Monday, October 6, 2008

About Chris Bellows

Chris Bellows is a nom de plume. I am single and on the north side of middle age. I live an astonishingly ascetic life in the New York metropolitan area.

After a lifetime of reading erotica, I began to write some ten or more years ago when I found the quality of the store bought material which I formerly enjoyed reading had deteriorated into ‘mush’. With fervent fingers and well worn keyboard, my hard drive filled, yet my early efforts did not initially meet my own standards. I continuously honed and polished until finally, with the completion of ‘Lady Constance’, there came a work deemed worthy of publishing.

Pink Flamingo had the best author’s guidelines and after submission and acceptance in January 2001, Lady Constance was published and the relationship has continued to the present day release of ‘Feminine Governance’, book number twenty-nine with Pink Flamingo. (See compendium of all of my work available on the web.)

Writing erotica..., strong, unbridled, always attempting to push the bounds of ‘conventional’ D/s..., has become a daily passion for me. I endeavor to make my story lines unique, avoid vulgarity, abhor the sophomoric onomatopoeia of flagellation stories, and constantly seek to ‘work outside the box’.

I write in many different genres, salting female dominant themes with male dominance and vice versus. I have written credibly from many viewpoints including ‘first person female’. I avoid duplicating themes and I attempt to introduce new forms and methods of manifesting sexual power with each story, a trait which has become an unwritten warranty to my readers.

There is no prepackaged format for my work product. I have turned down offers from other publishers when such have sought to trim my efforts in order to more suitably conform my stuff to their envisioned ‘box’ of erotic offerings.

I believe the results speak notably... readers with an interest in D/s who hopefully will be surprised, enlightened and entertained with each unique plot and storyline.

I truly enjoy reading and responding to readers comments, both positive and negative. Contact me at

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris...just wanted to thank you for the invite to your Blog and wanted to let others know that your stories are Great!!! I love your themes and your viewpoints are realistic. Keep up the good work.