Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some thoughts

First, to Wistan, I just picked up your comment to the September 10 posting and responded.

Second, yesterday I received the hard copies of my latest Pink Flamingo effort, 'The Conquerable' and began to reread. Despite having finished and submitted it for publication in late June, I could not recall the ending of my own story. Conclusion... I have written alot... plus age brings frailty to the memory.

Someday I will find the inspiration to write pulp... in the industry 'chic lit' sells well. (Yes, women still read!) So, can I bring myself to write something mainstream? Just tone down the sexual peccadilloes... just a little?

Probably not. Plus my ability to write dialogue is deficient and needs to be improved. I couldn't even begin to write a tawdry vanilla love conversation. Could never develop dialogue like 'Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn!' So, I am stuck until another plot dawns.

JHoltgym is suggesting more Madam Soong and a return to Chessu, a place my normally hyperactive kinky imagination has not visited in many years. But alas restocking the ammo supply of quality smut is becoming difficult...

But I will again reread the portions of 'The Anguished E' involving this nasty woman (JHoltgym's succubus) and maybe something will develop (fester?).

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