Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rough awakening

The NPT was amazingly persistent this morning. Despite the aggravation of the little pecker firmly pressing against the cock cage he soldiered on for what I estimate to be nearly 30 minutes. I finally arose to end its valiant strive for emancipation. Tomorrow I am scheduled for release... shave and cleansing... and we’ll certainly post more over the weekend.

Meanwhile, as suggested, the hormonal burden of chastity has spurred another story and I believe a book length effort will result. A Robinson Caruso saga in which I will take erotic license with Friday as a Caucasian guy and Caruso as a muscular woman of color (readers know of my penchant for what I term ethnic ‘spice’).

I have a question to which I cannot find a definitive answer.

The term ‘gimp’ slave, what is its derivation? suggests a definition for ‘gimp’ (putting aside the usage in the textile industry) as;
1. a limp
2. a person who limps: a lame person
and used as a verb
3. to limp; walk in a halting manner: ‘a sprain that made her gimp for weeks’

Used in a D/s context, I first heard it in the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ in the scene in which some latex clad character, termed 'the gimp', was drawn from a well secured box. A Google search offers ‘gimp masks’, thick latex/leather head covers which deprive sight, sound and the use of the mouth... only holes for the nostrils. But is the item termed after the mask worn in ‘Pulp Fiction’ or did the item predate the movie.

Collarme has a number of ‘gimp’ slaves seeking relations and a couple of deliciously dominant women who purportedly want to keep a ‘gimp’ in long term sensory deprivation. So the term is becoming prevalent.

Anyway, someone let me know if the Pulp Fiction ‘gimp’ is the chicken or the egg.

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