Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Antics

With my hyperactive kinky mind, I will on occasion latch on to some segment of interaction within the D/s community. In doing so, I learn all I can... to see, hear, touch, smell, taste... in absorbing what makes the given element a desired form of power exchange.

I have written much pony play stuff, four books with such being the main theme, others where pony play action is included but tangential to the story line.

So I decided that it was best for my literary efforts to experience becoming a human beast of burden in real time. Research on the internet brought me to Maitresse ‘L’, a professional Dominatrix seemingly well known within the pony play community.

At the time, I am guessing 7-8 years ago, Maitresse ‘L’ had a farm in Massachusetts, about a 3 hour drive. So I made an appointment and arrived late one morning. What I always found attractive to the pony play genre was not what attracted most. If you read the articles and stories written by the afficionados, the costumery and pageantry seems to be the driving element, i.e. actually dressing up in showy equine gear and equipment.

No, what attracted me was the unique combination of control and humiliation. Prancing about naked. Being physically worked in bondage with an authoritative woman directing the reins and liberally applying her crop (I have since lost much of my need to experience pain, and now seek to avoid rather than endure such).

Maitresse ‘L’ had a real barn, real horses, and a few secluded acres where she worked her herd, both human and equine. She was joined by an assistant, (I cannot remember the woman’s name) who was being trained in the control and handling of human steeds, and this enhanced the level of embarrassment delightfully.

I was stripped, harnessed, and hitched to a pony cart. Then with both women sitting side by side it was out of the barn into the sunny warmth of August and onward to the fields where Mastresse ‘L’ instructed her protege on the delights of controlling the well bound naked human pony.

She worked me quite hard. With the two, the cart was difficult to pull and she was quite firm with the crop. Fortunately I have always maintained physical conditioning and was able to react as demanded, though her encouraging strokes for more speed seemed endless.

After some 45 minutes I was led back to the barn. On all fours I was hosed down. Then, under Maistresse ‘L’’s supervision, the protege masturbated me to climax on the straw covered barn floor. The forced position was awkward, kneeling on all fours with knees widely parted. With one governing woman stroking and another supervising, the intensity leaped. Maitresse ‘L’ explained that is how she likes her beasts to depart with their sperm and so that is how I was brought to ejaculation.

It was quite an experience, being worked hard. Humiliated before two women adds to the frisson and of course being harnessed and made to respond to governance while outdoors seems to make one very much aware of his physical capitulation.

Maitresse ‘L’, last I read, moved to New Hampshire where I am sure she now has more acreage and even more seclusion. She was quite a pleasant woman, which I have always found to be more alluring (stimulating) than a Dominant woman who is constantly cross and dour. In being agreeably aloof (insouciant), I believe the level of authority comes across as being more confident and knowing.... which of course she was.

I wish I had recorded all my D/s dalliances prospectively. I am going to be hard pressed to remember enough details to continue this blog. And since few readers are commenting, the burden seems to be entirely on me to keep the effort going.

Anyone out there find this chronology to be of interest?

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kisichka said...

Chris, in many or your books there are castrate characters (James-Jamie, Danny boy, etc). I wonder if you ever met real castrates and if they were much like your fictional characters?

Chris Bellows said...

For kischka.... sadly, to my knowledge, I have not met/encountered a castrate in real life. My comments/descriptions/character development are based on internet research and reading. It appears there are many myths and depending upon the timing of castration, there is much conflicting information concerning sexual ability and performance.

Absent other interventions such as hormone treatment, for example, it seems that removal of the testicles of the adult male does not preclude achieving erection. So in that respect I take much literary license.

Gory stories notwithstanding, good discussion can be found at

JHoltgym said...

i particularly love your ponyboy stories....the combination of bondage, enforced labor, and objectification are just overwhelming....keep up the fabulous work!

JHoltgym said...

oh, by the way, is there a way you could get more of your books (especially ebooks) available through outlets other than PF?seems to me that you'd find a wider audience in a less boutiquey (sp?) storefront

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for your gracious comments.

PF has the publishing rights for the stuff listed there. They 'sub' books to many different outlets, Amazon/Kindle,, Lighting Source, being those listed on my latest royalty statement.

Most times the price to consumer will be about same. And I also note the 'sub' distributors tend to pick and choose the titles (or maybe PF does not choose to sub out all the books).

So PF has the most complete list with Lulu having stuff that steps outside of PF's guidelines (age, incest, bestiality mainly).

saratoga said...


Was this Maitresse Lisanne?