upwards appearing ready to burst. With a slight extra push to the pumps, implanted over Hector’s buttocks, Jackie could bring discomfort. It so nicely epitomized the ultimate in female dominance over the male. At her whim, she could actually induce an erection that brought ecstasy to her and agony to him..., for Jackie was known to ride for interminable periods while his overinflated penis ached. He could not expect the relief of flaccidity until Jackie pressed with her index finger, releasing the saline solution from the chambers. His essence basically leaked out his new opening without affording him any pleasure while Jackie thrashed up and down, bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm..., sanguine with the knowledge that Hector could neither impregnate her nor go limp.

As expected, Hector no longer experienced the joy of ejaculation. Instead his active testes and prostate made him constantly leak prostatic fluid and when Jack rode him like a bull, sitting atop his hips with her massive breasts enticingly flopping about, sperm oozed. Therefore when Jackie planned to have abundant sex she learned to adhere a Kotex to the area between the anus and scrotum, lest Hector’s semen dribble and make the most annoying stains.

Mom suggested that some quick snips could fix the problem but Jackie enjoyed watching his dangling gonads swing about as he crawled, Kotex in plain sight for the amusement of the less experienced girls.

But overall what made the more fledgling girls giggle, was when they walked Hector and he had to squat to pee. No longer was there a need for him turn up his leg to relieve himself. As stated, his new opening was at the perineum where Mom created a little hole. Therefore Hector had to widely part his thighs to go..., and the more astute girls knew to assist by removing the Kotex and pushing aside his hanging scrotal sac with either a tender hand or the tip of a correcting cane.

And the scenes at the movie sets where Jackie worked week after week must have been curiously entertaining. Jackie informed me that the gay stud actors were instantly envious of her leashed companion and at the end of the day, if there were no more ‘cum shots’ scheduled, many times one or more requested the comfort of Hector’s backside.

“I keep lubricant in my purse, Brandy. And you should hear him howl as he drips from his new opening like a leaky faucet. But your Mom suggested some type of prostate stimulation was needed so its actually beneficial. And it can be fun to watch two guys go at it.”

And yes, I castrated Tony. As described I came to covet the more sensuous tongue of the young castrated male. And it didn’t seem fair to allow him to remain intact while the other boys idly laid about awaiting their fate.

So I did it. But Mom’s scalpel seemed to be too simple a fate for the beautifully bejeweled balls I had watched grow since my teen years. Instead I took a page from Madam Soong’s book and made it quite the memorable occasion. Tony would have felt slighted had I altered him in any other manner. It was a night he will never forget.

I am very happy with the results. Though Pat still enjoys sodomizing him with the strap on, the ice bucket is no longer needed. And since I also had him circumcised, Annika no longer needs to clean his prepuce. As a result there is no need for any female to ever again touch his penis.

The results are the best cunnilingus imaginable. He so much focuses on my pleasure since his is no longer achievable.

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