Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adult antics

Well, the chronology is finished. Short, yes, but a summary of my inadequate and eccentric relationships with women, non professional women. I will continue with other stories, out of sequence, but hopefully of worthiness.

A while back I purchased the Curve chastity device... an experiment (, the hyperactive kinky mind grinding away.

Well the experiment included a people search and I finally came across this keyholder, after much effort. I shaved and donned the CD. I learned through my research all the tribulations of being locked up and struck an arrangement with my keyholder to be released at least once per week. No climactic release, but during this time I was to be shaved and the Curve was to be cleaned (since one wears it during bathing it does not become overly repulsive, but a good weekly scrubbing of the inside of the cock cage does not hurt).

Unfortunately the keyholder lived in south Jersey and had a very busy schedule, which I was aware of in beginning the curious relationship. She was only available early in the morning so I had to arise at 4:30 - 5:00 to drive the 2 hours for release.

Being in forced chastity is not only physically wearing, after a time it feels as if the scrotum is on fire, but there is also an interesting mental reaction, at least for me. There comes a form of depression in being deprived of the nasty male habit. And I learned that in addition to an occasional physical release there is also needed what I term counseling. Best done by a woman of power, the chastised male needs encouragement, perhaps gentle chiding. Needs to be reminded why it is best that a woman holds this simple but meaningful power. He is to be denied. His libido, his most prized possession, is no longer his. It belongs to his keyholder. He must learn that he may ever again attain climactic release and if granted it is done so at the whim of his keyholder. That orgasms are for his superior not for him.

It requires a woman with the proper mindset to keep the subjugated male denied. He will beg and plead and promise anything... like a child trying to obtain more dessert or another toy. And indeed the reaction of the keyholder is best matronly... stern denial but communicated in a soothing and understanding way. Sympathy, discussion, reasoning... but no climactic release.

The interaction can be quite remarkable. After a week I made the long drive to be released. Cuffs were waiting at her apartment door. I stripped as instructed beforehand, (the foyer of her garden apartment had only one other door which gratefully had little activity at that early hour) I put on the cuffs and knocked on her door naked. She opened it, I turned to face away from her and pulled my wrists behind my back. She clipped the cuffs together and then I entered her apartment... like entering heaven. She unlocked the Curve and slipped it off. The tumescent reaction can be quite amusing (for her) and humiliating (for me). I immediately became erect just standing there as she giggled (more of a wicked laugh, actually).

And then nothing happened. She just let me stand there and humiliate myself as my penis celebrated its freedom and engorged.

After a time I sauntered about her apartment cuffed, naked and erect while she gave the Curve a quick cleansing with dishwashing detergent. We talked. She liked viewing my hairless male package, my penis standing in tribute to her authority. As suggested she was soothing and matronly but the complete denial continued. The humiliation of being so presented is quite intense. It’s demeaning to be controlled in such manner... the most important male function ceded to feminine superiority. With the cuffs clipped together behind my back I could do nothing other than to display myself.

She really enjoyed being in command... a totally naked and shaved male. She fully dressed. An amazing exchange of erotic power.

Well she finally placed me supine on a small and low table. Feet on the floor, hands remaining secured, she shaved me, removing the week’s stubble. Though it was clinical, I became even stiffer with her handling. She laughed in commenting that there was no need to touch my engorged penis since it stood well out of the way of the razor. But the shaving lotion felt good and every stroke of the razor added a degree of sensuous delight.

I really thought she would take pity and masturbate me... tease, stroke, amuse herself and then have me ejaculate to her command.

But it did not happen. She retrieved a bowl of ice and applied it to my perineum, scrotum and penis and after a few minutes I became flaccid enough to be locked back up.... which she did.

It was her prerogative to make me face another week of chastity. The decision to allow an orgasm was hers and hers alone... as intended. Never again to be mine.

I returned the following week, (we communicated by instant message during the interim, counseling is required as stated). She said that only a cleaning and shaving would be afforded, which put me further into depression. But instead she surprised me with a handjob... a very, very welcomed handjob. As suggested, climax permitted only at her whim. Joyful yet humbling, I was most grateful.

There comes this strange mindset when locked up like that. The penis becomes something that belongs to another... to a woman of authority. The psyche transforms and my own male package began to feel like it was something I was carrying in my pocket that belonged to someone else.... which in a way it did.

After a month, with her busy schedule and the long drive, it was mutually agreed to curtail the arrangement. For awhile I sought someone closer, where I could stop in, be cuffed and amuse a superior woman with my display of helpless tumescence, but I never found anyone and eventually put the Curve aside.

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